just some outdoor snapshots of Lenore hanging out in her WIP Aradia Cosplay. Forgot to grab her legwarmers. I was having fun making her do some zombie poses atleast. note for future reference.. wobbly table makes it really hard to pose hooved dolls O.o heh. also i really love having a doll i can make look at their feet while standing, tho i didnt include that photo.

i’m going to start tagging this BJDstuck for people wanting to follow the project without following me.. ill go back and edit the old ones. ill also tag anything else thats a combo of homestuck and BJD related with this as well.. seeing as i have plans *insert evil cackle here*

faceup and body blushing by me
Wig by unknown(bought 2nd hand and modded)
doll is a Resinsoul Yao


well this is the finished Dead Aradia’s skirt. i decided it looked unrealistic with only the larger holes so i put in a bunch of small ones too. ill take some photos of it off it be itself when i get home(or if i get bored later).

the shirt she is wearing is just a random thing i was sewing from scrap fabric and isnt done.. i may trash it however, dont think im liking it.

wow that last photoset of the Aradia WIP seems to have exploded O,o

i thought i would post and say that i actually encourage other people to use the BJDstuck tag if anyone else wants to share their homestuck BJD(or similar style of doll) items, even if its just a simple doll shirt or prop. i know ive seen a few things around on DOA and DA but its a fairly hard thing to search for on tumblr.

oh, also since the older posted stuff wont show up on the tag list since they were added after the fact you can see the start of the Aradia project here.


Mituna, his skateboard and his new necklace. :D I bought a couple of the charms and they’re TINY and CUTE and GUHHHH I love it for him.

(Mituna is an RS Pixiu with custom face-up, horns by me, wig from Alice’s collection, a barbie shirt over a shirt I made and a pair of black doll leggings from Wal-mart))