Truly among the most surreal of experiences was checking out the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure the Real 4D attraction at Universal Studios Japan! I posted a recap about it on Twitter (albeit while very delirious from exhaustion~), I wanted to note some other things about it as well!:

  • JJBA the Real 4D takes place in the same theater as the DBZ 4D attraction, which shows earlier in the day before it changes to JoJo. Whereas the amusement park employees are dressed in Goku’s signature gi during DBZ’s showings, they change into the Speedwagon Foundation uniform once the JJBA 4D Experience begins for the day.
  • Ride attendees play as a special SPW operative whose mission is to help Jotaro fight Dio
  • Joseph seems to have jumped back in time because not only is he serving as your mission director, but he’s clearly doing so after Dio was trying to sell him a Ginsu knife since his neck is all bandaged up
  • You’re equipped with these special goggles that are supposed to let you dive into Jotaro’s mind, which in turn lets you see Stands/from his perspective and a UV GUN THAT LETS YOU SHOOT SUNLIGHT AT DIO
    • The UV gun also has a timing mechanism in which it needs to charge after each use~
  • Once these ORAORAs and MUDAMUDAs get to flying, so does the shaking of your seat!!!
  • When Jotaro gets shanked, he looks down to the knife and you can actually see the manga that’s tucked into his shirt *w*
  • When Jotaro starts glowing and levitating, he turns towards you and has you follow him (as you have a jetpack) to where he knocked Dio all the way back to Phantom Blood! He even makes eye contact with you as he flies, nudging his head and thumb over like “Yeah…this way…” as you travel along with him~
  • I felt genuine TENSION when Dio’s approaching you, asking if you wanna learn how to swing while he’s got a street sign in his hand along with LOOKING RIGHT UP INTO AN APPROACHING STEAMROLLER
  • When Jotaro finds a joke that Dio made to be an absolute knee slapper, you’re given the chance to deliver the final blast with your UV gun~!
  • Having checked out the DBZ attraction, the splash effect in that ride comes from when Broly pops out of the ocean and breaks through the protective barrier of a tournament. JOJO’S SPLASH EFFECT IS DIO AND JOTARO’S BLOOD SPLATTERING ONTO YOU!!!!!!!!
  • ; u ; The ride ends with Jotaro offering you his thanks before he and Star Platinum give you a thumbs up and a small smile
  • Once the show’s over, you’re led right into the Jump Shop, where there’s a PLETHORA of JoJo merch to be bought!
My theory for Black Butler

(I had to rewrite this, thank you very much tumblr, for not saving drafts automatically)

After reading chapter 129 and several theories by @abybweisse (who’s got great theories btw, so check them out!), I decided I’d give you my sight on the events.

Let’s begin.

I think we can say the twin Ciel theory is 100% valid now, really, nothing proves against it.

After reading the “Who stole the candy from my tummy?” line, I think there might be a second possibility other than Ciel being the one targeted by the “real Ciel”. The “candy” is suposedly the Phantomhive ring, that real!Ciel swallowed before being killed (I don’t know where the “swallowing” thing came from, but it seems logic to hide a ring in your stomach…). He then got stabbed in the chest/stomach as a sacrifice to Sebastian, who ate real!Ciel’s soul, then gave our!Ciel the ring after making the contract with him. According to theories, real!Ciel refers to the ring being “stolen” from him, which would mean our!Ciel stole real!Ciel’s title as the next Earl Phanomhive. So now real!Ciel wants his status back and our!Ciel is panicking because that would reveal the imposture and he would lose all the power and honor of being the Queen’s Watchdog.

But what if that wasn’t the true meaning of the message? After all, who was the one to steal the ring from real!Ciel’s stomach? Sebastian. Maybe real!Ciel is actually menacing Sebastian and trying to save our!Ciel from the same fate he met (losing his soul). Then maybe the “candy” isn’t the ring, but rather the soul. A-ha! This would furthermore prove that the message is addressed to Sebastian!

But then how does real!Ciel plan to get rid of Sebastian? The answer is as clear as daylight to me. If real!Ciel doesn’t have a soul anymore, than there can only be one man behind his revival. Or rather, one grim reaper. Undertaker.

Undertaker is the only one able to revive soulless humans as Bizarre Dolls from what we know. And even if someone else could do it, there’s still more chances he’s the one helping real!Ciel! (remember the scene when Undertaker is next to Ciel’s bed, and gives him something to drink? Very suspicious, no? Notice how you can’t see the left eye open? There’s the proof, it’s probably real!Ciel, and not our!Ciel! Also Undertaker says “it’s still too early for you to wake up”, which would be very strange of Toboso to highlight that on a single black panel without a reason)

Also, Undertaker has a good tie to the Phantomhives as it has been seen (the locket with Claudia Phantomhive’s hair, his attachment to Vincent seen in the Emerald Witch arc and the Demon 6 chapter…, and all his warnings to Ciel about his soul and status as the Queen’s Watchdog.) Undertaker cares for Ciel, and this can only add to evidence that the “Ciel wants to save Ciel” theory is possible.

The only possible counter to this theory I have found is that the last time we saw Undertaker, he’d used dreams and wishes to make the Bizarre Dolls, meaning that if real!Ciel did want revenge on his brother for stealing his status, then he would probably give up on reason because only his dreams are controlling him as a Bizarre Doll.

Back to Undertaker trying to help real!Ciel. I think Undertaker is more than the “friend” he’s been acting as with Ciel. I think he’s Ciel’s grandfather. The proof? Here you have it:

  • The locket with Claudia’s hair: those lockets are probably the hair of loved ones, more precisely spouse or family. If you’d seen all your loved ones die while you were immortal, wouldn’t you be fed up? That’s why Undertaker started trying to revive humans. And now he’s trying to bring back the last ones he’s had that he can still manage to save. Vincent was burned to ashes, so he can’t be brought back, but real!Ciel still had a body, so Undertaker just needed to preserve it (the special coffins of his confection, remember? He’s a reaper AND he has advanced technology, so it’s possible)
  • His close relation to Vincent and Claudia (perhaps): As seen in the Emerald Witch arc and the Demon 6 chapter, Undertaker is more than friends with Vincent (but not to the point where I would imagine shipping them; not enough evidence). This leads us to that special moment with the German Reapers. Remember when Sascha and Rudgar were commenting on how Ciel had seen them (surprisingly faster then Sebastian, *hint, hint*), they’d said “or maybe it’s because of his lineage”, and the family tree is partially shown? One box in the grandparents level of the tree was covered up by a speech bubble, and under it was written “Cedric K. Ros—-” with birth and death dates covered up by the bubble. Next to that box was Claudia Phantomhive’s name. Undertaker has a locket of Claudia’s hair. I think this is enough proof that Undertaker IS Cedric K. Ros—-. If the dates of birth and death aren’t shown, it might be for a reason. Like having a birth date several centuries before your wife’s and no death date with that. If Sascha and Rudgar were saying Ciel could notice reapers more easily than normal humans could, then maybe they were contemplating the fact that Ciel could have some grim reaper blood in him, leading to characteristics that they have, like seeing other reapers faster than a demon. This is also a theory to why Vincent was killed: maybe someone discovered his reaper lineage and saw it as dangerous, i.e. one of the Queen’s butlers or servants didn’t want Vincent to be an actual danger to the Queen (I think that’s why Charles Grey hates Ciel, maybe he’s the killer. That guy is able to hide criminal proof so well that only a demon can find it.)

To conclude this, I think Undertaker and real!Ciel are trying to save our!Ciel from losing his soul like real!Ciel did. I don’t know what Undertaker would do with the two afterwards, but I guess he’s not questioning that and just putting the two Ciels’ safety as his main goal (maybe a promise to Vincent or a feeling of paternal duty. Or both).

What I’d really like to see is if this grim reaper blood might lead somewhere else. Or if that comment Sebastian made about serving Ciel until Ciel dies, unless suicide comes in. BAM. What did Toboso reveal to us about grim reapers? 

I want to see if that line Sebastian said was just my imagination or if it’s real and maybe going to back-stab him someway… We’ll see later!

Oh and @abybweisse if you could correct me if you know stuff I don’t on this that could prove or disprove any of my theories, please reblog and tell me!

Who will take whose side?

Now that 2CT is officially confirmed, there is going to be a huge clash between the two. Our!Ciel took his supposedly dead brother’s identity while real!Ciel came back from the dead and ready to royally screw his brother. As the lies are about to be exposed, there are inevitably going to be people who will go against him. However, since this story is centered around our!Ciel, I’m positive there will be more people on his side, as real!Ciel’s true nature becomes more apparent and many feel indebted to our!Ciel.

For this reason, it seems like this plot twist is meant to bring his allies closer instead of pushing them away like usual, developing our!Ciel’s character. There are clearly many people who care about him, and it’s time for our!Ciel to see their value in his life. It might even be the key to solve this problem, by showing real!Ciel that his younger twin is still Ciel Phantomhive to them.

Sebastian Michaelis

He is contractually bound to his master, making it impossible to betray him until the contract is fulfilled. He finds our!Ciel too entertaining to leave him (although having another Ciel in his life might be a double pain in the ass xD) and there is also no incentive for him to do so if real!Ciel is a Bizarre Doll. Unless real!Ciel manipulates our!Ciel to make him give up on revenge, Sebastian will stay by our!Ciel’s side.

The servants

They were personally recruited by our!Ciel and he freed them from their suffering. They are happy with their current lives and will therefore continue to serve him. Judging from their reactions from the last chapter, they were cautious against real!Ciel and seemed to view him as dangerous.


Unlike the more recent servants, Tanaka has served the Phantomhives for generations and known the young masters since they were born. He may serve either depending on who he thinks is the rightful heir. However, I doubt he’s happy knowing there is going to be a conflict between the twins, so he might serve as a good mediator between the two.

The Midfords

As they are close relatives to the Phantomhives, they won’t be any less shocked about the twin. While I doubt they will be pleased when they find out our!Ciel has been lying to them, especially their young lady whom real!Ciel was originally betrothed to for the past 3-4 years, I’m not sure how quick they will leave his side. Our!Ciel has been proven to be reliable for most part and treat Lizzy well.

On the other hand, real!Ciel might play the victim card to get on their good side and have his fiancee back. Paula’s words also concerned me as it sounded as if this might have actually been the case right before real!Ciel showed up in front of our!Ciel. This would also explain the Midford parents’ absence despite Lizzy’s disappearance. I hope they won’t trust him so easily at any rate.

Soma Asman Kadar

He is the only witness of the attack at the townhouse and he also clearly saw the person who shot him. If real!Ciel wore an eyepatch to mislead him, he might have thought it was our!Ciel in all his shock and grief. However, Soma is very clever and perceptive, so hopefully he will realize that his enemy is in fact our!Ciel’s enemy. I think he will be a valuable ally to our!Ciel since he wants to avenge Agni and promised himself to be his protector.

Sieglinde Sullivan

Her first knowledge of this ruckus came from Soma, so at first she would go along with his words and later investigate it. According to this post, her knowledge of the contract mark will be vital in telling the twins apart. She also trusts our!Ciel, so I’m sure she will be his ally at any rate.

The Queen

I think she is one of the few people who will oppose our!Ciel. The Queen never trusts her Watchdog much to begin with. According to @midnight-in-town (go check her posts!), she might be behind the Blue Sect to start her own Bizarre Doll experiments and real!Ciel would be the new faithful Watchdog. For this reason, Sieglinde might unfortunately be forced to support her interests despite siding with our!Ciel. I would like to see her outsmart the Queen in that case.
Vlog Japon 🇯🇵 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Real 4D - Dio's World [Universal Studios Japan]

drfunk98 submitted:                        

a french youtuber recorded the jojo 4d ride

Thanks!!  very cool to see the time stop x knives from Jotaro’s perspective. (And ofc the road roller.)

Daddy A-Z: Taeyong

Originally posted by nctaezen

Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

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A = Announcement.- How do you tell him and the world that you’re expecting?
The second the test is positive, you have to tell Taeyong, because knowing him, the first signs of pregnancy aka morning sickness, he’s ready to rush you to the ER so you might as well just spill the beans. Telling him is simple, just telling him works fine and then you can deal with the hyper Taeyong that comes after the announcement and then crying Taeyong when it hits him he’s gonna be a daddy. Telling the world, on the other hand, probably won’t happen for a while. Taeyong’s pretty private with his life, so it’ll probably be kept a secret until there’s no way to hide it. To be honest with you, it’ll probably be one of the boys that fuck up and let it slip that mommy taeyong is going to evolve into daddy Taeyong.

B = Books.- Did he read the books?
We know Taeyong’s a reader, and especially in moments when he needs guidance (i.e. the book about self love that he carried around when he was getting hate) so Taeyong will 100% buy out the child development and parenthood section at the book store and uses them as step by step for being a good dad.

C = Cuddles.- Who cuddles the baby more? 
Taeyong, for sure. Seeing as he says he can’t sleep without holding something, I can see Taeyong being the dad that falls asleep in the rocking chair with his offspring and just snoring away with the happy baby in his arms. Honestly, you’ll probably have to pry the baby from his hands, he’s pretty much a conjoined twin with his baby.

D = Daddy.- His reaction to being called Daddy and it setting in. 
He’s already the mom of the group, so transitioning into being dad isn’t hard. But the realization that ‘holy shit this isn’t jisung….this is mine. i made this. f u c k’ wont truly set in until the baby’s born and he’s holding it and seeing the tiny human he helped make in his very hands. It’ll hit him like a bus and he’s crying and babbling about how he’s going to protect it from the world and love it with his entire heart.

E = Empty.- Who goes to the store when you guys run out of supplies?
While he’s insanely attached to the baby, he’s very adamant about helping you in any way. Need more diapers? ‘I’ll get it stay here you shouldn’t be moving.’ ‘taeyong it’s been 3 months i’m fine.’ ‘s h h h h h ‘

F = Feeding time- Who does feeding time?
Reading all those books, Taeyong’s made it a mission to save feeding time for mommy-baby bonding time, so he let’s you have the reigns with feeding your child. But only with the agreement he gets to make the airplane noises for the spoon.

G = Grumpy baby. - Who is better at dealing with a grumpy baby? 
Taeyong’s insanely youthful and practically a kid a heart himself, so no one can relate to a baby more than Taeyong. He’s a master at dumb faces to make the baby all smiles and giggles in 4.81 seconds. He’s like the sun baby from tellatubies to his kid. 

H = How?- how many kids does he want?
Basing how close he is with his noona, I can imagine Taeyong wanting the same relationship for his kids, so I can definitely see him having two at the very least, but likely having 3+ if he can convince you on it. Especially being the leader and nct dream, he’s confident that he can handle more than one kid easily.

J = Jokes.- best dad joke? 
“Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Nice food, no atmosphere.”

K = Kisses.- His favorite place to kiss the baby. 
Taeyong is such a tummy raspberry dad, and y’all know it. It’s adorable, it’s sweet, and he gets to hear his lil mini giggling up a storm.

L = Little.- How he feels when he holds the baby for the first time.
The entire world stops for him when the nurse placed his baby in his arms. Seeing the little squirmy thing that’s half him and half his love is just a punch in the face with how much he loves you and loves you even more for giving him this tiny human he’ll cherish for the rest of his days. He’s just emotional as hell, crying his eyes out, and full of love. 

M = Mommy.- what does he call you? 
He just plain calls you mommy. Literally the second you gave birth, your name doesn’t exist in his mind, his name doesn’t exist. It’s just ‘mommy and daddy’.

N = Nappies.- who deals with the really bad ones? 
Honestly I feel like Taeyong would pass out at the sight, but he’s very clean and lowkey a germaphobe and knowing that’s what is touching his baby is enough to make him arm himself with a pack of wipes and a face mask, and go to battle.

O = Onesies- Who likes to dress the baby in ridiculous outfits? 
Taeyong is a stylish bish so he’s very picky over kid clothes, so it’ll be you that dresses the baby is dorky kiddy clothes and Taeyong’s just standing there like ‘ok i hate it……but it is cute and im mad about it’

P = Pet names- names he calls the baby. 
Taeyong almost always calls his mini his ‘little sunshine’, because let’s be real, if it’s part taeyong you know that kid is going to light up a room. i know it. you know it. taeyong knows it.

Q = Questions.- How many questions does he ask the nurse? 
He 100% brought a list of stuff to ask, and it’s a mile long. Even after reading the books and he know basically anything there is to know about caring and raising a kid, he needs to hear it from someone as qualified as a nurse because ‘any idiot can write a book how do i know if its wrong?! i have to ask!!’

R = Rely- what is the biggest thing you rely on each other for?
Honestly it’s just support. Having a kid is horrible, and you think it’s going to be easy with two people, but no one tells you how long it takes to recover from giving birth, and it’s hard to pull your weight in the relationship. Taeyong needs assurance he’s doing everything right, and you need help with basically everything. You two balance out the stress, you get to heal, taeyong gets emotional support. 

S = Sleep duty. - who gets up when it’s really late at night? 
To keep it fair, you do have the ‘it’s your turn’ system for night issues, so it bounces back and forth between you and Taeyong. But a lot of the times, if you don’t wake up on the first nudge, he just thinks you need the rest and handles business himself.

T = Trepidation.- fears as a new parent. 
Taeyong’s biggest fear is he’s going to mess the kid up for life. He’s not completely sure of himself, how’s he supposed to raise and mentor another human that looks up to him for guidance? He’s just terrified that he’s going to mess up, and the kid’s going to be damaged in some bizarre way, but let’s be real, he’ll be a fantastic dad.

U = Ultra sounds.- His reactions to the ultrasounds.
Instant tears. He’s immediately sobbing and eyes just glued to the blurry image of his tiny baby growing and healthy as can be. He’s gotten a billion copies of the ultrasound pictures and sends them to literally everyone. His parents, sister, every member, all the sm workers, Taeyong just wants to show the world his most proud accomplishment. 

V = Values.- what is the most important value he wants to teach your child.
Being Taeyong, I’m pretty sure the thing he’ll instill in his kid most is self love and never doubting yourself. He, even as successful as he is and continues to grow, is still very self conscious and not sure of himself, and he doesn’t want that for his kids. They’re capable of anything and everything and no matter what, he’ll always love his kids and he wants them to be sure of that and themselves.

W = Water.- Who gives the babe the baths? 
It’s a joint effort, because honestly you’re washing the babe, and Taeyong’s just taking pictures and videos to show the members and keep forever. He’s the embarrassing parent that takes the bath videos. 

X = X-mas- what do you guys plan for the holidays? 
Holidays are always split into different sections, the week during holidays is a mess because you have to bounce from your family, to Taeyong’s family, to with the members, and parties and everything. But the holiday itself, actual Christmas morning is just between you, Taeyong and the kids. Taeyong wants to at least have a moment as a family alone.

Y = Yelling.- How many fights do the two of you get in? 
Taeyong it’s pretty calm and doesn’t get agitated in the sense of it leading to actual fighting, so I imagine if any fights break out, it’s more you just yelling at him while he listens quietly and prob crying he’s not a fighter, he’s a lover.

Z = Zoo- How crazy is the house after the birth?
Taeyong is sort of a neat freak, so if he can keep a dorm room with 9+ grown boys clean, he can definitely keep a house with just you, him and kids clean easily. Lucky you.

2016 is a liminal space. 

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google liminal spaces and come back to me. 

Let’s start again: 2016 is a liminal space. 

It’s that time between two clearly defined things. Usually, these spaces are physical: rest stops, bus stations, gas stations, that one clearing in the forest that makes you feel like you’re in your backyard and a thousand miles away in your favorite book. We are on the cusp of a new era, politically, socially, perhaps economically. Even religiously, there is a push for change. Nothing will remain the same after this year. 

2016 is a liminal space. You feel it, I know you do. The whole year has a feel of weird otherness about it: who let these people become candidates for the presidency? What happens to the cares of the previous year? Ebola, Zika, they’ve all fallen to the wayside. The biggest societal concern of 2016 is killer clowns. Again, 2016 is a liminal space. 

It feels as though any moment we could wake up from a dream. As though this year is just too bizarre for it to be real. In the same way that local 24-hour diners have an otherworldly aesthetic and ambiance, 2016 is the year that everything was just a bit off. 

So you hate that 2CT is canon:

Well, I get it. I do. So here are some possibilities (because literally all that’s been confirmed is that there is a second person calling himself Ciel Phantomhive):

  • Bizarre Doll of Real Ciel (RC). A common theory. Undertaker (or someone else) has reanimated RC’s corpse and we are not looking at a living person.
    • I think it’s the most likely, but I dislike it because that… does not look like any of the bizarre dolls we’ve seen yet. That said, there’s something… inhuman about the new Ciel, and the fact that he’s been dead for almost four years could certainly explain it.
  • Doppleganger. There was, in fact, only one Ciel Phnantomhive to begin with. Our Ciel (OC) is the only Phantomhive child, but through Actuasome cloning-esque procedure, a double has been made and led to believe that he is actually Ciel.
    • I think this is the most plausible, non-twin explanation. Undertaker is desperate to revive the lost Phantomhives, and this could be his method of doing it. If it worked with OC, it might also work with Vinent (whose “bones were burned to ashes”) and Claudia,  whose body, I’m sure, has long since decayed.
    • We’ve seen blood transfusions, deals with the devil, advanced mustard gas, and reanimating bodies with fake memories. I don’t think cloning, of a sort, is that far-fetched.
  • Actual living twin. Exactly what it says on the tin. RC survived somehow, was nursed back to health, and taken in by Bravat and the Blue Sect.
    • Least likely, I think, because I am almost 100% sure there were no survivors from the branch of the cult that kidnapped Ciel. (Also, RC does not have the face of a living, traumatized boy who’s greeting his long-lost brother after almost four years.)

This theory really grew on me, and I’m glad a twin has been confirmed, but I still can’t shake the idea that Yana isn’t done fucking with us. It’s a reveal, but… it’s not quite big enough.

Elf dick barbs, a parody

You would not believe the carbs
Present in elf dick barbs
They tore up Gim’s ass as he fell asleep
‘Cause they’d fill the open hole
And widen it like a manhole
Leggy, he took pride in his giant pole

I’d like to make myself believe
People here know biology
It’s hard to see but I’d rather scrub my eyes right out with bleach
Cause badfic smut makes me want to scream

Cause I’d get a thousand fics
With ten thousand words for dick
As they tried to work out having sex
Is a Dwarf even tall enough?
Can an Elf get up the duff?
Is a ten inch dick really big enough?


And sometimes I turn to crack
(Please get me away from here)
Cause I’m such an insomniac
(Please drag me away from here)
Why do I continue reading fic?
(Please pry me away from here)
When I really should be long asleep? (AHA)

The sins don’t end here, no
Ellith suck Thranduil’s toes
Fucked against trees with fifteen-inch tackles
But I know where the good ones are
If the fics get real bizarre
Cause I saved a few all kept in my bookmarks bar

I’d like to make myself believe
People here know biology
It’s hard to see but I’d rather scrub my eyes right out with bleach
Cause badfic smut makes me want to scream (when I fall asleep)

I’d like to make myself believe
People here know biology
It’s hard to see but I’d rather scrub my eyes right out with bleach
Cause badfic smut makes me want to scream (when I fall asleep)

I’d like to make myself believe
People here know biology
It’s hard to see but I’d rather scrub my eyes right out with bleach
Because that ass is bursting at the seams

"What does your overwatch main say about you-?" Nothing. But I'll indulge the memes.

Genji: can’t stay out of other people’s BUSINESS, no sense of personal space, no respect for the common man

McCree: goddamn drama queen, flare for the theatrics, love to act tough but deep down, warm and fuzzy like small cat, confident you can hit your mark, but always have a backup in case you don’t, also, you’re not fooling anyone, we always know when you’re holding back tears

Pharah: stay the fuck out of the way, member of royalty is here, no shit taken, you will end all opposition, there is no mercy here, your words are always straight as a rocket, can be a valuable ally and the best friend anyone’s ever had, but also the worst, absolute worst enemy anyone could ever make.

Reaper: no one likes talking to you but like. your coworkers and one or two people you’ve known since elementary school. you’re such a moody teenage girl, oh my god, and you think too much about shit we all don’t need to think about and YES, black is your color ok, but you can change from time to time. why do I get the feeling you’d rather pass out in the courtyard than admit you’re overheated

Soldier 76: you’re so bitter holy shit, but deep down you’re goo, you’re the dad friend who’s always looking out for everyone at parties and in life in general. You’re under the impression that you intimidate people and look cool but…no. you really do care about people but you’d rather fake your own death than admit it. to anyone.

Tracer: Stand fucking still, Jesus Christ, bouncing off the walls, talking nonstop, always have a nice thing to say about someone even if it’s annoying too, high energy, love life, love people, can’t wait to get out there and show the world what you’ve got, the kind of person people either love or hate because you embody life in all its intensity, good or bad.

Bastion: some people would call you an unmoving cunt. you don’t care. some people would say you’re a loner and you’re not friendly and you’re the absolute worst because getting you off your ass is impossible. you don’t care. this is a nice place to stay. you’d sooner kill or be killed than be swayed by other people.

Hanzo: what you don’t make up in skill, you make up in confidence. lots of flexibility. lots of annoying little tricks up your sleeve. sometimes people hate you but you’re cool with it, no one will change you. they’re jealous. you’re above them. also you’re not afraid of commitment. if there’s anything worth having in the world, its self respect and you’ll work as hard as you can to get it, cuz mama didn’t raise a bitch ass.

Junkrat: who gives a flying fuck, not you, you don’t walk on eggshells, you fly on bombshells, you’ve got a zest for life that terrifies people and intrigues the right ones. Sometimes you say bizarre inappropriate bullshit but your real friends like that, and the people not worth knowing are the only ones offended. They’re missing out on your sparkling personality, not the other way around.

Mei: people are scared to move around you cuz you’re a hard person to read. you seem nice but there’s a certain sadistic pleasure they can see when you succeed, a little glint of victory that permeates the otherwise gentle, reliable gaze. you can be an inconvenience to your enemies, and to your friends too, and a real asset if you choose to be, with a lot of versatility and interesting ideas.

Torbjorn: no matter how much people hate you for it, you’re a hard worker, damnit. you’d rather be in the workshop tinkering or in your room, thinking things through, than interacting with other people. the few friends you have appreciate your gruffness and rude humor but get that you need space. those who hate you at least give you wide berth. your wrath is well known. if anyone, friend or foe, comes at you, you’ll lock on to them and won’t stop shooting till they’re dead, and they crawl home with wounded pride.

Widowmaker: the solitary type. always feels dead inside. kind of numb to tragedy, makes jokes occasionally about wanting to be dead. still, puns and lots of morbid humor. fun at the right kind of events. absolutely killer fashion sense. calm and composed in tense situations, so always reliable in a fight.

Dva: bubbly and determined, an exuberant personality, stronger than you look. not a quitter, not the type to fold when pressure’s on. Kind of defensive and quick to attack when threatened, but also willing to apologize if you think about it later and recognize the other person’s perspective. Always have a backup plan. always know when to change tactics.

Reinhardt: what a team player, God bless. no one wants to do your job and you do it well. you carry your friends, your team, and never let an enemy out of your sight. people know they can rely on you and they know you won’t just walk away from them when times get rough. That being said, you can be a little reckless, a little restless, charging a little too quickly into situations you have no business being in. It’s endearing but also a little distracting and can be harmful if you don’t pace yourself and hang back when you need to.

Roadhog: you’re crude and harsh and you don’t like liars. you don’t like people who hang back, who hide what they’re really feeling, and you’d rather get up close and personal than play mindgames with people. you’re not hurt by much and you’ve got thicker skin than anyone. you don’t mind visibility and take life at your own pace, and you don’t care if a dangerous spotlight is on you because you can rely on yourself for protection. You’re not afraid of the world, it’s afraid of you.

Winston: likes good people. likes good company. likes to get too close, too personal, and get right in people’s faces. sometimes hyper active, too quick to jump to conclusions, too passionate and morally upright. often throws people off…guard. has a real temper, at times, because of how much you care.

Zarya: you may have shields but they’re transparent. you have nothing to hide, so you let people see that you have barriers, but they’re completely legitimate and not hiding something darker. you’re a simple person with simple needs and you’re cutting as a lazer, not caring who you’re talking to or what the situation is; you’ll say what you believe. you also have a habit of lobbing opinions at people who were just going about their day. you’re also quick to defend your vulnerable shieldless friends.

Lucio: you’re always on top of your game. you like people and they like you, and you’re vivacious and personable, charming and charismatic. people are drawn to your energy. there’s just something so wholesome and clean about your enthusiasm for life, almost healing. you’re quick to be there for a friend and you’re even quicker to lend a helping hand. there’s not much you wouldn’t do for a suffering friend. but people who betray you or people who have made their distaste for you clear better stay away. Once your trust is broken or your honor has been slighted, you’ll shove them away so fast and hard their heads will spin.

Mercy: you’re here to help. people need you in their lives and you’re willing to accommodate. sometimes people need encouragement, other times they need confidence and you can offer both. Some people may accuse you of being flighty, but you know that you’re not a “fake” or a “chameleon” and you don’t “play favorites.” You just do what needs to be done at the right time for the right people. but you also forge time for yourself. you can take care of yourself if you really need to and you can get out of a bad situation very quickly if a friend will just offer the same helping hand you offered them. that being said, you never forgive, never forget. If your help is not appreciated enough, you’ll readily withdraw it.

Symmetra: particular. orderly. maximizes space and time. likes to control a small area of space that belongs exclusively to you. likes to know where everything is and how to best finish a job. not fazed easily by threats or intimidation. always exudes a certain amount of authority and level headedness. do not get on your bad side because you do not forgive or forget and your reach is fucking long.

Zenyatta: extremely chill, helpful and knowledgeable, useful in a lot of unexpected situations. extremely independent. go by your own pace. No one expects much of you but you always surprise people with your range of abilities. you can cripple opponents, help friends when they need it, and do your own shit. You’re a person of many talents and you, although slow and steady and measured, can make a fast decision.

Orisa: capable of drawing in opponents and friends alike and bringing them all together. extremely protective, capable of many things, of being supportive and, occasionally, defensive, of being flexible and also stubborn when you feel the time is right. it’s hard to change your mind or knock you off your feet. people know they can depend on you.

Ana: always helping others. always a step behind, supporting. you know how to defend yourself and you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve that others don’t see coming, however, and your loyalty to friends is unparalleled. you also always know how to cheer up friends, give them a boost at the exact right time, and be proud of them when they succeed on their other. motherly, devoted, but extremely competent as well.

Sombra: feisty and sneaky and ambitious and not afraid of trampling on laws and the occasional moral code to get what you want. not so much manipulative as cheeky and often quite rude when you have the upper hand, but there’s a genuine drive and determination that could be used for both good and evil and minor infractions. people either love you or hate you.

At the end of ch8, the earl tells Madam Red the reason (that he claims) for returning to the “Underworld” of England. Of course we understand he’s talking about not just becoming the queen’s watchdog but also making the contract with Sebastian.

He tells her “were I to avenge them, the dead would still not come back to life… much less be able to enjoy the sweet taste of revenge”.

With the current ch126, we are getting closer to the (expected) revelation of an older twin who died. It’s a common theory that the real Ciel has died and been turned into a soulless Bizarre Doll. The quote above is quite prophetic for saying the dead do not return to life, since a Bizarre Doll isn’t really alive (just reanimated)… and that the dead cannot enjoy any sense of revenge. So, if the real earl were to come back (as a BD) and attain revenge, he would not actually be able to truly enjoy his victory.

The earl had just explained how Sebastian is like a chessboard (Black) Knight that can break the rules of the game and move anywhere on the board. Undertaker is pretty much the same thing, but for the opponent. Make him the White Knight and that makes real Ciel the White King to the earl’s Black King. (This is shown more obviously during that “dream sequence” (or hallucination… or telepathic connection!) in the Green Witch arc, in which mirrored boys face off on a chessboard… the earl with a Black Knight and the mirror image with a White Knight.)

In Mother3, the mirror twins are pitted against each other in a game/competition to pull up the most needles and gain control over the Dark Dragon. At the end, the dead and reanimated older twin, Claus, gives up… allowing Lucas to win.

But… what if a Bizarre Doll (soulless, reanimated) real Ciel actually claims the victory of revenge that the earl is after? He cannot truly appreciate the “taste of revenge”. Does the real Ciel also end up with control of the Black Butler, since Sebastian was unable to attain revenge for the earl… and the contract is actually with a “Ciel”? Would Sebastian be stuck in the contract with either of the boys because he failed to make the earl win or because he cannot now devour the soul of “Ciel”?

This is where the original two seasons of the anime come in as AU spoilers. At the end of season one, Ash/Angela has just recently effed with “Ciel’s” memories, trying to make him drop his quest for revenge and break the contract. “Ciel” himself stops the process of rewriting his memories. Sebastian then fulfills his half of the contract and is ready to collect “Ciel’s” soul, but the season ends without showing Sebastian having eaten it. In season two we find out that someone had just then stolen “Ciel’s” soul, so Sebastian cannot eat it. Once his soul is restored to his body, it’s discovered that “Ciel” has no recollection of his victory… he “cannot enjoy the sweet taste of revenge”, so his soul is no longer appetizing to Sebastian. He spends all of season two just trying to give “Ciel” some new sense of victory, a new taste of revenge. “Ciel” and this kid about his own age (Alois/Jim) have their “Knights” battle it out, and some of the battle even takes place on a huge chessboard. The season finally ends with the other boy (Alois/Jim) dead, his “Knight” also defeated/dead, Hannah having reunited (within her) the souls of two brothers (Alois/Jim and Luka), “Ciel” feeling a new sense of victory (but as a demon), and Sebastian now completely unable to devour “Ciel’s” newly demonized soul.

So, here are a few ways this *could* play out in manga canon:

1. Sebastian claims a victory for the earl, but Undertaker has effed with the earl’s memories, so the earl either cannot recall or simply cannot appreciate it. Having no sense of revenge, the earl’s soul cannot be eaten. They are stuck in that contract unless they choose to break it.

2. Real Ciel claims the victory but, being dead, cannot enjoy it. Having failed the earl, Sebastian is stuck in a contract (with the earl) that he cannot fulfill… unless he chooses to break it.

3. Real Ciel claims not only the victory (that he cannot truly enjoy) but *also* says that, since the contract was with “Ciel”, he now “owns” the contract with Sebastian (the Black Butler, just like the Dark Dragon in Mother3). Sebastian follows the “word/terms” of the contract and so now “belongs” to real Ciel. Since Sebastian already devoured that soul before the contract was even made, he cannot devour it again. The earl’s soul is now off the table, so to speak. Sebastian either walks away having been deprived of the promised *second* meal… or he sticks around for some other reason. Perhaps some other loophole gets him stuck in a contract.

4. The earl claims the victory, but real Ciel claims ownership of the contract with Sebastian, since it was made with “Ciel”. Since real Ciel didn’t claim victory, Sebastian failed to fulfill the contract (he had essentially helped the wrong person win). They are stuck in a contract neither of them can fulfill. Neither of them is likely to dissolve the contract, though Sebastian might eventually be forced to.

5. A really crack theory scenario in which one (either) of the twins claims the victory. Undertaker takes the earl’s soul and places it into real Ciel. This creates some sort of demonized Ciel, so Sebastian cannot eat this soul. He’s now stuck in the contract unless he breaks it.

6. The earl claims victory, Sebastian eats his soul, and that’s it. This is how we expected season one of the anime to end, and it’s the tidiest ending. This is essentially how Mother3 ends (Lucas wins, the Dark Dragon does his bidding, the world is restored to order, and that’s it). However, I think Yana-san is going for a plot twist that leads to a sticky ending… and one in which either the earl, Sebastian, or both of them gets “royally” screwed over. LOL



anonymous asked:

If Kant literally said it's okay to let someone murder your friend then why does anyone still read his books?

okay. this is a pretty reasonable question when you’re coming at philosophy from a new angle, so im gonna give it a nice detailed response. so, my main point would be one bad idea does not the philosopher discredit. just because something kant said sounds bizarre and useless in the real world, doesn’t mean that all of his ideas are straight garbo. so thats why people still read his books.

secondly, the theory of ethics and the place that this comes from is a very interesting one, and whether or not one agrees, participation with the other side of the argument is something crucial in philosophy - and this tradition of informed engagement with opposing ideals is something to be treasured. we need it now more than ever. the whole system of kantian ethics is fascinating and i wanted so badly for it to work but it just doesnt (if you ask me).

thirdly, ethics isnt all kant wrote about. he wrote a fucking shitton. jesus. theres so much kant about the place. and he has some fuckin brilliant ideas about the nature of metaphysics and the mind dependent world that are so crucial to engage with to broaden one’s understanding of philosophy even if you arent convinced.

finally, although the inquiring murderer is a whacked out and ridiculous example kantian ethics brings with it something completely novel to the field in its hardline logical basis. in the broadstrokes, as a life philosophy its also pretty nice. but, and allow me to reiterate this because its important, disagreeing with an idea or thinking its trash is absolutely no basis for not engaging with one of the greatest minds ever. people still read kant because his writing is intelligent, unique and relevant.

in many disciplines nowadays people have moved away from philosophy’s open dialogue, towards a position of engagement only with the arguments and facts that they already find palatable. like myson (occasional seven sage member/early greek philosopher depending on who you ask) said ‘we should not investigate facts by the light of arguments, but arguments by the light of facts; for the facts were not put together to fit the arguments, but the arguments to fit the facts.’, and i think this extends to investigating arguments in order to see if they measure up to the facts, if in fact it appears at first they dont. could be that you might read it, hear what kant has to say and be convinced. i mean probably not, but you wont know until you engage with it. sorry, this came off super preachy, but this is something im pretty passionate about. basically, read kant because its important. love conor xo

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Hey there! First, I love this blog; you are doing Chuck's work here. I wondered if you had any suggestions for fics similar in tone to Redemption Road's Back in Black episode or Bring Up the Deep. Canon!verse, and like set in creepy towns where people are kind of. . . off and there's just a general uneasy vibe. I practically live in your case!fic tag, so if you can think of any that AREN'T there already. Thank you so much! All my love.

Most of our canon fics with that creepy town vibe can be found in our case fic tag, but there are a few that are also scattered in other areas. Since there are over 100 posts on the case fic tag with a mix of canon (SU) and AU fics, we decided to pull all our canon-based creepy town fics together here! We also added a section for canon fics with really wild imagery and a few of our favorite super AU fics with that creepy vibe. Enjoy! 

I. Check out these tags and previous asks.

II. Canon fics with creepy towns. (Most of these are on our case fic tag)

III. Canon fics with great hell/purgatory/zombie wasteland imagery

IV. Super AU fics with creepy towns. (Many of these are on our Southern Gothic Ask)

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Hmm... What if Undertaker's Bizarre Dolls were just distractions from his true "experiment" on Real!Ciel that as we have seen in the latest chapter, turned out great? (Also have I told you that you're such a great person and not only because of the blog? I absolutely love your personal posts because they sometimes make me crack up. I hope that you have a nice week! Muah)

Muaaaahhh<3<3 Thank you very much, you sweet person!

[[ Okay, I just reread your ask and noticed that I completely misunderstood your question, I’m so sorry!! xD I had thought you asked me whether the whole BD thing could be a red herring and wrote this long a*s answer to that question. And now I can’t bring myself to delete it, so I’ll just leave it at this and I hope you’ll forgive me that my reply to your question is *completely* beside the point^^; I’m sorry!! x( ]]

I had a little discussion with MIT about this topic and honestly speaking, I’m still not sure! Throughout the series there was this subplot with Undertaker seemingly trying to resurrect someone. It started with his warning to Ciel at the beginning of the Circus arc

“A person has but one soul. Take good care of yours.” (ch24)

then there was the revelation of his Bizarre Doll project in Campania arc

then we got introduced to the advanced version of BDs in Weston arc and got to know his ultimate goal, namely to create a “BD that is infinitely close to a living human”

then there were his mysterious words hinting at the existence of a certain “Earl Phantomhive” (I still suspect that he meant RC by this) in GW arc

[*Note: the correct translation is more like “There still is an “Earl Phantomhive”, isn’t there...”, i.e. in the original text he doesn’t explicitly say that the Earl “lives”.]

then lastly this super mysterious scene where Undertaker visits the boy who is most likely real Ciel at night, gives him a mysterious liquid and tells him “It’s still too early to wake up for you”.

To me these scenes seem to be connected like a consistent thread running through the series leading to this one big revelation that is real Ciel’s return in the latest chapter and that’s why I personally suspect that real Ciel is a bizarre doll created by Undertaker. I just don’t think that this recurring theme of Bizarre Dolls Yana has built up ever since Campania arc is just a red herring, I mean, a lot of people in the Western fandom thought 2CT might be a red herring and Yana might be trying to mislead us, but she wasn’t and she did go for the route she has been planning carefully for a long time. So I think there’s no red herring nor distraction in the case of BDs either.

However, I must admit that there are some significant flaws (or rather unanswered questions?) in this “real Ciel is a BD created by Undertaker” theory which MIT explained in this post. I think her points against this theory are valid and I honestly have nothing to counter them. At the moment, it’s just my gut feeling that Undertaker must be involved in this whole come back of real Ciel to some extent at least, otherwise all these scenes would be disconnected and I wouldn’t know what to make out of them :/