bizarre confessions

So I got bored and looked into the Japanese dub of Star VS...

Three of the most interesting little factoids are:

1. The series is called something along the lines of  Devil Buster★Star Butterfly   (a much more badass name for the series if you ask me)

2. Queen Moon is voiced by Aya Hisakawa, the original voice for Sailor Mercury in Sailor Moon

3. Marco is voiced by Kazuyuki Okitsu, the voice actor for Jonathan Joestar in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

old friends

Thank God for Ned-Peter Parker

Mr Stark had rented out a cabin for Peter, he had decided after the Vulture incident Peter deserved some rest. So Peter invited Ned and I to go up there on Friday night.

The finally bell rang on Friday afternoon and Ned and I filed out of the classroom,
“Ned I can’t tell him”
“Y/N, you have to tell him, it’s the perfect opportunity, you and Peter alone in a cabin…alllll weekend” he started wiggling his eyebrows suggestively, I slapped him in the arm playfully.

Ned’s parents wouldn’t let him go so it would be just Peter and I, Ned deemed this the perfect chances to confess my feelings for Peter.

“Are you sure it’s a good idea?”
“Of course it is, Its only Peter. Even if he doesn’t feel the same way he’ll be nice about it” He gave me an encouraging smile and began to smirk at me as I waved goodbye entering my apartment.

I threw my things into my backpack, changed my t-shirt and grabbed my new hoodie, threw my denim jacket on top and headed to Peter’s house.
He greeted me at the door with a big smile,
“Y/N I’m glad you came”
“Are you kidding? Why would i not come?” I rolled my eyes at him. He pulled me into a tight hug as if he hadn’t seen me in years and softly kissed my cheek. He always does this, to him it’s a friendly gesture, whilst my heart melts.
“I like your new hoodie” he said as he began to play with the strings in the hood.
“Peter, it’s just a hoodie”
“Yes but it makes your eyes prettier, they look more Y/E/C”
“Alright, whatever” I tried to hide the redness growing on my cheeks.

We said goodbye to Aunt May and waited on the steps outside the apartment block, minutes later a car showed up to drive us out to the cabin.

The drive out was 2 hours which I didn’t mind, most of it was spent either talking to Peter or contently reading my favourite book, which Peter pestered me about for ignoring him to read it.

Eventually we arrived, the cabin wasn’t the stereotypical cabin it was far to big for only me and Peter, but it was beautiful. We headed indoors as the night grew nearer. The interior had a large downstairs which was entirely open plan with a large fire blazing by a set of large comfy couches. Peter turned his head to me as I did the same we both narrowed our eyes and simultaneously shout,
We both storm up the stairs racing to find the best bedrooms. I hear him yell loudly from down the hall,
“I found a huge master bedroom and an en suite”, he pauses then yells,“ I win!”
“Oh no Peter,I have the same room but I have a fireplace in mine, I WIN!”
“Yeah, Yeah whatever” I could sense the slight annoyance in his voice.

After our room competition I head down stairs, I begin to sort myself a cup of coffee as I gaze off into the darkness of the forest around the cabin with only the moon as the source of light. I turn to head towards the living room, I settle down on the furry rug on the floor and lean on the couch, I gaze into the fire as I begin to slowly sip my cup of coffee held tenderly in my hands. My heart started pounding and my hands begin to shake, I promised Ned I would confess my feeling to Peter. I’m suppose to do it TONIGHT. Shit I can’t handle this. Just as I turn around to sheepishly retreat to my bedroom, Peter comes wandering down the stairs, smiles at me and sits behind me on the couch slumping his legs over my shoulders.

“So, Y/N I have something to tell you,it’s quite important” My heart dropped, last time he said this he revealed he was Spiderman, now what is he going to tell me. I took a long comforting sip of my coffee.
“I don’t know how you will react, but Ned said I should so…”
“What Ned told you?”
“Yeah, Ned told me”
I began to grow suspicious, Ned told me to reveal my feeling to Peter and he told Peter to tell me something important. He allowed us to go on a small holiday alone for a weekend. Is he trying to set us up? My cheeks burned hot at the thought of it. I took another sip of my coffee attempting to bury my head in the cup.
“Could you put your coffee down? This is important to me” I rolled my eyes, this is obviously important if he’s getting in the way of me and my coffee.
“Alright Parker, Tell me” I spun my self around so I was facing him and started playing with the bottom of his pyjamas
He cleared his throat and looked directly into my eyes,
“I like you”, he screwed up his face bracing himself for a horrific response,“and not just like a friend but more-”
I cut off his rambling,“I like you too Peter”
I thought more about our current situation and finally figured it out, “Peter, Ned set this up. He told me that I should confess my feelings for you tonight, I just hadn’t plucked up the courage yet” Both of our cheeks turned pink,
“Well I’m glad he did or I couldn’t do this”
He cupped my face and pulled me close to him. I sat up on my knees following the way his arms pulled me, his lips were soft and I yearned for them, my hands slid to the back of his neck and brushed them through his hair. Whilst His hands ran down to my hips and lifted me on to his legs as he began to slide his hands up my pyjama shorts.

I slowly pulled my face away from his,
“Well thank God for Ned” I started to giggle at the bizarre circumstances we had confessed our feelings under, he pushed his lips back onto mine as I continued to giggle in between his kisses.

Chega uma hora que seu jardim morre, seu sorriso acaba, sua vontade de viver esgota, seu limite transborda e você não tem mais a boa e velha válvula de escape, e agora? Que rumo tomar? Qual a saída?
—  Taciara Alves

Do you still remember the happy hearbeats we shared in the span of our blooming affair. If you don’t, i’m writing this to give you wisp on how a year with your past went by.

Those boat rides which turned to photoshoots. Relishing the serene atmosphere of nature and breeze.
That time when i dropped by on your race practice then out of nowhere in the midst of boredom during break you grabbed me and all i can remember is i am panicking over the 120mph speed we’re tackling on the track. Babe, nakakaloka ang bilis mo magmaneho! But that peachy smirk you did when you saw how terrified i was stopped my heart from beating, pero that face actually helped me from getting horrified on how furious you are kasi for a split second i lost my focus on the track.
Our airport selfies and 10 seconds stories that reached our snapchats which contains how pumped up we were for our next travel stop are cute I admit. I saved them to my memories and still giving them a glance whenever i miss you.
I wouldn’t trade anything for our bathroom confessions. When i found comfort in my position on the tub and when you’re sitting on the bathroom floor with a mug of lemon water. Of all places I don’t know how it felt bizarre to confess and tell our weird secrets on a bathroom. The depth of our conversations would need more than a bottle of Pedro.
Those breakfast times spent making good looking acai bowls. Ahhh! I miss.
Late afternoons ordering takeaway coffees to spray away the derisive drowsiness.
When we’re soaking wet cause we got zero umbrella and we need to reach the parking lot so we run under that stormy weather. I was trying to be the man here and offered you my jacket as a cover up but you refused cause you’re a fan of fair treatments.
So yeah, those morning rituals dancing to spanish jive songs and sharing a stick of black bat cigarette over macchiato is one of best mornings i adore at pinapangrap na mangyari ulit. I took snap shots of you that time and i still have them saved on my folder. And if i watch it today it’s just a way of torturing myself at managinip ng gising para hintayin kang bumalik.
Broken gym sessions during noon times where we trade siesta over burning hundreds of calories.
Our exchange of cliche text messages whenever we’re apart from each other still has a space in my inbox. I also miss your hokage moves kahit ang baduy at luma nila.
Yung mga ala una ng madaling araw natin kung saan kakauwi mo lang at patulog na ko pero kailangan kong manatiling gising para may kausap ka. And those midnights consumed talking about our tinder matches and stalking them around social media. I didn’t know you have the skill of a spy. You’re even explaining to me why you swiped them right… cute.
Your sudden stares that made me uneasy in a good way. It’s like I’m kilig but felt a mixture of feeling weird and conscious.
Tracing your eyebrows cause i like how bushy and perfectly shaped they were. And it also helps you sleep sooo yeah.
Early dawns spent chilling and embracing the vibe at the rooftop waiting for the appearance of mr. sunrise while listening to cigarettes after sex.
Spontaneous trip to the mall to get some eats but led to being competitive in time zone and jumping in countless carousel ride spins.
Boring days means watching random videos online which gave us idea on how to poke tattoo at home or at certain times we apply temporary tattoos on each other’s arm then fool our friends that we got real ones.
Hours spent building a little art installations in my old room then inviting friends over as if it is an art museum!
Those weak connections and fake choppy phone calls… hindi naman talaga malabo yung line, nagbuffer lang talaga yung utak ko sa twisted words mo na para bang idiomatic expressions lang ang kaya mong sabihin buong buhay mo.
That time when we’re renting motorcycles in siargao and learning to drive it in less than 30 minutes. New skill added, bebe!
Our opm jams where i let you get the hang of burnout by sugarfree and you did! You recorded and burned it for me so i got to play it in my car while braving the traffic jams in manila.
Our made up swimming strokes and competitions which served as my work out every am. And those lame underwater photoshoots that we printed out to pin up to our memory lane.
Rushed cover ups of makeup to hide our lambing bites caused of last night’s tender fire that emblazed us.

You’re easy and extra at the same time. A perfect spice of both. You always seek for the betterment of us. You always think for the aftermaths of the games we play. I’m actually clueless on how i won over someone as aesthetically fascinating as you.

We tried to pin countles memories but suddenly one heart refused to take the journey along with the other and chose to take the path alone.