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Fan Fiction Recommendations

HEY!! I’ve been meaning to make fic rec page for a long time because I happen to have read MANY fic’s that I love and want to share with everyone. If you think I should read one (or many more than one) you can always tag me in your writing or send me an ask (anon or not!!) and recommend me a good one shot/full length fic you’ve read/written!

  • Full length stories:

Tear You Apart / suggestive themes - by pjiminnie [Master List]

A completed series of a gang au revolving around Jungkook

Elements - by zeurin [Master list]

The first series I ever read about BTS. I actually love it soo much. Magic au, a college/high school for mages!

The Orange Girl / suggestive themes - by sugascript [Master list]

A BTS gang!au that I adore. Revolves around Yoongi.

Tell Me The Truth / M - by jiminmusings [Master List]

Hitman!Jungkook. A few smut chapters and the OC is literally me LMAO.

L’exquisite Douler / suggestive themes - by hyongsuga [Master list]

Yoongi gang!au. It’s written third person and the story is lit.

Catch ‘Em All / suggestive themes - by unpretty-writer [Master list]

Police Man!Jungkook / Gang!AU Bts. Plot twists literally coming from my asshole and it features some GOT7 members.

Foreign Sanctuaries - by noir0neko [Master list]

Namjoon romance/angst. Super cute omg I loved it… It’s written in first person

Arranged Love / M - by taehxyung [Master list]

You are in a girl group and to gain more attention you are in a fake relationship with Jungkook.

→ Caller Number 9 / Fluff-Angst - by your-miss-right [Master list]

Yoongi-eccentric romance-ish. College!AU BTS.

I Want the Headline / M - by suga-of-daegu [Master list]

Yoongi gang!au. Super long omg, I love it.

We Are / Angst - by jinhyong [Master list]

Pirate!AU, the idea of it is so good!

Waking Dreams / Angst - by namhyong [Master list]

VERY MIND FUCKING SERIES, AMAZING. kinda like inception??

  • Namjoon // Rap Monster:

The Take-Home Test / M - by versigny [Master list]

College!AU Namjoon smut. It’s so long and the build up is amazing!

Waiting / M - by jinhyong  [Master list]

Good smut where you’re blindfolded and shit.

English Literature / M - by zeurin  [Master list]

Literally the most mature (no pun intended) smut ever?

  • Seokjin // Jin:

So Beautiful / M - by unpretty-writer  [Master list]

JIN SMUT. I don’t read a lot of jin but tHIS wow lol….

  • Yoongi // Suga:

Take A Seat / M - by writingseoul [Master List]

You sit on Yoongi’s face.

Black Shirt / M - by unpretty-writer  [Master list]

skate boarder!Yoongi and you giving him a BJ nice.

Coffee Shop Au / Fluff - by infireation  [Master list]

A very cute fluffy coffee shop au!

  • Hoseok // J-hope:

Masked / M - by writingseoul  [Master List]

Very dom!Hoseok and denied orgasms.

Wicked Games / M - by taehxyung  [Master list]

Daddy kink Hoseok smut

  • Jimin:

Onstage / M - by pjimminie  [Master List]

THIS REALLY FUCKED ME UP. It also realistically portrays Jimin on and off stage I bet lmao.

Beg For It / M - by hyongsuga  [Master list]


The Five Stages of Leaving Him / Angst - by hyacinth-ink [Master list]


For A Good Time Call: Horndog / M - by zeurin  [Master list]

Smut w/ jimjam in the recording studio.

  • Taehyung // V:

One Plus Two / M - by sugascript  [Master list]

Part of a kind of brothel series, I guess. Threesome with VMin!!

L’appel Du Vide / M - by infireation [Master list]

Serial killer!tae is probably the hottest, most bothersome thing I’ve ever read.

  • Jungkook:

Covet / M - by helloblamebts [Master list]

Golden / M - by taehxyung  [Master list]

Virgin!Jungkook. Very long and also written so well. It was hot as fuck to put it simply.

Lost Stars / Angst - by hyongtae [Master list]


mickey checking to make sure ian’s okay (◕‿◕✿) 

mickey giving ian a bj (◕‿◕✿) 

mickey having coffee with ian (◕‿◕✿) 

mickey getting jealous when other guys go near ian (◕‿◕✿) 

mickey making out with ian in front a club full of people (◕‿◕✿) 

mickey going to parties with ian (◕‿◕✿) 

mickey saying he and ian are together (◕‿◕✿) 

mickey and ian (◕‿◕✿)