"GELSENKIRCHEN ROCK IM REVIER, there were 70,000 people. 
Simultaneously, at the time they were watching METALLICA who was on the main stage in the warm indoors... 
We, who were on the second stage outdoors, struggled with everything reverberating in the midst of the rain and cold. 
Even if we were laughed at, and even if we were disgracing ourselves, there were people who waited for us. 
(Those) within the rain and the cold, I truly thank you.“

-Toshiya (from his cameran)

I will never forget you.

I will never forget the way your name tastes in my mouth or the way your cologne left its scent on every part of me.

I will never forget your callused fingers writing symphonies all over my skin as we sang the songs of lovers in the nighttime.

I will never forget the way your voice shook when you first told me you loved me, the way your heartiest laugh made me grin from ear to ear or how your eyes would gleam with joy whenever I made you proud.

I will never forget how heartbreaking it was to hold you on your darkest days and let you know everything was going to be okay. I will never forget wiping your tears or stroking your head or watching you fall asleep as you dreamed of better things.

I will never forget how much we supported each other, how much we sacrificed for each other, how much we loved each other.

I will never forget how whole your love made me feel, how much life you planted in my soul and how much kindness you kissed into my very heart.

I will never forget you my dear. As long as the sun kisses the Earth goodmorning and the moon greets the world goodnight I will always remember the love we had.

A mostly bittersweet mix for the final moments in the tower and what awaits them after {LISTEN}

// please don’t go - barcelona // she is the sunlight - trading yesterday // i’ll keep you safe - sleeping at last // fix you (four tet remix) - coldplay // the power of love - gabrielle aplin // life in the pain - safetysuit // dream - imagine dragons // dead in the water - ellie goulding // i’m gonna be (500 miles) - sleeping at last // the funeral - band of horses //  salvation - gabrielle aplin // happy - marina and the diamonds // you are my sunshine - serena matthews //