Unlike the Godwin siblings, Dylan Walker was raised by his father. His mother abandoned him when she saw his slitted light-reflecting green eyes, thinking he was some sort of devil. Every generation of his father’s family share the legend that somewhere in their ancestry has been dragon blood, yet the first child to ever show any evidence of this was Dylan. When he was a child his father never let him out of the house or be seen by anyone until he was old enough to wear contacts.


His shirt says “bad boy” ^_^

i think the reason i never feel fulfilled in my art is because i jam my greedy little fingers into a thousand different pies but i never finish any of them. ive seen so many different media types and gone “i want to do that” and taught myself the basics and then just never picked them back up. i know the basics of traditional art with pens, colored pencils, the basics of sewing, crafting, 3d modeling, animation, and theres even more i want to learn like sculpting bjds and stain glass and? its just. i never sit down and focus on one thing and really truly learn it. the only artistic endeavor ive ever hounded and staid on top of is digital art, but i never feel complacent in my art because i want to use it to do so much more. i want to bring it to life in a three dimensional scale, i want to make it move, i want to be able to touch it, hold it, play with it…

i think im just too greedy with what i want from my work without the motivation to really pull through to ever be content with what i do.