the real reason doflamingo hasn’t taken off his sunglasses in canon is because he once wore them non-stop over a summer as a kid and he had a serious sunglasses-tanline void in the middle of his Fake Bitch Tan except it keeps getting worse and worse over the years so now he just CAN’T EVER REMOVE THEM LEST PEOPLE SEE THE PASTY-PALE SKIN AROUND HIS EYES,,,,

abilities that billy joe cobra/ghosts in the dtmg universe apparently have:

- shapeshifting
- flying/phasing through walls
- inhabiting a living persons body
- mind reading??
- ectoplasmic blasts?
- bringing objects to life with ectoplasm

other notes on billy:

- can turn visible to the general public if he comes in contact with seagull poop
- sort of paralyzed by freezers??
- exposure to a hair-growing machine causes him to become violent and evil

also there is a social network for ghosts called ghostbook????????????? and yet we’ve only ever seen one other ghost in the course of the entire show?????????

So this ^^^^ just happened…..

I can’t believe this is a real thing. I mean, I’m sure some of them are porn blog bots, and nonsense such as that, but I DO like a nice even number.

So, in honor of the bizarreness that is 500 possibly-real-but-maybe-not people actually following me, I’m going to do something I’ve never done……..

Anon is on. Ask away. You have 24 hours.



anonymous asked:

Your a dumb bitch delete your tumblr and go away your a plague to the world you wanna be hippie you mooch, go suck daddy's dick for some groceries like you been doing.

There was some real bizarre anger in this

Maybe instead of trying your absolute hardest to creatively insult me … Why not try to get over whatever the heck you’re so offended by and move on

anonymous asked:

What do YOU think Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is about?

The real meaning of jjba is the friends we made along the way

30 Creepy Photos That Will Haunt Your Soul

30 Creepy Photos That Will Haunt Your Soul

Scary Vintage Photographs – Can You Say Nightmares?

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tomorrow i am going to fail my first uni exam due to poor timing- too many facts, too little time. it’s my fault but that’s alright, i’ll pass eventually.

i feel like i will never live up to my full potential if i can’t let go of some things, if i just keep half-assing my way through life. it’s always been this way- trying to keep the flame alive while struggling to breathe never left much room for real devotion.
i don’t want to quit academia because quitting just isn’t my style- but i may have to for some time, to do what my heart’s beating for..i don’t want to worry anyone, i want to be good and grounded but i need fresh air and time to play.

all of this seems bizarre- being able to make real decisions for myself is liberating but frightening for someone who is such a baby at heart
good at surviving but so vulnerable?
idk it’s just all so unclear