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HEYO! Is Teen Wolf Cast Crossover due an update yet? I think it's called that, Thanks!

you’d be right!

Bizarro World by The13thDoctor (1/? | 1,006 | G)

Stiles falls asleep and wakes up in another dimension where his life is a TV show. Will he be able to find his way home? And why is everyone so in love with this “sterek” thing?

It’s All in The Description by JaidMcDanno (1/1 | 713 | G)

My take on how Jeff could be convinced to make Sterek a thing.

And This All Bears Repeating by blueinkedbones (7/8 | 17,848 | PG13)

“I don’t know how—accurate your show is,” Derek says, and Hoechlin practically facepalms. “Stiles, he’s, when he saw you—”

“He thought he was losing it,” Dylan realizes. “That’s kind of in the next half of the season too.”

“He’s not losing it,” Derek says tightly. “He saw you. You’re real. He just—”

“Freaked out,” Dylan says, glad to be helpful somehow. “Because of his mom.”

“Yeah,” Derek says.

Or, five times the cast and characters of Teen Wolf invaded each others’ lives.


The Chronological Superman 1961:

The incredibly loose framework of the Bizarro World stories (such as this one from Adventure Comics vol.1 No.290) meant that more than reason was thrown out of the window. Daffy characters and conflicts troubled the equally-daffy homeworld every month with little rhyme nor reason, albeit with great energy and enthusiasm. 

Above, for instance, some forgotten characters whose existence and end were never fully examined: Bizarro-Hipster No.1 (he was into it before anyone else, as evidenced by his number), Weep-And-Wail Bizarro Lois and the Bizarro Cool Cat Combo create alarming jazz numbers and tone poetry into order to celebrate the appearance of genocidal blue Kryptonite monsters, dedicated to destroying Bizarro World.

Who are the Blue Kryptonite creatures? Where did they come from? What do they want? Where did they go? Why do they have brain heads and weird veiny bodies? And where have all the Beatnik Bizarros gone? Wouldn’t Beatnik Bizarros actually be squares? What’s going on here? I have no idea, and I guess it isn’t terribly important in the grand scheme of things. 

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