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Björk - Hyperballad (Official Music Video)

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hyperballad by bjork is kinda angelic and its also just rlly good!!!

Ohhhhhhhh I love this song!! This is the type of music I love listening to, thank you!!!!!!


Björk - Hyperballad

Il mito greco insegna che si combatte sempre contro una parte di sé, quella che si è superata, un antico se stesso. Si combatte soprattutto per non essere qualcosa, per liberarsi. Chi non ha grandi ripugnanze, non combatte.

Cesare Pavese

Kirishima Poem Analysis

I’m going to very simplistic but I feel like the poem is about how Touka, Ayato, and Yomo’s family fell apart. This is because it talks about nucleaic acid is what makes up DNA and genes which is what is passed down from parent to offspring. It talks about fingers that are supposed to be connected being spread apart like how Ayato is in Aogiri and TOuka and Yomo are in :re It compares the familiar bond between the three to a knot something that can be untied so easily. As Yomo refuses to tell Touka and Ayato that he is their uncle, and because of difference Ayato and Touka’s relationship fell apart.

Then it goes into a tale of regret, how they wish they can go back in time, or move foward, or just stop for a moment. 

“I can hear my voice from the mouth.

That voice gave me a feeling of discomfort and it had become extremely disgusting but, no one noticed that and everyone was under the impression that it was indeed, my voice.”

How their own thoughts and feelings, feel foreign to them, but everyone one thinks its really them. I think that this part follows Ayato as he is a part of Aogiri and all of his family thinks he is doing it because he hates humans, but in actuality he is doing it to protect Touka

The next part I think is from Touka’s perspective 

“Sin is irresponsible. I’m getting tired of being forgiven.
My shoulders have even forgotten about my legs.

I open the door with the side of my arm.

The path that I should’ve advanced in is gone and darkness pulled onto the horizon that lay right beneath it.

“Come on, come on! Come on, come on!”

Because in part one of Tokyo Ghoul during the raid of Anteiku Touka got upset about how she couldnt defend it, and cleanse herself of her sins. I think the shoulders is because the neck and head is connected and it is how Touka always goes head first into something. The next part is how by going to Cochlea she opened the path to an uncertain future, and how she can no longer go back to the life she made for herself one she should have stuck to.

I think the next part is about Touka and Ayato

“Did you know that our voice is the mixed voices from dad and mom? No wonder it’s so disgusting.”

Because they are both a lot like their parents, and they are ghoul which they got from their parents, and maybe their is bitterness in both of them, definitely Ayato and maybe Touka as well

The next part is about Yomo,

“I pinched my nose and jumped down without a pause. Just like how a child would when jumping into a pool.Even the never-stopping rain,
even the never-breaking night,
even the never-ending agony.It’s surely there, it’s just that it wasn’t there until now.Falling down, falling down.
It’s as if right has become left.”

I think it’s about how he stepped in to protect Ayato and Touka, he did it without a thought as a child would. Then I think the rest is basically about him not catching a break and how his sisters death is always affecting him, and how Arima almost killing Touka and Ayato brought it back to the front. Or how his right path, what he thought was right now seems radical, because another meaning for left is radical view.

The last line Im stuck on because I’m not familiar with Bjork but looking at hyperballad I think its going to the extreme to be safe with each other again.

I think that the fact, that the way this poem was written sounds a lot like Kaneki, but to be honest it doesn’t really make sense to poem about Kaneki on a picture with Touka, Ayato,and Yomo. I think that in many ways as it seems to apply to Kaneki it very well still connects with Touka, Ayato, and Yomo. I think however Ishida could have done something super creative that fits the way, these characters are in cannon. Maybe Kaneki did write the poem for them, that would explain why it sounds like him, and fits because Touka hates literature, and Yomo and Ayato never went to school, so reading and writing isn’t the best for them. I think that would been a clever trick because it makes the poem a lot cooler.

I hope that this is helpful, but it’s just my own interpretation, so people can disagree with me.