I am an art student and since childhood, I dealt with anxiety by making up imaginary friends. Right now, I have two - Gordias and Dixon. Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit distanced from them and I am considering to buy BJDs to make them real to me, but the fact that I can’t afford them and nobody buys my art makes me feel even more anxious.

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hon, you're a 1st class ASSHOLE and your friend should broke up with YOU and not with her acquaintance. I do hope you get to a point in life where you have no friends at all, and have to think about WHY you have no friends. Maybe you'll learn something from the experience and become a better person.

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If a part of you "honestly hopes that if a well loved company closes its doors because of recasts, it spreads like fire across the community" just to wonder what excuses we fakebabies would have then, then, let me tell you, you're either a noob or a dick. You're wishing a "well loved company" closes just to make a point? what are you?, six?, and on top of that, companies close because of bad business management. Every market have reproductions and you don't see every store closing because of it.

With all the hate DOA is getting I wanted to add a little positivity. DOA has always been my favorite place to visit online. It is my escape. I can feel comfortable browsing the forums and looking at pictures. Whenever drama arises, its nipped at the bud before it escalates. Its the safest place to purchase and sell, Im speaking as a person that has 20 years of experience in online shopping. Contrary to what these confessions say, the moderators do a great job at maintaining the peace and keeping out the scammers. They make everything so easy for everyone, they help keep it nice all the time.

Some of you are saying that its artificial, but what is wrong with that? Not everyone in the hobby wants to be a professional artist, not everyone in the community wants to reach YOUR standard of “quality”. I want the safety net and coddling of the DOA community. Ive got nothing going on for me in my life and if I want to have that peace of relaxation, god damn it let me! I dont appreciate getting criticism when I didnt ask for it, I dont appreciate people digging up my past because I said something they dont agree with. I dont like the smear campaign that happens mostly out of jealousy or because someone sees a reflection of something they dont like about themselves in me. DOA helps me avoid that, yet still allows me to be in touch with the community, without the drama and bitterness that is rampant in the other communities.

Im starting to believe that these anti-DOA confessions are coming in from people that have off topic dolls, or have been banned or warned. DOA does not ban lightly, every story of a person saying they have been banned because of some tiny offence has always been proven to be exaggerating and minimising their faults. A person was blatantly posting their orange recast doll on the forums, using black and white pictures to trick the community and she said that she was banned for something on her profile! DOA never lists the reason why you were banned either, so that “creating drama” confession is bullshit.

I will always stand with DOA and always recommend it as a place for newbies and hobbyists alike. Its full of knowledge, its drama free and fair. It maybe awkward at first, but if you put in a little effort, just like in real life social settings, you will make friends. Judging the whole place solely on some fabricated stories and because a person didnt reply to your gallery isn’t fair. You build up your reputation and your presence online, its not instant, no matter how much you try. Reach out and keep putting yourselves out there. DOA even still has the brigadoon Off Topic chat, which has been going on longer than anticipated - its a great way to meet others with similar interests!


Does anyone else ever look at their dolls and just think… Damn am I lucky to own this stupid overpriced plastic thing? It’s beautiful. Whether it’s a whole collection or just a floating head, be grateful, everyone! We’re all damned lucky.

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I joined a anti-recast sales group on facebook so I know who to do business with. I'll buy from them and I'll sell to them. I might lose out on some offers I’d like or sales but I feel better knowing they one day will know it was me. A pro-recast. I’m not a fan of putting money where my mouth isn't, but I'll make sure this shitty people know they support recast one day in the future. I'll also make sure to support all recasters I love so they keep producing what I love them for.