So I’m the type of person who wont leave the house or take photos without make up on, but I decided to be brave and take some. The whole reason I did this is because there’s so many girls that think they have to wear make up (whether it’s a little or a lot) to please society. It’s a big step. Don’t let others drag you down by saying “You only look beautiful with a face full of make up.” Beauty is on the inside, and who you are is beautiful too! You may not understand the reason I did this. Don’t cover up your face(s). Someday you’ll be confident enough to go out bare skinned :3. (Excuse the fact that my face looks kinda the same in all of these, I was awkward okay :) )

^That may not have even made sense, it’s kinda hard to explain.

I’m not gonna shave my arms for like a year then send a photo to Nash. Also I’m going to dress up in Cosplay as a character with a smaller body type than mine, and send that to Alex and see how uncomfortable they get. Game on Motherfucker! 

Screw your standards of ‘the perfect girl’ and 'big girls shouldn’t dress like that’. I think you should stop being such a fucking dickbag and get over it! You’re making girls all over the world feel bad about themselves, causing eating disorders, anxiety, self hate, self harm and depression. Stop making them feel so worthless and bad about themselves. I know the videos were a while ago but it still pisses me off. Wear whatever you want! It’s your body! No matter what happens, at the end of the day it’s your body and only yours!