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oddly specific situation: marinette saw chat noir detransform into adrien at school and is battling with herself over whether or not she should be upset, elated, worried, or sick. kind of feels like she's all four at once, but has to look as if she's "fine" because she's in class

She’s a little more terrified by him then usual today–

Chloe lookin’ like this...

Has got Lucifer lookin’ like this.


(Also thinking this might be the start of the raunchy undercover scene and the one we see in the trailer is an extra bit of naughtiness we didn’t know we were getting? Possibly, hopefully maybe please God? Because WHY WOULD THEY BE UNDERCOVER IN HIS APARTMENT?)

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Ask box is open yay!! Can You please Do a HC of RFA+ V&Saeran meeting MC's parents who are protective of MC and couldn't trust the boys easily (and create some awkward situation for boys)


  • Probably stands there 
  • trying to figure out why he’s being yelled at 
  • acts rather calmly 
  • asks politely why it is that MC’s parents do not trust him
  • the type of person to not get offended
  • most likely to just talk it through 


  • he’s trying to keep his patience 
  • he really i s
  • but all these nagging questions grate on his nerves 
  • he maintains his cool
  • and politely replies to every little question 
  • although as soon as they can he and MC are out of there


  • stands very stiffly 
  • politely answers everything 
  • with extreme efficiency 
  • probably takes it a step further 
  • most likely to be the best with their parents 
  • doesn’t take anything too personal 
  • although she will draw a fine line between what they can push her and MC to 


  • he probably answers everything 
  • without missing a beat 
  • he can out polite anyone 
  • although he will question MC’s methods 
  • he makes it very clear that he respects them being MC’s parents 
  • but he will not tolerate them digging into their lives more then appropriate 


  • okay this boy is terrified
  • probably about to have an anxiety attack if they ask any more questions 
  • on the verge of tears 
  • stammering out any replies 
  • if there is food he probably doesn’t touch it 
  • MC probably steps in at some points 
  • takes a lot of bathroom breaks 


  • he charms them with a greeting
  • deathbyglamour
  • smooth answers to everything 
  • probably acts extremely calm
  • internally overthinking many things 
  • although he sorta gives them a questioning glance at a few questions 


  • he replies with puns or jokes 
  • probably sarcastic remarks 
  • he doesn’t realize they’re being serious 
  • he has to take a moment to look at MC and give them a questioning look
  • why aren’t they laughing 
  • when he sees how pale MC is he tries to make amends 
  • he just dug himself into several feet of his own grave 
random headcanons
  1. Robert is obsessed with old murder mystery shows. He makes Aaron watch them with him regularly. Aaron finds Rob’s ridiculous running commentary endearing.
  2. Robert’s tendency to provide commentary for the things that Aaron enjoys watching is less endearing to him, but Aaron’s used to it at this point
  3. Sometimes when Aaron’s bored he just flicks through his little folder of selfies on his phone of him and Rob, or him and Liv, or all three of them (or the rare Rob/Liv picture) because he is an actual grade-A sop
  4. All three of them have an ongoing competition over whichever mobile game they’re playing at that moment. It gets real serious. Crossy Road cost Robert a legitimate client at one point (because Liv had smashed his top score that morning) (May Nicola never find out)
  5. The first big present Aaron buys Rob is a really expensive coffee machine and Rob instantly loves it so much that he starts making snippy remarks to anyone who tries to use it, lest they damage it.
  6. There’s a part of Robert that deeply, deeply misses Aaron’s overalls
  7. (Their eventual conversation about this leads to an incident where Aaron tries to nick a pair from the garage. It goes way better than expected)

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if i could follow u a 2nd time i would bc damn..... your art is so beautiful, your posts/reblogs are a+++ and your tags are hilarious jfc.... basically your blog is goals, i love it a lot!! haha

??!?! OH MY GOD ANON TY I’m so flattered w……..ow THANK YOU SM LMAO I don’t handle compliments well sorry haha

homophobia has been present in the wc fandom ever since the beginning and it’s not even things like slurs being thrown at gay people or anything of that sort. like it’s shit like people saying how they can’t believe tallstar is gay because he never “acted gay” meaning he never acted overly flamboyant or didnt talk about boys all the time or some damn stereotype. it’s people taking characters like darkstripe and mothwing and destroying their characters by making them creepy and giving them the “stalker gay lover” tropes over and over again. it’s people saying that because they’re cats they cant be gay and lgb people cant see themselves in their fave characters because apparently u have to have only human characters to feel represented

and im just sick of it like i know this has been going on for years and that the wc fandom will always be at least half homophobic but it’s just disappointing that an app that was supposed to be a community for EVERYONE has such homophobic and nasty people on it im disgusted

The essay project that has been plagueing my nightmares for the past 2 months is finally finished, I’ve got my first T consultation tomorrow, the sun is shining my crops are thriving–