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Do you have any interest in bjds/have you tried painting them? I think you have a solid skill in a area of style that lot of collectors would kill to have their dolls painted in, and I was wondering if you'd post photos if you have painted one before?

ah yee, i have a small family of bjds myself. i’m not very good at doing face-ups yet, but i finally got some better pencils and finer brushes so now i just need to practice. 

(trinket on the left is a dollzone scorpio and curio on the right is a doll chateau sexta)


Took a bunch of pictures of Sam today because she’s pretty and hasn’t been in front of the camera in ages, not since I did her body blush (that still isn’t done). She’s a huge doll, she measures in at about 100cm in length, but she is really slim. I put a 1/3 scale head on her from Dollzone, which fortunately ran small as her body is definitely closer to a slim MSD in torso proportions. 

I took these photos because I saw on IG that Dollzone will be discontinuing the Frieda, Trieda, and Sawarieda mermaids come July 31st. I’m not sure they’ve announced it anywhere else yet though. 

The what is what:

  • Sculpt: Dollzone Minas/Sawarieda hybrid in (old) white skin
  • Wig: Monique Jojo in Blonde/Orange in 7/8 with trimmed bangs
  • Eyes: KokDollCollection Beetle Small Iris Eyes
  • Modesty Scarf: Random Doll Heart grab bag item
  • Aesthetics: Me at @izasfaceups

Another project I have picked back up.  His eyes have been ordered though I have some eyes to put in him in the mean time.  His eyebrows need drawing on in pencil and I want to use some silver leaf to make his jaw mechanism seem more metallic.

I need to buy his body, make his neck piece to fit said body, rough up his trench coat & fedora then buy him some trousers, a shirt and some shoes (which also need scuffing up a bit).   


Here we are, nasty bathroom selfies
Inspired by @dj-veteran-child’s picture showing how big their dude was, I decided to do the same with my crew!
Also I look fucking disgusting. I had a stressful work day so I’m really shiny and just…nasty. I usually look so much better. Sorry guys. On my day off I promise I will take a decent photo of myself.
Oromar (first pic) is a GothicAngelBJD Cain head.
Bjaurus is an Angel of Dream You on a Doll Chateau kid body 12.
Pavel is a DollZone Raymond.
Snowbell is a Soom Benmore. All of the faceups, body blushing, and tattoos are by me.
Oh, and my shirt says “Make way for the gay”. It was a gift from my worst bestie XD in short he knows I like dudes haha


makeup&blushing for Carter [DollZone] by Ekaterina
Via Flickr:
belongs to alevtina_fanfara (instagram)


DSC_0688 by Necofenix