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These people are the biggest friendship goals I have ever seen

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Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein:tNO is fucking Captain America or some shit.

-They’re both blondes with blue eyes
-They’re both captains
-They both fight for the Americans in WWII
-They both can take a ridiculous amount of damage
-They both fall into water and get fucked up
-They both come to their senses years later
-They both are hunting down a bald, facially scarred German guy.


Hogwarts Founders Modern AU Fancast

In a world where witches and wizards still read by candlelight, communicate by owl, and write on scrolls of parchment with quills and ink, four brilliant, tech savvy visionaries found Hogwarts School and change the game forever.

Godric Gryffindor: BJ Britt

Young entrepreneur at the forefront of the technological boom.  Initially reaches out to the other three founders and paints a picture of a bright future where witches and wizards are connected and empowered, instead of scattered and hiding. Believes that youth hold the power to change the future, and investing in their education is of paramount importance to a thriving magical community.

Rowena Ravenclaw: Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Master of technology. Inventor of a magical-electrical circuit allowing electricity to function in magical environments, revolutionizing communication for wizards by making computers, the internet, and smart phones options. Supports positive muggle relations, although not full exposure to the muggle world at large. Believes that collaboration between magical and non-magical minds could truly change the world.

Helga Hufflepuff: Mindy Kaling

Social media mastermind. Founder of wizard twitter and owner of a foundation dedicated to helping disenfranchised muggleborn witches and wizards. Fights to promote positive self image for young witches, and is an advocate for disability rights and universal access to wizarding spaces. Responsible for lifting the ban on flying carpets to allow better access to flying for those who cannot balance on a broomstick.  Promotes more positive, open communication with muggles.

Salazar Slytherin: Jesse Williams 

Well-known wizard with the highest number of twitter followers to date. Promotes honoring the strength and resilience of a group of people who live in secrecy. Dedicated to protecting and uplifting young witches and wizards. Wary that too much muggle involvement in wizarding progress will weaken the bonds that wizards share and leave the community vulnerable to being taken advantage of by those hungry for power.

Stand Origin: Resist and Bite by Sabaton

Appearance Classification: Artificial Humanoid

Stand Type: Short Range

Stand Appearance: Resist And Bite looks like nothing more than a mass of dark jagged metal in the shape of a human, at first glance, but closer inspection shows that its body is actually constructed entirely from gun parts. It wears green armor over its torso and legs, with a gray sealed helmet and visor.

Stand Parameters:

Destructive Potential: B
Speed: B
Range: C
Durability: A
Precision: A
Developmental Potential: B

Stand Ability:

The Art of War – Resist And Bite can copy any weapon it touches, no matter how simple or advanced, so long as it can fit in its hands. It can then recreate the weapon from its own body using the appropriate parts and wield them in combat.

More Than Meets The Eye – By using it’s entire body, Resist And Bite can create much larger weapons for BJ to wield. These weapons are often unconventional or fantastical, as they can be created from BJ’s imagination. However, they may not always work as intended.

Stand Cry: “RIP AND TEAR!” (Not shouted repeatedly)

Other: It’s Classic Doomguy, but he’s made of guns.

learning about blowjobs in grade 2

when I was a kid in the late 90′s, before school’s blocked certain searches we we’re being taught how to look up information on the internet by our librarian Mrs Calberry. Now keep in mind we’re like 7 and only use computers to play learning games, Mrs Calberry ends up making the poor decision of letting us explore the internet ourselves. So we all gathered around one computer and invented a game. We would image search our names and the first picture to come up would represent that person like “haha Jessica’s an old lady” or “so funny Devon’s a cat”. We go through everyone until we fatefully came to BJ. Yes William or Bill Junior who had always been known only as BJ. we image search his name and the first picture to come up was 2 dudes blowing each other on a stage (idk it was the 90′s) and silence fell over the group as we all took in this image, now we’re 7 so no one was sure what we were looking at, suddenly one kids starts screaming, so we all start screaming, Mrs Calberry comes over and looses her shit turning off the monitor spilling her coffee all over the keyboard probably ruining it. Later we go back to class, the principle comes by to talk to us about internet safety bla bla it was never really a big deal, no one understood the image enough to give an accurate description to our parents so the incident flew under the radar. anyway that was the day we all learned what a blowjob was and were led to believe it only happened between 2 men in the comforts of a theatre environment, and BJ asked to just be called William.