ID #22351

Name: Ciel
Age: 17 (18 this summer )
Country: Jamaica 

Hiiiii :) I’m Ciel and I’m from the Caribbean. I’m really affectionate and friendly but quite shy in real life. I get excited about the little things so I’d love to have someone who I can gush to without them getting annoyed at me. I’ll surely do the same to you.

Here’s a little about me:

☆ I like greek mythology. I was introduced to it when I started reading the Percy Jackson books and fell in love with it.
☆ My favourite book is The Song of Achilles
☆ My favourite shows include Shameless US, Adventure time, Bizarre Foods, Sherlock, Mysteries at the Museum, The Real O'Neils, and lots of others.
☆ I just discovered Yuri on Ice and I love it!
☆ I like other animes too like black butler, love stage, etc
☆ I live for doggies ♡. I have a great dane mix named Princess.
☆ I have a bad case of wanderlust. I hope to go to university in England and study civil engineering. I’m really hoping to get to visit other places like Greece, Germany, Japan and tonnes of other places. I want to travel to experience different cultures and see the amazingness the world has to offer.
☆ I’m quite affectionate especially in real life so if you’re looking for a platonic pen pal / friend and want attention and affection then I’m your girl!
☆ I read and watch a lot of yaoi so I’d love if I have someone who I can gush about the characters to and they won’t get annoyed.

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) 

Preferences: Someone around my age would be good :). Someone open minded and you know the usual not hateful or racist or homophobes. Just Please don’t be mean.

If you thought Vanilla Ice was bad, Remember that to an actual Italian, Almost everyone in Part5 is named after food

Who could forget the Battle between Cookie and Fish, who wanted to avenge his brother:Ham or the time Lion Lambmeat was killed by Double Vinegar