عروسُ الأبيض المتوسّط :)

مدينتي تلكَ المطلّة على مشارف إيطاليا ,, تُلقي السلام على روما ..

بنزرت (أو باريس الصغيرة كما يحلو للفرنسيين تسميتها) - تونس :)

i’m the daughter of an immigrant who assimilated too much. he’s so angry at his mother, so ashamed of his mother, that he married a white woman, and then another one. he rejected his parents’ history, culture, religion and traditions.

i’m the daughter of a man who tried so hard to be white, who tried so hard to be French. so many times France was ungrateful and rejected him, made him feel he would never be French enough, white enough. but in the end France finally embraced him and took him in. what an achievement. fully assimilated, integrated, and disintegrated. fully colonized. he erased all traces of his family, all traces of his childhood, all traces of his country. all chewed up and regurgitated : clean.

my relationship with my father is strained, so i tried to reach to the previous generation, to my grandma. unfortunately it feels like it’s too late. she is 91 and losing her memory, all her sisters are gone, my grandfather also gone, almost none of us North African Jews are left in Tunisia and Algeria, they all came to France. she doesn’t like to speak about it anyway, she doesn’t like to think about it. i’m trying to dig into whatever i can find but it feels like a lost fight, because my people’s culture has been stolen, destroyed by colonization and exile. sometimes i say my homeland is exile.

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Age: I! just! turned! 18!

Biggest fear: I dunno man, I have like a  lot of fear! I’m afraid of death and pain and everything related

Current time: 17:35

Drink you last had: coffee

Everyday starts with: misery 

Favourite song at the moment: shades of cool 

Hometown: Zarzouna, Bizerte

In love with: nope.

Jealous of: Pretty people.

Killed someone: welp.

Last time you cried: I was crying just now.

Middle name: uh.. well, we don’t have middlenames from where I’m from.

Siblings: 2 bros and 1 sis. 

One wish: To get the fuck outta this country, somwhere I can be gay and safe.

Person you last text/called: my friend Omar. 

Questions you’re always asked: uh what’s wrong with your fingers? Do you wash your hair? 

Reason to smile: Ciel Phantomhive

Song last sung: umm? No.

Time you woke up: 6:40 am 

Worst habits: biting my nails. 

X-Ray you’ve had: not yet!

Favourite food: waah u serious man? Like I can’t pick only one u know. I guess anything that is mad of chocolat. 

Zodiac sign: aries