bittersweet science

#53 - Bittersweet Hearts (501 - Warrior of the Lost World)

Next time you don’t wanna say it, don’t! Let Bittersweet Hearts do it.

Perfect for interventions, counseling sessions, or awkward dating situations.

We’ve made them into tasty, easy-to-chew antacids, which, by the way, are an excellent source of calcium!

Happy Singles Awareness Day, all!

I can’t believe I forgot “It’s blue?!?” Darn.

(If I made (better-looking) stickers out of these and the others Joel and the Bots listed, would anyone be interested in buying them? Or do such things already exist?)

Oh inspirational quotes you learn from Criminal Minds...
  • Jimmy: Sometimes, I want to fight, but my body keeps telling me to stop. It doesn’t matter how hard I punch, I can’t do it. And when that happens you know what I do? I let go, Ryan. And what I figured out is letting go doesn’t meant that you’re a quitter, it doesn’t mean that you lost, it just means that you realized in that moment that it’s time to let go and move on.