Billie Joe is my idol because he had not the easy life, went through difficulties, perhaps for many it was just a boy drugged in the world that would have the dreams ruined , but he showed the world the ability of his talent, he gave right back up without harm, only with his voice and his music. That’s why he’s my life example, to overcome, it is proof that we have to take risks in life, fight for our dreams and not give up whatever the difficulties. Can still remember the day I heard his voice for the first time, I felt every  the vacuum of my heart being filled, I had not seen his face, all he had was his voice in my mind and heart. So while researching her life story on an enormous admiration for him grew inside me, do not love him because he is the singer or by having a pretty face, I love him because even becoming famous has not changed who he is, for giving me great lessons in life, because your voice can calm my heart, for making me smile just seeing him smile, even if it just by photo or video, by write songs with which I identify myself, I will always idolize him no matter what he does, I don’t need live with him daily or follow his career from childhood to know the person he’s invaluable. He may not know my name or how I’m, but I’m sure he knows I exist somewhere on Earth, because my love for him is the truest possible, my admiration for him is no limits. The extent of my love for him is not limited, can’t be explained, only love and that will never change. With every breath that I am worth here on Earth I’m sending all my love to you, Billie. You’ll always be my idol and I wish you all the best always, all peace, love, health and energy. Happy birthday, I love you. ♥