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Going on autopilot and writing random words from a book, while drowning out thoughts over loud music… That’s what I live for, yay.
I’m feeling okay after doing all that and am currently in Study Mode™!
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I’m so weak for the family bonding episodes, is it obvious? ;u;


Rarity realizes that it’s been quite a while since she’s spent quality time with her baby sister, and so decides to spend the entire day doing Sweetie Belle’s favorite things. At first, Sweetie jumps at the chance to hang out with Rarity… until she realizes that a lot of the activities planned are ones she’s outgrown. Sweetie hopes that her big sister will see that her interests have changed, but accepting that her little sister may not be so little anymore may be a bit too difficult a fact for Rarity to confront.

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@fallenwithstyle like I said to @thelonelybrilliance I think it’s best to go in mostly blind. That being said, I can give you an idea of what it’s about: basically the Chaos Walking series is the story of a vaguely Huck Finn sort of boy protagonist (thematically the story shares some ideas with Huckleberry Finn, especially the man vs. society themes and morality in relation to societal construct) who begins the first novel as a country boy whose best friend is his dog. Not very sci fi at all, eh? Except the small town he lives in is the only town established on an alien world by the survivors of a human expedition years before. And there are no women survivors; Todd is the only boy, surrounded by grown men. And a peculiar side effect of living on this planet is that everyone is telepathic: they can all hear each others’ thoughts, all the time, to a maddening degree (beautifully and creatively expressed on the page by overlapping lines of text in varying sizes/fonts/etc). There are no secrets in Todd’s world–or so he thinks. Until he finds a crashed space pod in the woods. And, in that pod, he finds a girl … Whose thoughts he cannot sense at all.

And then the story takes off.

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One day, they won’t need you anymore.

 Everything looks infinitely brighter when viewed through the soft cascade of drifting sakura petals, each moment like that of a pleasant dream, each person around him something infinite in the atmosphere of nature, sake, and food. 

In a week or so, or even just days ( depending on the weather ), every last flower will have fallen from the trees… But the professor does not spend his energy mourning the loss of this, he celebrates the beauty of its nature and the happiness it brings to the people of Kanto and beyond. 

A few steps away from the blanket of friends chattering away between bites of sandwiches, the Professor idles on the pathway winding towards the river. From his wallet he pulls out a picture of his grandson, barely six. It’s already rounded at the edges, creases of white stretching across the softer parts of paper. Gary bares a gap-toothed smile; un-practiced and free, and something twinges in Oak’s chest. These are times long gone yet even he wishes every now and then to go back to those moments, revel in the purity, to feel the particular joy, as he had then. 

Of course, he knows that this wish is nothing more than that, but he can be content that despite the sharpness of his memories have started to become less defined in his age, at least the story behind it is still with him. 

Tying shoes. 

Gary had been one of the last in his class to learn how to tie his shoes and threw the biggest fit. He’d been so embarrassed about it that he started crying after the third time Oak had gone over the steps. Too wounded for his ego, he didn’t talk for the rest of the day, and in the morning when it came time to be dropped off at school, he’d angrily stuffed the laces deep into the sides of his sneakers, grabbed his backpack out of Oak’s hands and dashed for the door. For the rest of the week, Oak worried. The first couple of years after the death of Gary’s parents were rough. Undoubtedly, it’d been rough for him but he also knew it’d been a struggle for Gary in ways he would never understand. Because of this, he feared that Gary’s defiance of accepting his support would turn into something irreversible. He even worried, secretly, that maybe he couldn’t be the grandfather Gary wanted or needed.

But just when the professor thought he’d finally reached a dead end, Gary had run home, bursting through the lab door. With a dirty, tear-stained face he said nothing, but pointed down excitedly at the tightly knotted laces he’d managed on his own. It’d been an epiphany for Oak. From that moment on, it no longer mattered that he hadn’t been the one to help Gary tie his shoe, what mattered is that when he finally could tie his shoe his grandfather was the one he’d wanted to show.  Overwhelmed with pride and joy, Oak smiled, and then the boy who tried so hard to be a man up until now had smiled too, flashing every tooth and gap and— - that’s the Gary in this picture. The Gary that had bubbled with laughter when he plucked him up into his arms and spun him around. 

( Shortly after, they realized how impossible it was to unknot the laces in order to take the sneakers off, but Gary couldn’t hold a frown despite his best efforts, so when Oak pulled out a pair of Scyther scissors, he smiled, unbothered by his help and together they cut them free. )

This isn’t a story Oak shares with others, but rather it’s a reassured lesson, a treasure tucked away in his ribcage for the days when his nights are long and Gary has been holed away doing his own research for so long that he forgets to call. 

Being a parent is bittersweet; watching kids grow up and move on helps keep the perspective of time firmly in place. The Gary he loves is no longer a child. He has gone far, has traveled wide on his own pokémon journey. He has returned home, following new passions. He can think for himself, he can do for himself - he can tie his own shoes. 

So in a way, he supposes that’s right: the professor isn’t needed anymore. 

He’d always known the day would come. He’d taken the bad with the good; the bad had been so much loss in his lifetime that he sometimes wondered if life was nothing but pain after pain… ; the good had been Gary - some of the greatest had been Gary.

From somewhere above, a petal drifts down, landing on the picture in his hand, pulling him from his moment of reminiscing. Carefully he lifts it, and it flutters into the palm of his hand. Like viewing the cherry blossoms, life is also transient. If he’d focused on all the suffering in his life, he would have never been able to enjoy the life Gary had given back to him. 

When Oak’s last petal falls and his life reaches its end, he hopes that Gary will remember to celebrate - not mourn - the life that they have shared. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll even find this tiny photograph in the professors wallet and have a laugh.

That’s what the professor hopes, because Gary’s smile, rare as it is ( even rarer in this picture ) is what he loves most. 

And if Oak has anything to say of that, love is far greater than need.

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more internet adventures: tony signing steve up for a gay porn site as a part of a prank but when he tries to put in steve's email it says that it's currently already in use


AND BEFORE DOING SO he notices that in recent search steve has typed many rather naive combinations with the word “metal”, but found 0 results, and Tony’s heart melts a little when he realizes what Steve’s been trying to find (and having no luck); and so next time he sees him he just pats his shoulder and tells him that Steve only has to ask if he wants help finding Bucky.

Also of course he adds “daddy” very pointedly at the end and watches Steve turn crimson.

Favorite Senior (competition) Dancers

A lot of seniors, in my opinion, are overlooked yet are the dancers I like to watch the most. So here are my top 5 (those who still compete as of 2017) and why:

1. Brittany Bruno- I mean a lot of y'all know I’m kind of obsessed with Brit and her dancing. Her ballet technique is off the charts and her flexibility and control are virtually flawless in my eyes; she is also always so genuine when she is on stage. Not to mention she is the sweetest dancer I’ve ever talked to and it’s amazing being able to say that we are friends. I highly suggest those of you who don’t know her to check her out! ❤️

2. Bella Allen- Bella is one of a kind and is probably the most captivating artist and performer I’ve laid eyes on. What I like so much about her is that she is so unique and has her own sense of style that you don’t find much nowadays. While she may not have her legs up all the time or do fancy tricks, her technique is still highly impressive and she always leaves me speechless/in awe with her freakishly amazing solos 💕

3. Kayla Murray- Kayla drew me in all the way back to when she competed Skyscraper almost 5 years ago! Ever since that day, Kayla has been one of my favorite dancers. Usually my list changes over the years, but she is one of the few who have stayed for quite some time. It’s bittersweet watching her grow up and now I think she is genuinely one of the most beautiful dancers I’ve ever seen. Her solos Run and I’ll Be Your Clown almost leave me in tears because of how amazing her passion, flexibility, and control are and because of the story she tells. Love her! 😘

4. Tessa Dalke- I mean, let’s not get me started on how freaking incredible Tessa is. Her solos are always INSANE and the tricks and things she is able to do are other worldly to me. Her head stands- OMG they are perfect. Her control- 🙌🙌🙌. Her emotions- so believable. Everything is off the charts and I highly suggest you watch her solos; you won’t regret it. Unfortunately she is graduating very soon, but I can’t wait to see what she does and where she goes in the future 😚

5. Brandy Baker- Along with many of my other favorite seniors mentioned above, Brandy is such a mature dancer with stunning technique and AHMAZING turns and her solos always blow me away. I love the relationship she has with her teacher Brynne Becker and her studio West Coast School of the Arts as well as her friendship with Emmy Cheung. It’s sad seeing that she is graduating this year, but her legacy has been left and I know she will do great things 😍.

bitter rivals | an amy/selina fanmix

a fanmix tracking the progression of amy brookheimer’s emotions regarding her on-again/off-again sexual trysts with selina meyer. when they first embark on a relationship of this nature, amy feels nothing but anger towards her vain, unstable boss as well as at her own continual self-destructive choices in sexual partners. however, as their private affair continues, amy grows more bittersweet and angst-ridden.

prologue: what the fuck, amy?//bitter rivals/sleigh bells//the drama you’ve been craving/sleater-kinney//more fertile than you/childbirth//i’m a feminist, you’re still a whore/kate nash//narcissus in a red dress/the like//portions for foxes/rilo kelly//your lips are red/st. vincent//lies/marina and the diamonds//lost on you/lp//epilogue: goodbye, ma’am

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fave hxh fics pls??

here’s most of my favs! lost track of a few so ye

all the fics are sfw and mostly gen with a few killugon

On Whale Island - MY #1 FAV HXH FIC it’s such a good gon fic!!!! takes place after Gon goes back to Whale Island

a study in guilt - killua and ging meet while gon is in a coma. rly rly good in character fic

satellite - a sort of missing scene after gon’s nen gets sealed by knuckle

say it first (someone has to) - older gon & killua reunite after separating for many years. just a good aged up fic!

Vices - teen killua gets a job as a bodyguard after gambling away all of his money and accidentally bumps into hisoka

Cultivation x and x Communication -  older gon and killua on hunter business. just a really fun fic with worldbuilding!! 

Domestic Divergence - a Meruem/Komugi fic where Meruem isn’t that horribly poisoned and gets enough time to start a family with Komugi. rly rly well written and also BITTERSWEET lol

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Grow Wild and Be Free - after election arc, gon’s hair remains long. a good character study fic + character development

boys will be - gon and killua during their visit to whale island + conversations about murder

When we were younger, we used to cling to that one special object that made us feel at home, like a teddy bear or a blanket. And as we grew up, we grew less attached to it. The thing is, we never got rid of that something we’re attached to; we just turned the something we feel at home with into a someone.
—  and you’re my blanket
Today is my birthday.

As I’ve gotten older it’s become more and more difficult to be excited about my birthday when I don’t even know if it’s my real day of birth. It was estimated I was born around this date by the police who found me abandoned in Ahmednagar as an infant (I was found on January 10th and was believed to be about a day old). Nevertheless, 23 years ago sometime around this day, these hands last touched my birthmother. To me, this day is bittersweet…it means I grow older, but it also means more time separates me from her. I don’t really know how to explain it. I think only an adoptee would truly understand what I’m trying to say. It hurts my heart to know she is out there somewhere remembering me. I will never know who she is or where she is, but every year on this day I say a prayer that she is well and safe and has found peace with letting me go.

“When I started to read this webcomic I somehow fully convinced myself that it’s a GEN slice-of-life story and we’ll see Bitty dealing with his unrequited crush on Jack and later moving on. (Not on a heartbreakingly sad, just a bit bittersweet, growing-up way.) I simply couldn’t be happier to be proven wrong.” -Anonymous

Mr. & Mrs. Jeon V

a/n: this took me awhile to post oops sorry for the wait!! hope you guys like it!

word count: 3.2k

previous <> part V <> next

The only source of light was the candle by the bed, washing the entire room in a reddish glow. But you didn’t struggle with pulling the needle through the wound on the side of your stomach, not flinching as you watched the thread pulled the skin together. Bending down, you cut the string with your teeth and with skilled and nimble fingers, you tied the stitches tightly. 

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Can you recommend some really good EXO fanfic a pleaseee. I'm off for summer and I have nothing to do so I wanna read some! Preferably longer or like a little multishot! And can be any pairing because seriously I ship everything damn EXO and their 66 ships

all of these have multiple chapters (long fics)

thees two will always be the once i’ll recommend first:

Supernova -xiuhan

Miscalculation kaisoo

(bc they are so so, good and everyone should read them)


the boy wiht the blues



Baby’s breath 

Then came you

And your name was? 

Like night and day

The letter





Growing up is hard to do-ANGST


physical changes (they dont matter as much)

Lets fly again (this one only have 3 chap up rn, but it’s my new obsession and i like it really much,*looking forward to future updates*)


Innocent intentions 


what we are now

You are my angel with benefits (dude this is like 80% smut BUT THE STORY IS AMAZING TOO!)


Teach my brother about sex (it’s exactly what it sounds like)


48 hours


the emty bus seat ( omfg i know it’s an exo you fic,but idk this one is diffrent? i really like it)


Its all a game  


(i really like bout of thees^ higly recomend)


Minseoks birthday bash (xiuharem~)

one shots glore (mpreg oneshots) (it’s mpreg and it’s fluffy and my body cant ,but i like it so much! *read the xiuyeol one!*)

also check out?:

-[angsty fic masterlist]-

happy reading~