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Since I love Komugi so much I wanted to show you guys what I’ve been working on for the past year! She is a DIM Laia head on a Leekeworld art body, and she is such a sweetheart I love her so much~~

I just got her clothes done the other day and I just love how she is turning out! I might get a better wig sometime for her piggy tails. I want to also get her some shoes and a few cute outfits in the future~


Aaaaaaand… the face up is done! :D Took me pretty much the whole friggin’ day, but so far I’m very pleased with the result <3 Some fun facts: 

  • Sealant: despite all my preparations, I pretty much ended up doing the exact opposite of what I’d planned to do XD after four years, my beloved Liquitex Matte spray can decided to die on me JUST today. No matter how much I tried, the friggin’ sealant wouldn’t get out of the can AT ALL. So I ended up using Lukas Spray Film instead, despite not really doing much testing with it beforehand (well, I did try it on the head cap first, but, unlike with Liquitex, I didn’t let it stay there for a whole couple of days and just waited around 20 minutes, just to make sure it wouldn’t melt the resin). Anyway, I’m glad I ended up using it, because the results were SO MUCH BETTER than anything I’ve ever achieved using Liquitex :O the texture was a lot smoother and way easier to work with. So yeah, a happy accident indeed. 
  • Materials: again, ended up using everything BUT what I’d planned to use :’D The brushes I had turned out to be way too big for his face, so I ended up using a bunch of cheap ass nail art brushes… which, however, did their job pretty well. Also, despite spending months collecting a whole set of pastels to use on the face up, I eventually ended up repainting the shit out of him using some acrylics I bought… this morning .___. My pastel lines were looking all weird, uneven and dirty (you can see them in the second pic) and I didn’t really like that, soooo… acrylics ftw U____U
  • Expectation vs reality: removing his eyes was about as painful as I thought it’d be. I was super scared of breaking him, especially after I realised that the resin is somewhat thin on one of his eyes D: Placing them back in, however, was easier than I thought. Granted, I was still super scared to break him, but overally it was pretty quick to do. Eyelashes were also surprisingly not as difficult to place as I would have thought :O Wanna know what was really difficult to make? THAT FUCKING BANDANA. Since it will take a while for Aaron’s new wig to arrive, I decided to get myself a piece of fabric and try to make him a bandana to use with his current wig and cover his balding forehead. Easy, right? NOPE. Wrapping it around his head and making it stay in place was A PAIN IN THE ASS. Took me a good twenty minutes to come up with a somewhat decent result. And then, of course, I ended up removing it anyway because I read around that coloured fabric can stain the resin and I don’t want to risk his forehead turning red, so… much ado about nothing ;___;

Girl Power!

Dollmore Keeley Sum (modded) - Rain
Oasisdoll Linglan - Li Pong
Customhouse Hyun - Casey

I figured out my problem with Rain’s new faceup, and managed to fix it without taking the whole thing off. Eventually she’ll have smaller dark eyes and a long curly wig, but this short cut is also cute (it’s on loan from Buck who is bodyless right now).


picture update! the 60body and the 52body getting cozy on my tiny balcony table (which is now a spray table).

30 Day BJD Photo Challenge

Thought we needed some more BJD challenges, so made one!

30 days, 30 pictures with each their theme or a thing for you to showcase in a photograph. Much like the 30 Day BJD challenge, just all pictures instead.

Day 1 - Meet the crew!
Day 2 - First ever picture
Day 3 - Size difference, smallest doll compared to the largest
Day 4 - In the nude, or body among your crew you like the best
Day 5 - Sewing/crafts corner
Day 6 - First face-up you made
Day 7 - Pile of blankets
Day 8 - All the shoes!
Day 9 - Hide and seek
Day 10 - Exploring
Day 11 - Current project
Day 12 - Latest picture
Day 13 - All the eyes!
Day 14 - Profile
Day 15 - Oldest doll
Day 16 - Show us your couples!
Day 17 - Latest face-up you made
Day 18 - Shadows
Day 19 - All the clothing!
Day 20 - B/W
Day 21 - Money
Day 22 - Show us your art supplies!
Day 23 - All the wigs!
Day 24 - Glomp!
Day 25 - Pull off a crazy pose with your least best posing doll
Day 26 - Newest doll
Day 27 - All the props!
Day 28 - Workout
Day 29 - Sick
Day 30 - Farewell 

Feel free to spread this one around and perhaps link back here?
Have fun! :D

All you guys goin’ to Resin Rose better post a (metric) fuckton of pictures for those of us who are not going and want to live vicariously through you. Imperial fucktons will be insufficient.

I want DOLLS. I want PEOPLE. I want CONVENTION CENTERS and HOTEL ROOMS. I want what YOU ATE FOR DINNER because at some point a bunch of you lolly-gaggers are going to do big-ass dinners at some neat restaurant. I want pics of PANELS. I want pics of YOU WITH YOUR DOLLY SENPAI. I want pictures of your REGISTRATION BADGES AND SWAG BAGS. I want IT ALLLLLL.

This has been a service announcement.