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Welcome to the One Tree Hill Christmas Blog Awards 2013! We decided to make a prize where everyone who placed either 1st, 2nd or 3rd could be involved in a promo! The only thing we ask is that if you are in this post please reblog it so it gets round to more people. We just want to thank everyone for getting involved and being so enthusiastic about all of this, its been a lot of fun making these awards and we’re so happy the fandom is still alive even after the show has finished!

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From Joy and Hil’s panel:


Joy has a jazz concert planned this week end in france but it was too last minute and she couldn’t do it !!!!!!!


LT # FWTP2 Joy fondly recalls one of the first memories with CMM where they are balanced water balloons on a ^^ golf.


Joy is afraid of clowns, just like Haley #FWTP2 (Who isn’t tho? lol)


Joy is very picky about her projects. If the job is not worthy of her spending less time with her daughter, she passes on it. #FWTP2


Joy is only looking for projects she ’s passionate about because most of her time is for maria otherwise #fwtp2


The director of oth heard joy sing one day and decided to make a singing carrer for haley he heard her sing on a parking lot #fwtp2


#FWTP2 RT @HaleyJames29 Joy had a lot of fun with rose mcgowan on charmed #fwtp2


#FWTP2 RT @HaleyJames29 The girls are still really friends and still in touch they were texting when joy gave maria a bath !


#FWTP2 RT @HaleyJames29 She loves quicksand

@HaleyJames29 Joy can’t stand when the stars go blue anymore lol

@HaleyJames29 Joy would write or do what she does when she’s not playing she was made to be an actress too

@HaleyJames29 Joy said that haley learned a lot from peyton

@HaleyJames29 Joy said she loved how haley grew during the year and how she became a beautiful woman

There is a rumored #FWTP3 planned. We find out tomorrow.