bittersweet candy bowl

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40 and 50

Have you ever cried over a text? : oh yes my dude, plenty of times. i am a cry baby who also cried when they laugh 100% of the time.

Top 3 web-pages? : i’m going to exclude youtube n tumblr for this one, since im p sure you guys know that by now. in no particular order: tapastic, bittersweet candy bowl, and gunnerkrigg court. ((all webcomics, lol))

I just realized.

This flashback is the second time Lucy was on the roof.

‘Ten Seconds to Midnight’ was before the play. That was the first time Augustus saw her on the roof and talked to her. She wasn’t crying then.

She thought about Mike at the play, and lead herself back to the same rooftop.

Augustus found her, and that’s how she ended up in the hospital from ‘Breaking Up’.


Author’s Notes: This is what happens when you give the short people power!  And if you’ve never had the chance of chinning someone, it is amazing.  Also, this is the second appearance of Matt.  It was honestly kinda hard to pin down a nice outfit for him to wear.  But after a lot of thought, I came up with this cool jacket which I honestly love the hell out of.  It is so cool.  

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Paper and Candle

Paper- What are you currently reading?
The only books that I’m reading are Lord of the Flies and Great Expectations for English class.
However, the webcomics I am reading currently are bittersweet candy bowl, paranatural, romantically apocalyptic, saphie the one-eyed cat, and how to love. I just finished reading my young kitty and old dog too! (made me cry lol)

Angela is reading always human, siren’s lament, the strange tales of oscar zahn, and a bunch of other webtoons. Some that I mentioned before too

Candle- what is your favorite scent?

Subtle scents like teas (especially mint) and also citrus/fruity scents (as long as it’s not overpowering). Also petrichor and woodsy or warm stuff!!!

This timeline has got to be the night after the play, cause the first time Agustus stopped Lucy she was supposed to be a Tessa’s party, before the play began. And that’s probably why Lucy turned down the talent scout too, because she knew she was leaving.