Unlike the Godwin siblings, Dylan Walker was raised by his father. His mother abandoned him when she saw his slitted light-reflecting green eyes, thinking he was some sort of devil. Every generation of his father’s family share the legend that somewhere in their ancestry has been dragon blood, yet the first child to ever show any evidence of this was Dylan. When he was a child his father never let him out of the house or be seen by anyone until he was old enough to wear contacts.


His shirt says “bad boy” ^_^


A couple of portrait shots of Melody once again. This time with her glasses on though! Yes, Mel does have glasses, she just wouldn’t wear them with her old wig as they are a little too big. With this wig they hook into the thick hair and stay in place quite well. 

Melody is a Doll Chateau Snow Nymph with clothing by Angell-Studio, eyes by glastic, and face up and wig by me.