bjd pictures


Oho, a certain somebody arrived today! :D

I am so excited. My Wol is even more gorgeous in person. <3 She’s a stunning piece of artwork, and I’m so delighted to have had the chance to bring her home. It may be a little while before I can afford her body, but I’m going to see if she can at least borrow somebody else’s body for a little while.

Wol & her face-up are by @armeleia (Etsy). <3


Since I love Komugi so much I wanted to show you guys what I’ve been working on for the past year! She is a DIM Laia head on a Leekeworld art body, and she is such a sweetheart I love her so much~~

I just got her clothes done the other day and I just love how she is turning out! I might get a better wig sometime for her piggy tails. I want to also get her some shoes and a few cute outfits in the future~


Picture This by Frankenwah

My Seed Arts Wol, Darah, with faceup by @armeleia. I’m really liking the black wig on her, although I’ll probably go with different eyes. Now she just needs a body! (I’m leaning towards a Doll Chateau K-01.)

She’s a witch who works for the county library system, although no one can remember hiring her. She casts spells to make sure that people find the books they need (which are not necessarily the ones they’re looking for). She also once changed the text in every copy of Fifty Shades of Grey in the library’s system to Alice in Wonderland.


One day I’m gonna stop spamming pics of doll!Aaron, I promise. 

…But today is not that day. 

And yep, that’s a miniature of Brian May’s Red Special, because I’m a hopeless Queen fangirl. I had it sitting on my shelf for years… then I realised that it was perfect for Aaron’s size XD

Btw, I also ordered another doll yesterday. In a few months, a doll!Tyler is gonna join doll!Aaron :D

What am I doing with my life


Someone got a new wig :D 

…And it’s really freaking LONG D: love it, though! *______* It fits perfectly (AT LAST!), it has a proper middle part and it is a little wavy, just like Aaron’s hair is supposed to be *____* I’m too lazy to cut it right now, but I will soon. 

The color is darker than the one you’re used to see on him in The Emergency Coven, buuuut… believe it or not, it’s still technically “canon”, as it is supposed to be his natural hair color! :D Yep, Aaron bleaches his hair U____U

The scarf he’s wearing in the second pic was supposed to be his bandana, but alas, it was too big to wrap it around his head and get the wig to fit… and I don’t think cutting it to reduce its size would be a good idea, since the fabric is very thin and it’s probably going to get all ruined D: 

Esmeralda by PullipPrincess

Hello everyone! I have not disappeared from here, I just haven’t really been taking too many Pullip photos lately. ^^; I’ve done a few bjd pictures in the past couple of weeks, and then I thought, why not take a photo of one of my most beloved but least photographed Pullips, Pullip Chloi! <3

Also, for anyone who’s curious, I joined the world of Instagram and have been uploading some Pullip pictures that I’ve done as well as some I’ve taken of my bjds, so if you’d like to check that out, my username there is moonlight.serenade.91! :3