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  • mbf me, i will check. and you cannot unfollow me after, or i’ll remove you from the page.
  • reblog only, likes will not be counted. reblog up to three times.
  • for a better chance, follow my transparent blog t-elus 

If you’re chosen, you get: 

-a follow from my two blogs 

-five promos per week, upon request

-self promo in my ask whenever you want 

-a link on my blog until i decide to update it, or if you change blog styles.

- loads of new followers

-help with voting in polls

-a friend (if you’d like one) <33 

i will be choosing about 20 blogs when this reaches a considerable amount of notes 
(please message me HERE if you have any doubts)

*PLEASE DON’T DELETE THE TEXT or i will bite you*

bitterlydisappointing’s september BOTM

mbf me(bitterlydisappointing) i’ll check

- must reblog, likes won’t count

- must be an active grunge/ model/ vintage/ soft grunge/ disposable blog

for a better chance:

-follow my transparent blog t-elus

-send me a message here telling me why you want to be my BOTM and tell me a bit about yourself.

The winner will get:
- a link on my blog for a month

- a follow back from me (if I’m not following you already)

- up to three simple promos or a triple screen everyday (upon request)

- help with codes, votes, or whatever you need.

- you will gain loads of  followers

- a promo in every network i’m in

-a new friend (if you want one) 

I will choose 5-12 blogs to be in a poll by august 23-25 and you will have a week to get as many votes as you can.

message me here if you have any doubts or questions.