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Here are Lily and Sam the cat-unicorns and they are unique bjds (the doll were performed in a single copy). Lily and Sam are close friends (but Sam secretly loves Lily) and they have come from Walloya Morring world to our one. Lily is afraid of everything here and that’s great that brave Sam is always near and ready to defend her and he also helps her to overcome her fear.


Are you preparing to Halloween? We’ve already prepared something for you) It’s an unique ball-jointed doll Kitten-Demon. The 5 cm red doll has demonic horns on its head and Bat wings. It will be a great present for Halloween to any doll collector. The doll is available on our Etsy shop

Gorgeous MSD Myou Doll Body

Myou Doll 44cm 3-part torso with a large chest in normal pink. Ordered through Alice’s Collections in December of 2016. Poses beautifully even with no sueding and she looks gorgeous! Nipples have been sanded down a bit but not other mods. Finger and toenails are painted and nipples are blushed (MSC was used so there should be no staining). Comes with original box and bag she arrived in! Now $140 and free shipping within the US. OR, will trade for Doll Leaves 43cm Girl Body Ver. II
Layaway is possible- limit of 4 months. Nonrefundable.

Message me if you’re interested! She’s also for sale on the BJD Addicts Commissions and Sales Facebook page :) Thank you!

This was sent in by a user. It looks like this collector admitted to attempting to sell a recast/legit hybrid (head is legit) as a full legit on BJD Addicts, however nobody bought it/it may have caused drama, and it was then posted on recast BJD group afterwards, asking for advice, the post was then locked by a moderator there. It looks like the seller is sorry and seeking forgiveness for this, but something to watch out for when buying secondhand in general.
(Mod description added for clarity)


Who lives in the forest? Part 3. The lunar fox.

Lunar foxes are mystical creatures purple color. They are like usual foxes but they have another way of life. But people say that these foxes were usual red foxes but thanks the magic they became lunar. One day we will be ready to tell you full story of them. It is a part of the story of Walloya Morring.

So upset that Lorti is leaving the hobby

Well you did it internet haters, you broke down a really talented and brilliant hobbyist to the point of leaving the hobby for her own sanity.

Regardless of what you thought of her, or her dolls, or how she experienced the hobby, you can’t deny that she was a great photographer, had an extremely unique style, and was not afraid to try new things, and think out of the box. 

Her bold, brave decisions in the hobby is what pushed me to become a better artist in general. Seeing her Luts Delf Miyu Luella, and her minifee shu shu Arisu had me in awe, and she still has made some of my favorite dioramas.

Her and Denali Wind are two hobbyists that helped me work up the nerve, to post a bjd addicts prompt. (even though the drama and negativity in the hobby scared me into stopping)

But the fact that one of my favorite hobbyists is leaving makes me realize how toxic this place can be. I’ve made some great friends, and I will continue to enjoy my dolls and boldy go where no doll has gone before.

In fact, as someone who uses dolls as a healing process for my own mental health, I empathized with how she did the same, and realize if this drama keeps up, there’s not going to be a place anymore. 

So I will flood this tag with saccharine kindness. I don’t care if you own a bobobie, or a volks, a luts, or a resin soul. Hell I don’t care if your dolls are recast, or non resin! Despite my own tastes, and personal morals I will treat you like a fucking human being. 

And for all the awesome friends I have made, KEEP BEING AWESOME AND NICE AND WARM AND BEING YOU!