Day 6. Time for AUs! 


Corporate Biznatch AU never gets old also suits are fun to draw also most of these kids are *totally* ready for Serious Business look how serious they are

Except Naoto, Shirogane’s rockin the financial analysis world something big and she wonders why she has to deal with this dumb company how did they even become a company in the first place

In an alternate universe where Superman dies and Diana doesn’t take it well, she decides the reasonable thing to do to bring her dead friend back is to storm the gates of Hades and just, like, bring his soul back. (LIKE YA DO.) There are all sorts of legends about that shit. If mortals could do it, then she definitely can do it. 

Her mom is like “Diana, no.” And shes just like “Diana. YES.” 

So at least one post Death of Superman arc would just be Wonder Woman tearing her way through the underworld. And Hades is just like “fucking stop. omg. I just live here. Stop stabbing my three headed dog. Spot never did anything to you, princess.” And Diana is like “WHERE IS PERSEPHONE?!” because that’s the girl that actually runs this biznatch. 

So Persephone shows up like, “I know why you’re here and I’m not giving you shit until you defeat all my challenges.” And Diana accepts all the challenges and battles her way through her deepest fears and the worst monsters and all the worst shit the realm has to offer. And finally, she reaches the heart of hell and Persephone meets her there like, “You know that your Superman was from the stars, right? No god of earth holds dominion over his soul. He’s not here.”

And Diana is like, “Why didn’t you just tell me that up front?”

And Persephone is  like, “Because everyone has dead people and just because you fancy yourselves heroes, you don’t get to come down here and undo death. Get out of my realm and move on.”

And Diana isn’t even mad, because Persephone is right and battling her way through the underworld actually helped her come to terms with losing one of her best friends. Basically, if I killed Superman I would use it as an excuse to write Wonder Woman working out her aggression on exasperated deities. That’s what I’m saying. 

“Well, it’s the fourteenth of October. You may not know what that means, so I’ll fill you in. You see me? I’m fifteen now. And here you are, standing in front of me without a gift or even a card. On my fifteenth birthday. What’s that all about? Even my dad had the decency to call.”