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UK Junior Ju Jitsu Championships

Only a few weeks after the Wakarishin and Ko-Korokai International Championships in Southend, the junior members of Wakarishin packed their competition bags again and headed for the 1st UK Junior Ju Jitsu Championships hosted by Sensei Brian Mallon and the rest of our friends at Stanford Warriors.

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After completing a weeks training in Malta, I certainly have learnt a lot. The pictures show the makeshift Dojo the Sensei has constructed in order for his students to have somewhere to train. It’s situated in an old theatre and there are still props and bits of scenery littering the room. On a Sunday morning Father Vincent, the cheif Sensei says mass in the lower level of the Dojo because the Maltese students, with Malta being inherently catholic would not be allowed to train if it mean missing Sunday service. I was impressed at the enthusiasm of all the students especially training in dusty conditions with little ventilation. Great to see that the love of the art has encouraged them to continue training, and makes us realise how lucky we are to have lovely dojos to train in!