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Professor William’s Fat-Ten-U Foods

As a woman living in the modern age, do you find yourself to be as thin as a wet noodle?  Do you lack the fat, plump sexiness of those women in fashion magazines?  Then perhaps you need Professor Williams Famed Fat-Ten-U Foods!  Eat it every meal of the day, it is guaranteed to fatten you up or your money back!  Better than those inflatable fat devices, better than the competitors! Just read our testimonials,

 In four weeks Professor Williams famed FAT-TEN-U-FOODS increased my weight 39 pounds, gave me now womanly vigor and developed me finely. My two sisters also use FAT-TEN-U and have gained much needed fleshiness.”

Professor William’s Fat-Ten-U-Foods: “Plump and Rosey with HONEST Fleshiness of Form.”

Note: Professor William’s Fat-Ten-U-Foods was a real product sold in the 1890’s.  It had many competitors.


Da-iCE 5th Single 「BILLION DREAMS」 (2015/04/15 Release)  

toxicadvicepodcast replied to your post “if i told a friend that i’m falling in love with her and that i have…”

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1) what a bizarre place to advertise 
2) i’m a queer brown bitch so i’m certainly not asking two weirdo white people for relationship advice 

please get over yourselves. you’re not as smart as you think you are. 


We had huge stacks of disorganized Nintendo Power magazines sitting in boxes forever (doesn’t everyone?). Old magazines, especially Nintendo Powers, are great resources for Legends of Localization.

I cataloged the magazines this week and took photos of some stuff that made me laugh - bizarre advertising, Pokemon’s very first feature (can you imagine a world without Pokemon now?), and incorrect info about Ocarina of Time!

- Heidi

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La Parle Obesity Soap

Are you tired of exercising? Have you tried one fad diet after another?  Do you want to lose that weight but not have to work hard or exert any effort to do it?  Then La Parle Obesity Soap is just for you!  Simply bathe or shower with the soap at least once a day and see the fat melt away!  Guaranteed to work, La Parle Obesity Soap never fails to reduce excess fleshiness!

La Parle Obesity Soap was a real product that was introduced in 1903.  It was sold for $2.00 for 2 cakes, about $50 when adjusted for inflation.

ELLE Magazine: Dave Franco Isn't Into Selfies

In Neighbors, the frat comedy starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, out tomorrow, fans of Dave Franco get their money’s worth. The actor—and younger brother of selfie connoisseur James Franco—plays an amiable, surprisingly intellectual frat boy named Pete who finds himself pretty naked (and pretty horny) at one point in the film. Franco, who has previously starred in flicks such as 21 Jump Street and Warm Bodies, is one of the best parts of Neighbors–and not just because he has a nice butt. We’re all up on the Dave Franco bandwagon after seeing it (sorry, James!) and got to chat with the actor about filming with Seth Rogen, picking up girls with magic and, just what is going on with the Franco family.

Why did you want to be part of this movie?

Well, I honestly didn’t feel that initially. The way my character was originally written there wasn’t much to do. It was another generic frat boy and I just blended into the background and there was nothing distinguishing about him. So I met with the director and the producers and we talked through that. They said, “Okay, what would you want to do with this character?” Two days later they sent me a new draft incorporating all the ideas we talked about. That’s what I love about these guys, how collaborative they are and how much they want to cater the character to who you are.

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I feel bad for companies who try to imitate the “bizarre Tumblr advertising” thing that Denny’s does

because Denny’s singehandedly created the genre, ran it into the ground, and reconstructed it ironically, and no other company can repeat that magic