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Who is your favorite character in BCB, if any at all?

Literally anyone who tries not to make drama and just tries to get through the day. Sue, Amaya; though I’m sure it’s easier not to cause strife when you don’t or can’t talk. That one catgirl who was a fling with Paulo who was pro Christian (or was she Catholic?). Rachel is top tier since she’s just looking for good bed time fun and is looking for someone to love who’s also genuinely looking out for her peeps! My girlfriend likes her cause she reminds her of Parrapa The Rappa! And by default Mike since he’s somewhat a kindred spirit to me, pros and cons alike.

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I didn’t think you’d like BCB, didn’t you once put out how drama is your least favorite genre?

Yeah it’s true, I don’t like most drama in most cases in general, I feel most drama can be settled in three ways, with a long face to face talk, leaving the world and the people who cause it around you, putting on some boxing gloves and stepping in the ring and slugging out your frustration on each other till you reach a standpoint or all of the above, at least in my world it works.

That being said I appreciate Vero’s BCB not for the teenage drama I still feel can be settled easily, but for the situations that come close to the vest and the exception of Mike who I feel close to. Good chunks of the comic get to me, domestic abuse with a shit dad, shity dumb fights in a shity dumb neighborhood with shity dumb hoodlums, with some good ole PTSD and textbook bipolar schizophrenia on top.

Mike for better or worse I see myself from back in the day. In many cases and situations I handled most of baggage as he did not super passive aggressive mind you but I still tried to keep myself in check and just tried not to make a stink of any problems, though again it’s how I handled as well as I could. Of course you can grow out of it as I think I did but in the end but its still kinda daunting how Mikes persona reflects mine to a T when I was younger, again not as comical and for better or worse.


Author’s Notes: No update to the canon today, but we’ll update every Friday until the depression says stop.  In any case, glad to get here.   Now Sam has her time to shine~  Look at that lovable scoundrel.  Also, you know McCain looks like a polar bear, I know he looks like a polar bear.  McCain is part Polar Bear.

btw it’s kind of late, but yes the guard’s name is Jay.  Took a bit too long to have it said in the comic I think, but it’s there.  say goodbye to him now~

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is it just me or are u also loving the fact that each new chapter taeshis art just gets so much better. like the improvement is THERE and its so good

HELL YEAH DUDE!!! vero has gotten soooo much better at both art & storytelling over the 8+ years ive been following the comic. it’s fantastic!! even just the placement of the characters in the panel has improved so much… it’s Inspiring. @ vero ur doing a great job!! 

Omg I want Sue to spill the beans about Mike already, Lucy hasn’t really seen he way Mike has been acting the way the other main cast has and it’s been 9 months too. I’m really curious what her reaction would be and what she’d think

Bittersweet Candy Bowl - It’s All in the Mind

Currently I predict the BCB gang splitting into pro-Mike and pro-Lucy groups and/or Mike getting a “December” style dressing down from Lucy (Unspoken Rule was just a taste of what the latter feels about the former).