07 December 2011

Today is "Happy Birthday, BJoy!“ day :)

I have known BJoy since I was a Freshman in the University. Apart from her being my blocmate, she was also my "super-classmate” during my first semester in college. My first impressions for her would include being mataray (which is, I think, a generic first impression :P), quiet, and boring. And someone who, I think, I wouldn’t get along with very well. 

But it’s as if life left me with no options. We became friends, good friends for that matter. HAHAHA Kidding aside, I’ve shared good times with this simple girl. We even shared the same set of friends (especially Ninz, Rhea, Vincent, Candy, and EdCom friends). Time went by so swiftly that I didn’t notice that BJoy and I are becoming closer every day. That I’d be spending almost my whole day with her. And I must say that I, along with my other friends, am lucky to be part of BJoy’s life.

Being the simple lady that she is, she never fails to do her responsibilities well, especially her acads (mind you, she’s just taking 7 units this semester plus 2 PE courses). She doesn’t forget her family in Bicol and us, her friends. Believe me too when I say that she is a sweet person. I do not really admit this, but BJoy telling me “I miss you” always makes me smile. And I’m blessed to have such a friend who never ever lets me down.. who is there when I needed someone to lean on.. who is always willing to spare her time for a movie or a lunch date (well sometimes it takes a long process of pilitan :P).. and who is just there, believing in me.

To BJoy (or Baby Joy, from where she got her nickname),

THANK YOU for sharing 3-4 years of your college life with me and with us here in the University. THANK YOU for teaching me how to ride the bike.. and THANK YOU for always laughing at my funny and corny jokes (and even simple/hilarious statements).With you, I am always in happy land :)

So.. HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY, BJoy! ♥

I love you :)