bitterthyme-deactivated20150331 asked:

What was the worst job that you have ever had?

Ooooh, that’s a tough one!!

I haven’t had any really awful jobs (that rival what I’ve heard some people have had!!), but at my first one was horrible. I mean, I made it through, but we were paid minimum wage (or slightly above, after a looooong time) to be cashiers (and everything else) at a small town grocery store. I got creeped on, yelled at, and all the rest retail people deal with for about 7.50 an hour. Although some of my coworkers were awesome, especially near the end, my boss was a TOTAL DICK. Like, to my face said, “Why do you always have to back-talk me?” IN FRONT OF ANOTHER EMPLOYEE for daring to ask why he was essentially reprimanding me for not following a procedure that I’d never been told and asking when that went into effect. He is a total asshole that doesn’t give a shit about his employees, yet thinks (and has even said to us) that he’s the “best employer we’ll ever have.” I’m soooo glad I got out of that place….

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god I love that movie though.