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I’m hoping Abbey and Paulo reconcile in a way. Both are in positions to not forgive each other but they least they can do is settle their disputes then move on with their lives.

I figure it’ll happen. We might not going to see them be buddy-buddy, but I’d say a good end would be with Abbey admitting he might be a little bit wrong by the end of it. That would be another notch in Abbey’s growth department.


Author’s Notes: Sorry for the late update, I’ve decided to move the update day to Monday so as to align it with the current BCB schedule (and buy my new word man some more time) and I kinda forgot to post this before going to work and by the time I got off I felt it was too late.  In either case, have yourselves a nice little addendum for this scene.  Complete with some welcome ribbing between Lucy and Augustus, and a little snipe at the canon.  Oh if they only knew~

ps.  Props to the word man, for managing to squish all this dialogue in without changing font size, and giving Lucy some sass. 

im just gonna say it…. abbey is my favorite character but i dread anytime he gets focus now in the story bc like mike he is in the process of negative development but like

not to say mike doesn’t get shit (usually deserved) but he’s also a main character so you still get other facets of his life and personality even during this kind of detrimental stage he’s going through denying his failing relationship. abbey hasn’t been a “main” character for a long time (if ever) so whenever he’s actually THERE it feels like it’s just a reminder that he’s handling things poorly…

and the thing with mike too is that even with the hate he gets, i think ppl are more sympathetic to him. abbey given his history + less appearances to really delve into what he’s going through he feels like just a really easy target to pick on. whenever he gets a chapter I don’t even bother seeing what ppl are saying anymore bc at this point I know most ppl don’t like him lmao.

i think ive just been whining a lot and i probably have and I wish I had made my own tag for bcb talk but alas. I genuinely feel despite everything he has the capacity to be better, he WANTS to be better, and he’s having to battle his own preconceptions to do it, but since he’s not a main focus of the story we don’t really get to see those parts much anymore. i think back to at loose ends all the time (would you believe it was my favorite chapter?)

so i guess im hoping this chapter will be a turning point where we get to see that again, but all I can do is hold my breath and hope

Mail from yesterday led me to making this surprise comparison


Also thought I had a firm belief I knew where the goods I’ve already acquired from bonus content for this series was bundled with the other independent franchises but the relative admitted she might have moved them.So I have to figure where the heck she stashed those off to in one of her fits but not right now as at the time of posting this I’m preparing to head out on a trip.

‘was inspired to draw some sandy

sorry for inactivity , im not on tumblr that much! only use it to post fanart and then dip out of existence

sometimes i come back to check if anyone left any drawing requests on fandom blogs and then i draw them! if anyone wants me to draw any ships or characters from BCB they like, send in some asks saying what’d you’d like. 

i wont bite… maybe. ;)

anyways see ya


Author’s Notes: And at last we finally reach the end of this scene! apologies for not posting this earlier, I was procrastinating pretty hard. And you might note that the words aren’t in the traditional font, this is because someone else had offered to do the words for this page.  I think it’s pretty good, and hope you agree. 

as for the content of the page: Of course, if this is Boy Toy then of course the kiss is just Lucy fucking with Daisy. It’s a nice reminder that Lucy is still Lucy. And more importantly.


Eh it’s good Paulo was checked, but Abbey’s attitude and anger no matter how justified makes it so hard to be on his side. And part of the reason why is because Paulo is definitely still childish in his behavior, but he has made strides in being more accountable for his actions toward others. It does not surprise me that his actions toward Abbey, however, are still in an antagonistic nature when Abbey is still antagonistic toward him. No, I do not stand by Paulo bullying Abbey at all, but after assaulting Paulo and being aggressive with him at every turn even when Paulo says nothing to him how the fuck else does he expect him to be around him.

He has ties with the others from childhood and that is what is driving him to improve his relationships with them because they want him to improve and get better. They were good enough friends toward him to call him on his bullshit and point him toward better. Meanwhile, Abbey just points out and looks at his worst traits and makes him feel like the worst and expects no sort of improvement from him. I mean when you expect nothing but the worst from someone then how else do you expect them to be positive around you.

And ANOTHER thing fucking me up about this relationship is Abbey has shown no growth. At all. I thought when he started therapy and started really addressing his past he would be getting better but actually, he still has all this anger and hatred in him, at least Paulo is trying. Abbey is heading straight down the path of being maybe not like his father but definitely an abuser because he only looks at the justice in his actions instead of the pain he’s inflicting and that bothers me extremely. I get that he has suffered and is suffering after everything he’s been through and Daisy and Paulo only added to it but that is no excuse for his current behavior I’m sorry. When he choked him out that eliminated any room to think he’s right in his actions.