two girls kissing in paris, ignoring the politics in this // a film about two girls who are not depressed because they are gay // a film about two girls who are not dead because they are gay // they give each other flowers // there is no grave in this //  no scene in which the heartbroken walk back down the street, away from the camera // the end is not elegy // the end is not blue // running cornflower // fistfuls of cerulean // cold sky // they know how to love each other // there is no choreographed sex // no brief infinite tenderness // they learn how to use their mouths // a folding of soft // no crash // no broken windshield bodies // no tears // just imagine: a movie about two girls where neither of them have to cry
—  Girl is the Warmest Color, Lydia Havens

I just finished reading The Price of Salt in one sitting. Aaaaah it was nice! But I almost dropped it at some point, because I really thought that it was gonna end like Blue is the Warmest Color (movie, not the graphic novel). You know, it’s kinda haunting, that last shot of Adele’s back just walking farther and farther away. Ugggh that scene is just depressing af.

Luckily, this book didn’t end like that. I mean, BITWC has its own charm and it’s still one of my favorite. It’s sad, but it’s a good kind of sad. But I’ve had enough of broken hearts lately so this is a really nice change.

I’m still not sure if the movie adaptation will end the same way though. I really hope it would. But regardless of the ending i’m still gonna watch it because CATE BLANCHETT and ROONEY MARA!!! What else could I ask for? I’m sold.

Watch the trailer here if you haven’t yet: