bitters end

If anyone is wondering what happened in Frontier but doesn’t feel like watching after they killed Elizabeth, let me tell you that Elizabeth sassy as f*ck Carruthers, in her will, left the control of her company to her friend, Josephette!

“It is my explicit wish, my solicitor and executor Mr. Pickersgill administer all my personal and real assets for the benefit of Josephette DeCasta”

So, legally Douglas owns the company but Josephette will run it through Mr. Pickersgill (an old friend of Elizabeth’s father), and she’s the sole beneficiary.  Even after death, Elizabeth Carruthers is still pissing men off and putting them in their place! What a legend! 


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I love how people do the best to find the evil inside Erwin making a comparison between Eruri and Eremika when Eren is the one who's planning a genocide.

*sigh* Really? Is Evil Erwin still a thing?  I thought we had put that one to bed a long time ago.  I think if there’s one thing Yams has been at pains to point out throughout the series it’s that no one character is wholly good or wholly bad. They all have their own loyalties and motivations, though to my mind some are arguably more culpable than others. 

Erwin was a military commander fighting an almost hopeless war against impossible odds.  He remembered each and every soldier who died under his command and he was ground down but the burden of guilt and despair he carried.  There’s no doubt that he saw himself in the worst possible light, as a fraud and a charlatan who had fooled his comrades and his friends.  And yet he still retained his humanity right until the bitter end, it just took Levi to remind him of that fact.

As far as what Eren’s plans might be, I wouldn’t like to say, but his words to Reiner in the last chapter were certainly chilling.


Okay, but can I just say how long my old ass has been in this community? Haha!

A long time ago, I created this story [Before I Tell You] and it was about an opposite version of Jack.

This was BEFORE Anti was a thing! The name has been thrown around, but no actual Anti to love. My version of Anti was called Jeaspe. In that language, it meant “What you can’t comprehend,”

I JUST finished this story tonight. It’s always bitter sweet ending a story. You’re sending your baby out in their full clothes, and expecting them to do their best. This book was one of my favorites to write.

I am so old. Thank you guys for putting up with me for so long. I love you so much. Thank you. :)

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when you pick a dialogue option because it seems funny but your character actually says something horrible and your last save was 5 hours ago


yeah. i didn’t make you. you read it, you broke it. blah bla-blah-bla-bla.

three things that still bug me about ‘avatar: the last airbender’;

- they are all so young like these K I D S need protecting

- katara and zuko didnt become a couple how fking rude 

- we never got to see zuko’s journey to find his mother honestly we were robbed

friend: hey what’s u-

me: it’s been exactly one year since the groundbreaking release of the forever refreshing, colourful and energetic bop aju nice, the masterpiece created by a self-producing group of 13 young men who perfectly captured the essence of summer and the inexplicable wonder that cradles a first love. it’s also been exactly one year since this godsend of a group did NOT receive a win for their relentless efforts, despite the summer song being a complete sensation not just within the nation, but around the globe, garnering mass attention due to its hard hitting beat, eccentric build up near the chorus, diverse range in vocals, and its sharp yet fluid choreography. prior to the release of this flavourful arrangement, the boy group blissfully scored their first ever music show win with another *insert 10 thousand adjectives* bop labelled as “pretty u” which was deemed as their big break and a chance for them to truly express the seventeen style that CANNOT ❌ BE 🗣 COPIED 💎 though their hot streak was possibly expected to continue, aju nice did not receive a win, resulting in one of the world’s biggest mysteries, and here, on this elegant summer’s day, i say to thee, NEVER 👏 STOP 👏 SHOWERING 👏 THEM 👏 IN 👏 LOVE 👏 IT’S 👏 20SEVENTEEN 👏 GIRLIES 👏


friend: fuckin TRU 📢📢📢


My Top 3 pick: #2 Choon Entertainment’s Kim Yongguk/Jin Longguo (the hidden jewel)

“No one knows who i am. No one knows what kind of person I am. I would feel confident if there is someone that will care about me. I want to hear ‘Kim Yongguk did well’”

P/S: You did very well! You have changed a lot. You have improved. I am so happy you gained confidence. You made so many friends and no more being alone. I will always support you and let’s debut in the near future. I’ll wait.

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Could we appreciate how bitter Peter Parker would be when he saw how Team Cap treats Tony? He'd be furious! At first he would just observe, but when he saw how it really hurts Tony and how Tony seems to make himself smaller everytime they say something mean, how Tony, Mr. Stark, Iron Man, Pete's biggest hero, looks like he's about to break, Peter just can't. He says something that shuts team Cap up and then makes sure to tell Tony how much he appreciates and cares about him, every single day.

There are two things most people don’t know about Peter: 1) He’s Spiderman (though the circle of those in the know seems to grow at an alarming rate lately). 2) When you hurt someone he cares for, he is vicious. (The circle of those who realise this through personal experience is currently also growing at an alarming rate.)

It doesn’t start slow either. There’s no building up to it, because there’s nothing like offending everyone who’s worked their asses off to get you back home for the last six months in under an hour after your arrival. Seriously?

So, Peter who, as childish as it is, already isn’t very happy with those no-longer-exiled dickheads–because he’s seen just a bit of the injuries Mr. Stark had after those fights and it was already too much, and also because he’s been here, he’s seen how hard Mr. Stark worked, how much time and energy it cost him, how exhausted he always is–and he’s just not ready to put up with this shit, damn the consequences.

So he doesn’t.

The second the first passive-aggressive comment is thrown into Mr. Stark’s direction–Peter sees the way the man’s shoulder’s slump, as though the hurtful words are physically dragging him down, sees the way his face closes off–he sees red.

“Yes, well, nobody asked for your opinion, so take that clue and keep your mouth shut!” he hisses, followed by some much less pleasant words. He hits way beneath the belt and he knows it, he just doesn’t care. It’s not even about the accords or the fight in Germany that could’ve gotten him killed, it’s the entitled attitude that really gets to him. Especially since it’s directed at/against Mr. Stark.

“Spider-” Mr. Stark starts, and Peter knows that tone, knows the man wants to calm him down–and he’s still protecting his identity even with just the team around, and Peter is just so done.

“No,” he interrupts. “I don’t- We don’t have to put up with this. They’re back, yay and yippee, justice has been served, whatever. A pardon doesn’t excuse their behaviour right now. If nothing else they should at least appreciate the effort you put into getting them into this room. But since they clearly don’t, I prefer to spend my time with people I actually value, so let’s just go!”

With that he takes Mr. Stark’s hand and pulls the unresisting man out of the conference room, slams the door shut behind him because if he’s going to act his age he’s gonna own it, and into the elevator. It’s only there that he slowly pulls off the mask and spends a very long, awkward minute staring at Mr. Stark, where it seems neither of them quite know what to say.

“You probably should get home, your aunt will be worried,” is what Mr. Stark ends up saying eventually, looking as uncomfortable in his skin as Peter feels–and that’s not right at all.

“She won’t expect me home until dinner,” Peter says without thinking, “Besides I like spending time with you–in the lab. I mean, if you don’t have anything else to do. Which, it’s cool if you do, I get it. I just-”

“You like the lab?” Mr. Stark interrupts, sounding surprised.

“Of course!” Peter grins, relieved to have his panicked babbling interrupted. “It’s great, the equipment’s great and I’m learning a lot more from you than all my teacher’s together! It’s brilliant!”

And the way Mr. Stark straightens at those words is better, is great, because like this he looks as though he could take over the whole world with just his mind and a smile, already sharing an idea on how to improve the mobility of Peter’s newest suit, and this is how it’s supposed to be.