Unlike the Godwin siblings, Dylan Walker was raised by his father. His mother abandoned him when she saw his slitted light-reflecting green eyes, thinking he was some sort of devil. Every generation of his father’s family share the legend that somewhere in their ancestry has been dragon blood, yet the first child to ever show any evidence of this was Dylan. When he was a child his father never let him out of the house or be seen by anyone until he was old enough to wear contacts.


His shirt says “bad boy” ^_^

sirotterpup asked:

Have you ever done a faceup progress post/tutorial? I really like what you do but I'm curious about the materials and process!

oh boy (๑º ロ º๑) Ive never done any type of tutorial before so forgive me if its not the best (feel free to ask for any clarifications). 

Also im an extreme newb at faceups, I am sure there are better ways to do this but this is the way i do it (๑•́ω•̀)

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BJD Eyewear - *grumbles*

Why is it so hard to find BJD (eye)glasses? You would think, especially now that it would be so much easier to find realistic looking eyewear for your dollies! It took me forever to find a second pair of wayfarers (first pair was bought for a friends boy about 2 or so years ago, second pair I finally got recently after searching the better part of a year for some), and now I need another pair in a different style (some kinda thick rimmed something but not wayfarer shape) and I have searched and searched for ages and I just cannot find anything.

Most of dollmore’s, I just don’t like. They seem very unrealstic almost barbie looking from the photos (or look like they might be suited to MSD better). Everything on ebay is the wrong style. Ugh!

I may just have to breakdown and buy the same exact pair that Cayson wears just in a different color. I really didn’t want the long lost twins to have the same exact eyewear (seems even more far fetched) but we may just have to go that route.

I was able to retrieve my Ninon from the post office today, just in time for BJDDay!  They’re both blank and wearing temp eyes and wigs, but here’s Ninon with her blue Ombre pal. <3

Totally forgot I ordered a pair of dolly glasses for Oliver…they were in customs for like 2 weeks and I’ve been focused on other things. Whoops. Anyway got notification that they’re in transit O3O maybe I’ll get them by tomorrow! I might turn his handmade ones into sunglasses since I don’t want to just toss them.

Lol I follow a bunch of grunge and hipster blogs and one just posted a picture of some glass BJD eyes with the tags #grunge #fashion #hipster #vintage #photography. Bitch that’s some damn doll eyes not grunge.