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May 6, 2017 in RK World

So a minor dust up today. Pix of Rob released – one outlet says from today but the pix released were obviously taken at night. I saw them at 7pm my time which is 4pm LA time. Call me crazy but I have a suspicion that it’s not dark before 4pm in LA!

If these pix are supposed to be from yesterday that’s another problem because Rob was evidently at a Cartier party. Sorry but I trust that guest list, even without any pix so far, before I ever trust the paps/TPs

Kristen was spotted by some eagle eyes walking in the background of a video from CJ @ Ruth’s pre-wedding party. Her wedding is taking place in Santa Barbara.

No doubt that Rob is now Santa Barbara to accompany Kristen to the wedding of her long-time friend and publicist.

Perhaps a yawning Rob isn’t quite appropriate but I think he’s about right.