[🇸🇹🇦🇳🇩 🇲🇦🇸🇹🇪🇷] 🇷🇭🇾🇸
[🇸🇹🇦🇳🇩 🇳🇦🇲🇪] 🇬🇭🇴🇸🇹 🇮🇳 🇹🇭🇪 🇲🇦🇨🇭🇮🇳🇪

Is there like a fandom equivalent of a home wrecker?  Cause I’m 90% sure that’s me now.

Favourite EOH Josuke hair insults: a collection

Old Joseph:

…do you even realise what you’re saying?


[Insert fanart of Josuke with a Polnareff haircut]


Kakyoin’s hair noodle is very refined


Woah… just… woah…

Hol Horse:

Nice guy™ Hol Horse strikes again


How to be shady in dog language

Pet Shop:



Josuke’s hairdo is so intense even a blind man can hear it


[Guitar solo playing in the distance]


I hate myself for laughing at this one


… what kind of battle strategy is this???


Shade shade shade

Weather Report:

The poor guy just genuinely wants to know


Not a productive use of your stand, Anasui

Funny Valentine:

That’s abuse of power, Mr. President

And my ultimate fave, Diavolo’s

It just works


Weird googly-eyed squid found on sea floor

A recent deep-sea expedition off the coast of California has revealed a rather unusual looking creature. Discovered by the research vessel EV Nautilus, the peculiar purple cephalopod looks a bit like a cartoon character thanks to its large googly eyes which almost appear to be painted on.

A member of the Rossia pacifica (or stubby squid) species, the cute little creature was discovered around 900 meters under the sea by researchers using a remote-operated submersible vehicle.

Stubby squids can be typically found across the Northern Pacific and grow up to 11cm in length.
'Miracle' - Statue of Jesus open its eyes - VIDEO
A video recorded in the Chapel of Saltillo in Mexico shows a statue's eyes opening all on their own.The eerie clip, which was filmed back in June, went viral this week after it was uploaded online.

‘Miracle’ -  Statue of Jesus open its eyes - VIDEO