Have a cute Bixlow - Lisanna ~

These two are my favorite (crack)pairing , just right after Gajevy . Wonder why i chose to ship them ? ( Ok you can go back now , i’ve warned you )

Ok , i’ll explain this , if you can , please ignore some grammar mistakes i’m going to make LOL. First, i know , both are side characters and have no special roles at all . And even Lisanna is getting a lot of hates from some stupid shipping war fields ( i said ‘some’) , but i can tell she’s a good girl and she’s deserved to be happy ( did i mention Lisanna had to live years in Edolas by her own ?) she’s pretty , kind , gentle and cute ( remember she’s Mira’s sister ) .

And for Bixlow -one of my favorite Fairy Tail boys , is an interesting person . Yet he was a bit cruel and creepy in the Fantasia Arc , but it just somehow showed his loyalty to Laxus , like the other members of Raijinshuu . And then he changed , he pretended to lose against Cana and Lucy , give them a chance to pass the exam on Tenrou Island . He and Freed came back and fight by the name of Fairy Tail ( he saved my bby Levy , Gajeel , Mira , Elfman and Lisanna ) . He’s changed , no more a creepy masked guy , somehow i feel like he’s turned into a knight ( LOL maybe just because he’s changed the outfit ) Bixlow is a cutie , like i said , a cutie ! he’s always happy , funny , makes jokes of people , but he knows when to fight and how to fight ( he’s a smart and strategic person )
And I ship them two cuz i know they’d be happy together , their love would be kinda funny , like a teenagers couple , but it’d be warm , bright and adorable . Fairy Tail has a lot of crack pairings , so i hope people don’t call me a weirdo if i ship them , i just want my fav characters to be happy , even they’re not main characters …

Aah that’s it . Some of my head canons for them : these two would fool around the guild , teasing and making jokes of some stundere couples ( ElfEver , Gruvia and Gajevy LOL) ; Both of them love hugging and cuddling , kissing on each other’s foreheads ; Bixlow would rarely remove his mask because he’s afraid to harm Lisanna and the others , but Lisanna finally figured out a way , that was making him wear lens contacts . They both love sweet stuff and would spend their Saturday night on comedy movies ~

Um … i know i’ve tortured you with this post but i just couldn’t help … urgh …

Horribly messy sketch I did in Photoshop. Had the strange urge to draw a crack pairing, so I went with my favorite one from Fairy Tail.

That’s right. I ship this. It all started in an RP I was writing with this one here and next thing I know I’m shipping BixLi so hard that it hurts that they will never be canon. I hate myself for my head canons sometimes.

Loads of flaws in this. Go me and my laziness!

Transform My Soul

Bixanna Week Day 5: Soul.So this is me jumping on the Bixanna Week bandwagon! Late but better than never;) You can expect more from me the next days:)


The young boy watched as a pair of hands grabbed the edge of the table he was sitting at, and right after a tuft of white hair appeared from behind the rough wood.

“You know about souls, right?” 

“I guess.” He yawned. This day had to be the most boring one of his whole life. And it was only midday.

“Well, I don’t know if you know, but I also have souls!” She paused. “Actually, just one. That’s why I’m here though! I want more, so I can be a great mage like Mira-nee!” 

She beamed at him, and now he finally looked at her. “Don’t you usually hang out with that Natsu guy?” 

“Well.” The young girl stemmed her hands onto her hips. “First, I have many friends. Second, he’s been fighting Gray for the last at least fifty days.” She made a hand gesture to accompany her exaggerated statement. “And third! He doesn’t know about souls. But you do. So, what do you say? Help me? Pleaseeee?”

She did her puppy eyes, the ones that always made her brother melt on the spot. They didn’t seem to have exactly the same effect on Bixlow, but at least now he laughed.

“Okay, I’ll help ya! Nothing else to do, anyway. So what do you wanna know?”

Her face lit up. “Come on!!” 

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