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Do you have any interest in bjds/have you tried painting them? I think you have a solid skill in a area of style that lot of collectors would kill to have their dolls painted in, and I was wondering if you'd post photos if you have painted one before?

ah yee, i have a small family of bjds myself. i’m not very good at doing face-ups yet, but i finally got some better pencils and finer brushes so now i just need to practice. 

(trinket on the left is a dollzone scorpio and curio on the right is a doll chateau sexta)


DSC_0688 by Necofenix


So much work ahead! This is just the first layer of blushing… Decay is such a colourful progress 😁💀 #doll #bjd #abjd #dollzone #sadomina #macabre #corpse #decay #creepy #horror par Sadomina


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Heavy Rain

I finally got him :D and he’s so cute and adorable, totally stole my heart <3

I modded his body to be able to do more poses and deepened the neckhole so his head would be more stable. I curled his horns extra with the hot water method wich worked perfect. Then I painted him and sewn a jacket around him. I’m so happy he came with blue eyes, saves me the hassle of finding some XD 


The first time I painted this guy was over six years ago, the last time 2013.
It was really time for a fresh face and I am glad that he now looks better than ever!
We tried a few new things on him this time, like natural lips and heavier blushing, and I am very pleased that it worked out :D

I haven’t painted freckles in like, forever, but they are always fun to do and I loved adding them onto his face.

I am not happy with the photos this time though, the painted WIP shot is the closest to his actual color but I was unable to repeat that result on the polished shots.
Can’t wait for winter to be over and have proper light to work with again.

Shyra - DZ Chen, owned by HorrorVacui
Customization, photos and editing by me


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