OK so I got a couple of messages of people who were very angry with me directly copying the original bjdrecastpositive list, mostly because they don’t want anything to do with recast drama from either side. Fair enough. They were added without their consent to the original list and me copying it doesn’t take that away. I do apologize for that!

So I am going to start my own list of BJD blogs on Tumblr, and you can send me a message to be added! The list will serve as a purpose of finding other BJD blogs to follow with a focus on anti-recast blogs. More babble on the page itself.

Add yourself here!

bjdrecastpositive can keep their anti-recast meanie list, we’ll be over here actually building a stronger community lol

Okay but can we agree on a few things?

In light of the pro-artist list going around, stupid arguments pro recasts are surfacing again.

We have our differences and my personal view is, I just don’t really want to associate with pro-recasters. And that’s my prerogative, just as it is theirs to not want to associate with me for that same reason. I’m fine with that. It’s better if we not annoy each other, right?

Now first of, it is NEVER okay to send death threats. Don’t harass people. It gets you nowhere and it won’t make you feel better. It’s not the way to go.
If anything, try to educate. Stay kind.

Second, @bjdrecastpositive just compared this situation to horrible racism, bigotry and misogyny.
You simply cannot compare the pro and anti sides to the hardships darkskinned people have gone through (especially in America). Black people got lynched and killed for the color of their skin.
The LGBTQ community has suffered many losses because of the way they were born.
Women have suffered all sorts of abuse because they were not born as men.

You, for owning recasts, do not fall in any of these groups.

You were not born a thief. You made a choice. You made a very conscious choice (I’m speaking very generally here because there are some who bought one by accident, who have switched over etc) to buy a recast, to support recasters and to NOT support the original artist!
You made the choice to put your LUXURY needs before the livelihood of another person.

You are not oppressed, you put yourself in that position, in a hobby where creativity is everything and the ARTISTS make these dolls.

Morals will never change to accept thievery and they will remain to support artists, because there will always be more who see the value in artists.

Hypocrite, thy name is Fakebaby

The fakebabies be putting out lists of supposed “anti recast bullies” meanwhile one of the BJD Addicts mods got *literal death threats* even after turning off Anon, so much that she had to leave tumblr for a while. Don’t fucking tell me you shitbags are the ones getting bullied, and waah waaah you’re the victiiiiiims!

Let a pro-artist person put out a list of names of fakebabies, see how quickly y'all freak out. Know why your asses don’t want your names out there? Because you fucking KNOW you’re doing something wrong. Meanwhile, the pro artist owners are taking pride in that stupid list because we are PROUD to support our artists.

With all the talking about recasts, I have a few things to talk about....

I have been in the BJD community for a long time, since about 2012, but never really participated much, mostly because I was afraid. I currently own four dolls, but I have recently learned that two of the dolls I was so happy with are in fact recasts, and that I don’t know the authenticity of the other two… That’s part of what I want to talk about

Long ago, I had heard of people who bully other people simply over what brand of dolls they bought, or where/who they bought their clothes from, and what type of personality they had. I was also afraid because at the time, I was about 17 at the time and wasn’t sure how people would treat a under age girl who only owned two dolls. I was already being bullied at school by both classmates and teachers, so I was afraid the same would happen online. I kept my owning dolls secret for many years. Only recently have I opened up about owning dolls, and found out some bad news about my dolls though that.

I bought my first two dolls as second hand (used), in 2012, from a person who owned many dolls by the same company.They were selling all 9 of them, but I convinced them to sell me just two. At that time, I had no idea what a recast, COA, or a DOA was. I bought them and found the marking “Angel Of Dream (feather)” inside the head, so I assumed they were real. I still own those dolls, and I love them very much, but I can’t find any information on how to tell if they are real or not, and now I’m beginning to question if they are, or if all the dolls are legit at all. Unfortunately they sat on a shelf (and later in a box) for a long time, as my family had financial and other troubles, and I almost forgot about them.

A few years later, 2015, after much saving up, I bought two more dolls. I admit, I didn’t do much research on finding how credible the sellers were, but I thought websites the sellers were on would make sure that no counterfeits would be sold on their sights… I was wrong. One doll, I figured out one was a recast months after buying them, but by then I had already left my review, and it was too late to return them. The other was my pride and joy, I thought for sure she was my real dolls, for sure she was my Legit doll… I thought that until her doll profile on DOA was taken down because the hand joints were wrong. One quick google search later, and my heart was broken. She was a recast. I felt (and still feel) so horrible. I had bought a fake. A Counterfeit. Twice.

I want to make this very clear: It was never my intention to purchase recasts, I never wanted recasts, but I do own two of them.

I keep finding posts, videos, and articles on how buying recasts was bad, but what do you do if you didn’t know until it was too late? What do you do if you didn’t want to get recasts, but was gullible enough to believe the “100% satisfaction guaranteed”? What do you do with recasts once you have them? How can you get rid of them?

I just want answers on what I should do now.

Velalu’s new wig came.  I know, Dunmer always have red or black hair.  I tried to  make her a brunette, I really did.  Look at how well it suits her, though.  Now for clothes.  I was sketching some outfits today that would be simple to make, basic shapes with lots of layers.  And maybe a staff.  The fun I could have making jeweled heads for a staff!

Velalu [Impldoll, Aurora]

I think it would be cool if BJD hobbyists had, for example, a little BJD foot or hand as a bag charm or something of the sort that could work as an identification mark. It would be really awesome to run into other people who love these dolls and have a conversation with them.