“I’ve come here with a view to asking you… to marriage me. I know I seems an insane person because I hardly knows you but sometimes things are so transparency, they don’t need evidential proof. And I will inhabit here, or you can inhabit with me in England. 

Of course I don’t expecting you to be as foolish as me, and of course I prediction you say no… but It’s Christmas and I just wanted to… check.”


Colin Firth on Live! with Kelly 

Neil: How do you deal with jetlag? What’s your secret to the lag of the jet? Is it not drinking on the plane, is it sleeping throughout the plane, is it–
Colin: I don’t deal with it. I…
Kelly: That is so British of you. I don’t deal with it. I simply say no.
Colin: That’s about right!

Bespoke Suit Chivalry - obfuscatress - Bridget Jones's Baby [Archive of Our Own]
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Five times the Kingsmen were her knights in shining armour and the one time Bridget Jones repayed the favour.

Something that’s been in the making for a little while.

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When Bridget and I got it on I was… I was not dressed for the occasion.

[TRANS] GOT7 Interview for Mini Magazine (Jan 2015) --PART2

Select! Which Type?

Q1. What kind of girl do you prefer to date? / A. Cute girl or B. Pretty girl

JB: there’s no (option for) sexy? (Laugh)
Youngjae: if I have to choose..then B
JB&Mark&Jackson&Junior: A
Youngjae&Bambam&Yugyeom: B

Q2. What kind of girl that’ll make your heart throb? / A. Ditzy girl B. Considerate girl.

Jackson: OK! I’ve made up my mind!
Yugyeom: Wait a little bit
Jackson: Are you really that confused?
Mark: Can I choose the middle?
JB: A girl who is considerate but also ditzy?
Bambam: It’s only Yugyeom who chose A and the rest chose B.

Q3. If you have a girlfriend you are the type who will say ‘I love you’ everyday? / A. YES B. NO

Yugyeom: I want to say it (everyday)!
JB&Mark&Jackson&Bambam&Yugyeom: A
Junior: Compared of showing it through words, isn’t it more clear to show it through actions? 
*Except Junior, everyone chose A~

Q4. I am neat. / A. YES B. NO

Everyone chose A
Jackson: (choosing) B means dirty? if that so, all A. 
*is your dorm neat/clean?
Mark: Wait a minute. Jackson, aren’t you B? 
Jackson: Was my room dirty? Our dorm is not that dirty!

Q5. When you have a date with your girlfriend, what clothe do you like her to wear? / A. one piece dress B. skinny jeans

Jackson: there is no option C?
Bambam: skinny jeans
Junior: A
Beside Jackson and Junior, everyone chose B!

Q6. What do you want to do when you have a date? / A. holding hands B. locking arms

Jackson: there’s no option for C?
(everyone laughed)
Bambam: AAAA!
Youngjae: BBBB!
JB:  Am I the one who is clinging? or is it the girl? 
Junior and Youngjae chose B, JB & Jackson & Bambam & Mark & Yugyeom chose A.

source: playground
ranslated from kr-eng by: __finally
*please note that Korean or English are not my first language.

**sorry for the mistakes. just tell me if I translated it wrong.


Troy Peterson of BJB Enterprises Inc. showed us how to increase the usefulness of your 3D Printer with amazing molding techniques. These are social and educational meetups to learn about this technology, its diverse applications, with opportunities to see 3D Printers in action, show off your latest creations, learn more about open source softwares, meet other 3D-ers, collaborate on new group projects, share and learn useful 3D Printing tricks and tips, see tests performed with new materials, tools, etc. for the first time and talk about the latest trends and events in the 3D Printing Industry.

Troy showed us how to cast shiny parts that look like glass, softer silicone, foam samples, and about hard production quality parts resembling ABS. Let’s say you have a project where you need to create a couple dozen identical foam finger shapes, casting from a mold is the clear solution here. 

Having a 3D Printer that can fabricate plastic prototypes is one thing, but having the capacity to print plastic molds that you can cast is an amazing advantage in the industry. It’s inexpensive, faster and less labor intense, which makes it ideal for the production of small product runs. 

Malam Bersama Kawan

ceritadikit dimalam minggu ini yang cukup asik karena yang biasanya hanya diam di kosan dan ngapel sama komputer, kemarin seperti terbebas dan menemukan yang fresh, kumpul bersama teman-teman BINER (Bikers Informatics Engineering) di depan gedung kuliah kami, ditemani canda gurau , dan jejeran motor yang kurang lebih jumlahnya ada sekitar 30 motor. setelah malaksanakn rapat hingga pukul stengah sepuluh kami bergegas keluar dari kampus kami, dan singga di taman kartini, perbincangan hangat nan santai kembali muncul dan rasa kekompakan itu semakin terasa saja.

setelah acara selesai beberapa orang dari kami masih memiliki agenda lain, yaitu mengunjungi baraga fest. berangkatlah sekitar 12 motor ke arah braga dan kami singgah di depan kantor pusat bank BJB. saya dan bebrapa rekan saya bergegas memasuki arena festifal braga karena saya tidak ingin menyianyiakan kesempatan ini, hmh namun ketika saya tiba disana acaranya sudah tidak terlalu ramai, hanya hiasan hasil fotografer bertema Bandung saja yang memanjakan mata saya.

namun saya cukup senang dengan semua ini, banyak hal baru yang saya tau dari hari ini.