bjd hair


Picture This by Frankenwah


Megurine Luka BJD cosplay 
By me: faceup,  doll’s dress, head accessorie

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New Medicine by Miloo Demår
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Danil - Dollshe Saint


Untitled by Ilona


Silverfox is not an assassin, he just dresses like one. Why? Because he likes to look dramatic. Also, hoods :)

Granado Charles (elf mod) 

…and the awesome assassin fullset clothing that Granado generously made available for separate order. I’m soooo pleased with how fitting it is for Silverfox!!! (I always planned to commission his clothes, but now there is no need anymore <3 )


Don’t Let Em Get To You by Frankenwah

Artie used to be out all night, sleep all day and see it as the most natural thing in the world that his brother did his homework for him. After all Bastien was the more successful one of the brothers and he’d always get straight A’s. Thus was the Merriweather family tradition. Even so, Artie was the family favourite. Even Bastien liked his brother more than anything in the world. However, that all changed when their father died and left the family business to Artie. Not to Bastien.

Artie refused to accept it. Bastien didn’t.

Since then, the brothers rarely talk to each other. Artie, feeling betrayed by the only person that understood him and he could trust, withdrew from the life he had led, got his own apartment, trying his best to stay alive where he up to this point never had to even try.

It has taken its toll though. And Artie’s health is quickly worsening….