bjd centaur


Meet Milky Way!!! My resinsoul centaur sparkleboy is almost done!!!!! They were awesome enough to do a custom color for me - I asked for translucent blue so I could turn him into a space themed something or other hahaha. This was a fun project doll! Normally mine are all character based, or unfinished. It was really satisfying to paint him! The glitter and gold shimmer doesn’t photograph at all. Also my walls are yellow so shitty photos for meeeeee. Gonna get him a different wig and make him gold horns and jewelry next :3


centaurs da buboplague
Tramite Flickr:
was playing with luts centaurs earlier, too some photos for fun, nothing fancy


Hippogriff arrival par Akara


Finished commission for @roterwolkenvogel I was basically given carte blanch to do whatever I wanted as long it fell under the ‘warrior’ umbrella. This is what I came up with. I made everything except the doll. I also don’t have a head that fits this body so you’ll have to forgive that.

Outfit includes:
Quilted gambeson/saddle pad, front and sides
Chainmail cover
Stitched leather belt
Back woven pad with armor
Woven leg covers
Front leg shin covers
Leather and fur corset
Woven belt
Shoulder pauldron