bizzie bone

Bizzy, Labrador Retriever, 24th & Broadway, New York, NY • “She’s a serious flirt. She flocks to all the guys at the dog park. She’s named after Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.”

Eazy E Memory #4

According to Wish and Krayzie Bone, the first time Bone Thugs ever went out with Eazy E was to a video shoot. The rap group Brownside was shooting for one of their songs, and the whole time Eazy and Bone were off to the side smoking weed. They didn’t know how it started but eventually Brownside members started arguing amongst themselves. It got to the point to where they started shooting, so Eazy and Bone Thugs started running away. Apparently Krayzie and Bizzy ran towards the car they came in, but the driver of the car locked the doors and wouldn’t let them in then drove off. Eazy, Wish, Layzie, and Flesh ended up running the other way towards a parking garage. They ran up LaCienega that night.

Eazy E Memory #9

Bone said that Eazy liked sleeping over at their place some occasions. He would randomly show up and sleep on the floor even though Bone members would constantly offer their beds. On mornings after he slept over, he would always eat their cereal then leave. Krayzie would always trip out over him doing that because most of the time Eazy would eat all of the cereal.