Au Idea (You May Judge and Help)

Hewwo! Sooo, I have an Au Idea. Don’t know of the idea already existing or if it is actually a thing, please inform me if soo, but my idea is of an Bbs For Honor Au. I was thinking that though there is three sides fighting the war, can’t some of the bbs be just survivers trying to escape the war? Like, some merchants, Travelers who got caught in it?

I was thinking of who could be what character but I just realized half way through typing I didn’t know the names of the characters so deal with my explanation for the characters as I was too Lazy to find the names.

Evan- The Fast Samurai with a Medium to Large blade. (Not the one that wears a mask similar to Delirious). Or could be Knight.

Delirious- The Samurai with a stick/Blade thing and Mask, Or he could be in a surviver/ Merchant grouped with Cartoonz,Ohm,Bryce,Gorilla. (Even though Gorilla is barely ever put in picture of the group.)

Cartoonz- Peace Keeper and or a Bad Ass Surviver/Traveler.

Ohm-Merchant/Some Form of Knight.

Bryce- Traveler or Merchant, If voted on, A Samurai. (Samurai of any type)

Moo- Merchant/ Medic Traveler/ Medic Surviver

Brian- Viking (of any Kind) or a mechanic (during that time) or a Traveling inventor.

Nogla- Vikings or Knights. A Very clumsy one, In fact. (Mostly Viking In my opinion. Any type of Viking)

Marcel- Knights or Vikings (Mostly Knight in my opinion)

Wildcat/Tyler- A Viking or Knight (Mostly Viking in my opinion. Any Kind of Viking) Or if wished could be somebody who betrayed their group.

Mini- A Merchant/Surviver.

407- Samurai or Knights, maybe also Traveler, If voted.

BJP/ Anthony- Viking or Knights.

Gorilla- Traveler/Surviver or Viking

So, That is all the people I could think of at the moment. Please add Bbs characters or friends of the Bbs Boys with what you think. Also as said, If this Au already exists, please inform me and also please tell me where I could find the stories for it.

Anyways Haz a Lovely Day ! :D