bittersweet unspoken words


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(( NERVE AU ))

(A/N): I just watched Nerve the other day and got so inspired by this one BTS edit someone posted on Youtube.. I’m really sorry for this angsty shit nobody asked for!

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst, drabble, a dystopian world.

Trigger Warnings: Major character death, the use of weapons, explicit language.

Word Count: 1420

Description: “It’s such a tragic, dramatic situation. The Watchers had matched you up with each other and given you challenges that brought the both of you so close together, letting all kinds of sparks fly and hearts swell; they had led you to believe you two were forever before ultimately, the true nature of this terrible game reared its ugly face.

The Watchers had wanted love to blossom, but now they demanded you rip it out by its roots.

It’s cruel because Players like you have no say in the matter– You and Taehyung were presented with only two simple options. Give in, or give up.”

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