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Prompt 51

Person A is very shy and has a huge crush on Person B (it’s really quite adorable), a good friend.

Every week, Person A would leave little love poems, chocolates, or flowers for Person B in their office/locker/wherever. Person B doesn’t know it’s Person A so they tell Person A about how romantic it is that someone admires them that much.

And Person A keeps on doing this, happy that Person B feels admired even if they don’t know it’s them who’s admiring Person B.

the blur that knows a defeat  (you don’t have to smile so sad)

i’m so sorry in advance, i just needed to write this *hides in the trashcan*


Bonjour Alya, Adrien” “Bonjour Nino.”

Marinette doesn’t want to enter her classroom.

She doesn’t want Alya’s concern or Nino’s pity; doesn’t want her classmates worried stares at her less than cheerful demeanor; loathes to even think about Chloe’s mocking sneer -but most of all, she doesn’t want to go in and see Adrien avoid the gaze he usually seeks out to happily greet every morning.

Yet Marinette is willing to bear it all. She isn’t okay, can’t force herself to be, but her friends don’t have to suffer for it. The weekend helped her clear her mind, and she’s decided not to let herself wallow in self-pity. She can’t be Adrien’s girlfriend, so what? It’s not like she can’t still be his friend.

(If he wants her to)

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“Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.”

Imagine Felicity quoting that line back to Oliver at the end of the season.

Imagine Oliver and Felicity, alone in the foundry. Imagine them sitting opposite of each other, a distance between them. We’re at the point where everything’s out in the open. The secret’s been revealed. The break-up happened. The character death happened. The aftermath of both of those things happened.

Imagine Felicity saying that she wants to show him something. Imagine Oliver looking up surprised, a bit hesitant. It’s the first time in excruciating weeks where Felicity is the first one to start conversation. To actually want to share something with him.

Imagine Felicity bracing herself. Imagine Felicity’s foot moving. Imagine her foot stepping down onto the floor. Imagine Oliver getting up, completely in shock, while Felicity - so very slowly - gets up out of her wheelchair and takes small, hesitant steps towards him. Imagine Felicity reaching out for him, needing to stop before she falls. Imagine Felicity looking up at him, seeing ten different kinds of emotions running over his face. Imagine Oliver choking out: “How?”

Imagine Felicity telling him about how Curtis has been working on a tech she can use to be able to walk again. How it’s powered by the battery they invented and it’s not perfected yet. “I’ll need to practice. A lot. It’s going to be a lot of hard work and it’s not something I can use every day, at least not yet. Curtis says he needs to tweak a lot of things, and I’ll have to get used to walking around with tech on my body all the time. But I guess nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.”

Imagine Felicity and Oliver looking into each other’s eyes at that moment, both of them realizing she’s echoing his words from months ago. Imagine how both of them are catapulted back to that moment in the temporary foundry, where everything was so much easier, so much simpler in comparison to what has happened to them since then. How they both crave for that closeness again. How much they love each other. How much they miss each other. How much they need each other.

And, imagine, after a moment of hesitation, a sigh leaves her, and Felicity says: “Just like us working on things might not be easy, but it’s worth it to me.”

Just imagine it. And cry buckets of tears with me.

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Hobbit 3: The Battle of the five armies

As I had an overwhelming response to my last review of the Hobbit triology, here I am to make a second round about the third and last.

Please keep in mind that I haven’t read the book but I was kinda spoilered in some matters (Damn you theonelittleone )

Start of the movie

The dragon lasted only 15 min after two entire films, about 5 hours, mentioning it as invincible

Kili confessing his love to Tauriel

My friend mrsthornton and me were like

Galadriel rescuing Gandalf

Saruman “taking care” of Sauron

Thorin, Fili, Kili, and Dwalin going to the trap

Fili dying

Kili dying trying to protect Tauriel

Legolas all CGI heroism

Thorin looking through the ice

Thorin last words (wasn’t helping that mrsthornton was whispering them as well)

Bilbo saying “no, no, no” and then  starting to sob (I also did that)


Legolas going to find Aragorn

The goodbye

The end

Bittersweet Symphony

6 weeks. 

Nothing changed from his time recovering at the hospital. Days were spent being separated from Jaya, constantly keeping his distance. He couldn’t stay away from her completely, however, he at least accepted her invitations to hang out. There were some exceptions, never at night, never staying the night, and never to enjoy a movie like they use to. It was a comfort zone for him, as long as he kept her at that distance, he knew things would be okay.

Until tonight. Jaya suggested a movie night for the two of them in his apartment. With so much time having passed, he couldn’t say no to the suggestion or the company. His apartment was surprisingly clean and ready for her arrival. Ever since he tore the room apart the first day, he kept it neat and clean, a big change that he couldn’t quite understand the reasoning behind.


  • Ted: Hey, you get to change and I don't? Uh-uh. Solidarity, sister.
  • Robin: I have a change of clothes and you don't, suck it up!
  • Ted: Well, if we'd actually moved in together, than all my stuff would be here, but we didn't, so....
  • [they share a sad look]
  • Robin: Yeah, we really were all talk, weren't we?
  • [they sit down]
  • Ted: [sighs] We're not doing this, are we?
  • Robin: I don't want to have *kids* in Argentina.
  • Ted: I don't want to have kids in *Argentina*.
  • [pause]
  • Robin: So where does that leave us?
  • Ted: Well, we could pretend that that stuff doesn't matter, and forget about this. Or...
  • [she picks up the blue french horn]
  • Ted: ...we could give back the blue french horn.
  • Robin: [now crying and smiling sadly] You stole the blue french horn for me.
  • Ted: [also crying] Hey....
  • [Ted moves forward and grabs Robin gently by the shoulders, looking her in the eye]
  • Ted: I would've stolen you a whole orchestra.