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Persistence of the Heart AU

Characters A and B have been best friends for as long as they can remember, one never seen without the other close behind. As years pass, Character A starts seeing Character B as more than their best friend, and it’s not too long before Character A’s feeling develop into love and they are reduced to constantly expelling flowers from their lungs. Character A harbors their feelings in secret, deciding to not tell Character B for the sake of their friendship.

After enduring years of the Hanahaki disease alone, Character A finally decides to get the flowers surgically removed, and as a result, their feelings for Character B. Feeling relieved, Character A goes back to their normal life with Character B as “just friends”. However, weeks after their surgery, Character A starts feeling the persistent need to cough. Scared, Character A returns to the hospital they had their surgery in to find out what’s wrong. An x-ray reveals Character A’s lungs are filled with flowers again, flowers that are identical to the ones removed in the surgery.

When Jojo’s world collide with other cartoon universe, it’s time for Jotaro (and the other Jojos too) to save the universe from the menace of Jojo’s villains (and their alliances) with the cooperation from other cartoon heroes (in this case, the Secret Trio - Danny Phantom, American Dragon & Randy Cunningham).


This looks like the work of an enemy stand! I made a jjba fan-stand. I haven’t nailed down the user yet, but I’ll eventually get to them.

Name: Instant Crush

Namesake: The Daft Punk song off Random Access Memories

Power: B

Speed: B

Range: E

Durability: A

Precision: B

Dev. Potential: C

Abilities: Instant Crush can manipulate, transfer, or disperse the force of it’s blows to any location on objects it strikes. The user can choose to expel the force inward or outward from the chosen surface location. This makes guarding against it’s attacks problematic, as it will simply redirect the force to a vital or unguarded area. 

This stand can also control the speed at which the force can travel through objects. This allows it to “stack” multiple blows in the same location. This effect is exponential rather than additive. Enough stacking and the location will explode as if hundreds of punches had landed.

Instant Crush can also cheat it’s projection range. While it can only be physically summoned within 2 meters of the user, it can send the force of it’s attacks up to 25 meters away through the ground, walls or other solid objects.
It can also use this function (via simply tapping), to give the user a unique form of echo-location.

When Instant Crush has enough time to study it’s opponent, it can eventually redirect the force of THEIR physical attacks. However, stands with energy-projection abilities cannot be re-directed.

mostlylarp  asked:

Do you think Kataang might have worked better if it had happened earlier and had time to get complicated? It probably would have annoyed people who wanted to get on with the plot but it might have avoided the "hero gets the girl" final episode business.

Well, it was introduced in the pilot episode, so…

No, it was its scripting in Book 3 where I find it impossible to track.

Like, to me it felt as though Zutara was the foregone conclusion for the series when Book 2 was airing, and it made sense to me, albeit it was a tropey assumption. Then “Crossroads” hit and we had that amazing subversion of Zuko’s redemption arc (maybe my favorite moment in TV history), and also Aang “giving up” Katara with the chakras and all, so I had no clue what to think. I didn’t care enough about shipping to ponder it deeply, but it was like Aang was on this jedi-path, and I couldn’t imagine a situation where Katara could work through her feelings of betrayal with Zuko within one season. Which is still something I cling to. I could see ATLA ending on a trajectory headed for a Zutara romance, but I think as presented it still wouldn’t have been the best writing in the world.

Clearly they intentionally countered the whole “heroes cannot love” thing (Iroh tells Aang he was smart to choose love, though the Rock of Chakra Convenience is still just an atrocious way to go about it. Korra found the inner strength to open hers…), and I’m happy for it. But how Bryke went about scripting the romance in Book 3 is nothing short of a headscratcher for me.

Ya know what, I’m putting this below a jump-cut. Here’s the full account of why I’m personally struggling to really feel compelled by this pairing, even though I adore the complications of their adult lives and family, and would never trade Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin for anything. I hope we can all be friends after this? If you enjoy it, power to ya, and I’m happy you found this aspect of ATLA fulfilling.

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Dr. Jongin and Mr. Kai (Part 18)

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Mark stayed with you, talking to you, until your eyelids became heavy, and you could no longer control your body. You leaned your head on his shoulder as he told you a story about one of the seminars he had attended this week, and before he knew it, you had fallen into Morpheus arms.

Mark stared at you with a saddened yet loving expression, as he watched how your lips parted slightly, and your breathing became deeper, and softer, and all he wanted was to caress your face, and kiss your lips ever so softly, but he knew that was wrong. You had a boyfriend, even if he was an asshole, and until you had officially broken up, he couldn’t and wouldn’t do anything. He was scared of becoming a regret.

He looked around the room, and figured he couldn’t stay the night over, that would only cause you more trouble with Jongin if he found out, and the man looked troubled enough as it was. So he gently slipped from under you, and positioned you on the bed, so you were lying horizontally on the mattress, with your pillow temporarily replacing Mark’s shoulder. He sighed, as he wrapped the blankets around you tightly, tucking you in perfectly so you wouldn’t get cold.

He grabbed his things, and made his way to the door, turning one last time to look at your peaceful sleeping state, and then walked out of your apartment, making sure no one saw him. He didn’t want to get you into any trouble or uncomfortable situations, but all he could think about was how warm you felt in his arms, and how wonderful those few seconds of bliss had been.

The next day you woke up feeling a little dehydrated, with a pounding headache, you groaned, as you rolled around in bed, remembering the argument with Kai. You checked your phone, and saw no messages yet, it saddened you, but you knew that it was most likely because Jongin had taken over. This honestly felt like something out of the most bizarre drama.

As you crushed your face against the pillow, your nose caught a scent you had smelled before, but didn’t belong in your house. Mark. It was Mark’s cologne. It should have alarmed you, but for some reason, it comforted you. You felt safe.

You got up, and went about your day as usual, you made yourself breakfast, and grabbed some painkillers. You made sure to re-hydrate yourself again, so the headache would go away faster, and then you plopped down onto your couch, with your laptop on your thighs, and began working on an assignment. You were interested in the topic, so the words came to you easily. You typed quickly, editing, and re-editing each paragraph, to use the most adequate words you could find to convey the right feelings.

With a quick look at the clock, you sighed, saving your work, and closing the lid of your laptop, leaving it on the armrest of your couch, before jumping in the shower. You didn’t want to wash off Mark’s scent, it had kept you comforted throughout the day, but then again, you didn’t want to be filthy either.

You rubbed at your skin with the soap, ridding it of any traces of the night before. You didn’t want to remember the frustration you felt, the words that hurt you, and the way it felt like you were being torn at the heart.

You got dressed, grabbed food, and headed out for your shift at the store. The streets were so much more crowded during the day, and that brought you security, however, due to past experiences, your eyes still darted from one side of the street to the other, and your ears perked up whenever you heard footsteps coming your way.

You entered the store, to find a very flustered Mark looking at you with a heavy box in his hands. The memories of the previous night rushing back to your mind, you blushed. You noticed Mark begin to struggle under the weight of the box, so your ran forward, to hold it with him.

“What are you doing here today?” You asked him curiously, he looked at your eyes with a shy smile and looked away.

“Haewon couldn’t come today, so she asked me to trade shifts with her this week. She takes mine tomorrow morning.” Mark told you, his pearly whites poking through.

“Ah… I see. Well I’m glad you’re here, you’re more fun to talk to!” You told him animatedly, poking his shoulder lightly. He smiled and blushed, but he knew you didn’t mean it in a romantic way, and so he felt his  heart shrivel with pain.

You had fun at the store with Mark, even though today was a particularly slow day. He entertained you by acting silly, and telling you even more anecdotes with his friend Jackson. And honestly, you had almost forgotten about Kai.

“Ah, Y/N… by the way, the people from the store and I are going out tonight. I know you are probably not in the mood,  but I wanted to ask if you would come too? I think it would be good for you, to have fun, and relax a little.” Mark asked you shyly, bracing himself for the imminent negative response, but you smiled at him, and after a couple seconds of considering you nodded.

“yeah, I think I need a few drinks and good music.” You told him, nodding your head, as you began to picture the night in your mind. Mark’s entire face lit up, but you couldn’t see it. You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, and you knew exactly who it was, but right now you weren’t in the mood to talk to him, either of him. You let the phone ring until he hung up, and continued to ask Mark details about the night.

Honestly, a part of you wanted Kai to be there, to apologize like in shoujo mangas, and rescue you, but the other part wanted nothing to do with him for the time being. Who could have imagined all the events that would unfold, from a simple night out?