A girl from one of the entomology classes said she found adult  Rhynchophorus cruentatus in a palm tree they cut down in our natural area.  I went to check for them, I have a solid black adult but would like the reddish form.  So I go out and search and search and search to no avail.  In the heart of the tree I find the MASSIVE beetle larvae and I know from watching Bizzare Foods and similar shows they are palm weevil larvae.  I grab all of the chubby babies and take them back to my lab.  The first one, just dropped in ethanol turned black and it was sad.  So the next one I boiled like you would maggots.  This was last night so hopefully it held its color overnight.  Anyway please enjoy this chubster cruising around my lab table!


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Balut is a popular street food from the Philippines and is generally centered around a living duck embryo that is boiled and then eaten out of the shell.  It is usually accompanied by hot sauce or vinegar and is considered a hearty snack due to it being high in protein.  The age of the duck embryo varies by taste but it is generally eaten around seventeen days old.  The chick inside is not old enough to have a beak, feathers, or bones so it retains a soft texture.  In some parts of Vietnam it is custom to wait up to 21 days until the chick starts developing bones, which turn soft when cooked.  For me this is the one bizarre food in my blog that I dont think I would have the guts to try. When I asked one of my Philippino friends about Balut he said he would eat it as long as it doesn’t have feathers.