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Gotham Parallels: Kristen Kringle and Judy Barton
On Gotham, Chelsea Spack played the dual role of Kristen/Isabella. In the film “Vertigo” (1958) Kim Novak played the dual role of Judy/Madeleine. The Gotham cast started tweeting about “Vertigo” when Isabella appeared; Sean Pertwee even posted a photo of Kim Novak as Madeleine. You can look at these gifs and see how much Kristen’s wardrobe and hair look like Judy, and Isabella is clearly modeled after Madeleine.

In Vertigo, a con artist (Judy) is hired by a killer. Judy creates a fake identity and calls herself Madeleine. She seduces a private detective (a former police detective with a mental disorder), makes him fall in love with her, and then fakes her own death. It’s all part of an elaborate scheme.

Why did Gotham go to such lengths to link Kristen/Isabella to Judy/Madeleine? Are they dropping hints that Isabella is a con artist, with a hidden agenda? If she’s just a random woman who happened to meet Ed by coincidence, why go to the trouble to reference “Vertigo”?

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Sure, sounds legit.

(There’s this bizarre lateral transmission of Superhero Facts that happens among the small boys at his preschool. They’ve never read the comics or seen the movies, but they know with absolute conviction that there’s BATMAN, and he wears black. SPIDERMAN shoots fire at bad guys. HULK SMASH has torn purple pants, and so forth)


Gotham Parallels:  Isabella and Liza

Liza was a tough, street smart woman that Fish Mooney turned into a “weapon” that she used to spy on Don Falcone during season one. Could Isabella be a similar “weapon”?

1. Isabella looked like Kristin; Liza looked like Don Falcone’s mother.
2. Isabella spoke to Ed sweetly and seductively, and  told him she found it exciting that he’d killed his last girlfriend. Fish coached Liza to make her manner of speech less sexy, more maternal.
3. Isabella just happened to be in that liquor store at the right time to approach Ed with a riddle. Liza just happened to go to the park where Don Falcone was feeding the birds, and approached him while listening to his favorite opera.
4. Isabella played shy and demure, but turned up the heat as needed. Liza was domestic and nurturing.

Each woman was too perfect to be real. We know that Liza was a fake, groomed with Don Falcone in mind. Did someone groom Isabella in a similar manner?

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Gotham Parallels: Edward Nygma Loses a Loved One

Season Two: Ed blames his “evil self”, Bad Ed,  for Kristen’s murder. It’s Bad Ed who cuts off Kristen’s hand and puts it in a vending machine, leaving Eddie with the hint “you’ll need a helping hand”. Ed can’t reconcile his guilt with the love he felt for Kristen. As Ed grieves over her body, his evil self appears, encouraging him to enjoy the thrill of getting away with murder.

Season Three: Still maintaining that Kristen’s murder was an “accident”, Ed transfers his unresolved feelings for Kristen to Isabella. He then projects his repressed  guilt and rage onto Isabella’s killer-who he assumes to be Butch. Chopping off Tabitha’s hand echoes what Bad Ed did to Kristen. Again, Ed struggles with the question of who’s responsible for his girlfriend’s death. As Ed grieves over Isabella’s body, he’s forced to re-live the loss of Kristen.

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