Every Bizarre Foods Episode
  • Andrew:These testicles are a delicacy of the country along with other parts of the animal we don't eat.
  • People who live there:*in another language* We don't really eat this shit. We let white people come and try this so we can laugh when you leave...
  • Andrew:Tasty :)

Indonesia’s Most Macabre Meat Market: Tomohon, Sulawesi

Culinary Adventures in Sulawesi: I wish I could say that following your nose would lead you here, but it won’t. Tomohon Meat Market near Manado is known as the most macabre market in Indonesia, for good reason. You can find just about anything you can imagine and Saturday brings the snakes and exotic animals.

That’s when I went.

And I didn’t turn down anything that was put on my plate.

Would you dare: Tomohon’s macabre meat market

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If I could take over the American Pavilion at Epcot, I would have guests enter through a ride experience that would be a cross between The Land and Spaceship Earth. Guests would learn about the history of food, and the last few minutes would focus on the shaping and creation of one of the youngest cuisines in the world: ours. The story of American food starts with the food of our first peoples, and then shaped in full based on European immigration, then Asian immigration and then the impact of the Latin countries on our cuisines and in our culinary workforce.

The American Pavilion at Epcot, as Reimagined by Andrew Zimmern

Can Andrew Zimmern take over Epcot, please? This whole article is fantastic.


woke up to this lovely gem of a conversation on OKCupid today.

Yes, I mention in my profile that I love dimsum and also cheap americanized chinese.

So this white-ass racist piece of shit decided to tell me what my culture was like, and then call me “sensitive” for calling him out on his bullshit.

This is why I hate bizarre foods so much. Fuck you, Andrew Zimmerman, and fuck you, racist white piece of shit on OKC.

Cheer Up Post #1528 - Bizarre Foods Edition

it-is-just-a-magic-trick would love a post full of strange edibles. Here you go!

(Some of the above: Red Velvet-Breaded Chicken, Wasabi Kit-Kats, Sperm Soup, and Pizza Pops) Food Masterpost

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