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Wow, OK.

None – none, zero – of those excerpts constitute “apologizing for America,” as Mitt Romney put it in his autobiography. Nowhere in any of those excerpts does Barack Obama apologize or say he’s sorry on behalf of his entire country. And I’ll go further. None of those statements actually contain an apology. If you really need me to, and I’ll explain why, point by point. Just say the word.

Some of these are pathetic reaches (e.g. #4). And #7 is just funny. Since when is admitting to being human the same as apologizing? That’s, like, the anti-apology. “Oh, hey, I dropped a brick on your car. I’m human.” In the second excerpt Obama says, "We have not been perfect.“ Well, guess what? I made five mistakes while getting ready for work today. Did I just apologize to you?

If you like, I can also explain the difference between admitting error and apologizing for an error. In the interim, consider the following two statements: "I shot your mother in the face” and “I’m sorry for shooting your mother in the face”.

Here is Romney’s latest idiocy:

The statement that came from the administration – and the embassy is the administration – the statement that came from the administration was a statement which is akin to apology. – Mitt Romney, 12 Sept. 2012

The statement he refers to, of course, was issued by American embassy staff in Benghazi before the attacks that led to four deaths. We don’t know for sure yet, but it appears the staff released a statement sympathizing with Muslims offended by a Youtube movie in order to quell rising unrest there. Can’t really blame them. As it turns out, their lives were in danger.

The reason Mitt Romney and the conservative circle jerk known as The Heritage Foundation conflate apologies and acknowledgements of error is political, of course, not logical. Conservatives want to make the argument that liberals are weak on defense and foreign policy – you know, because liberals are hippies sniffing flowers… while lions all around them lick their chops.

In fact, conservatives’ approach is never to admit fault, never to admit weakness. Even if America fucks something up, act like your nation is the sweetest smelling turd in the world’s toilet bowl.

Probably using too many metaphors. 

Shit. Did I just apologize for that?

Given that 9/11 happened on GW Bush’s watch, and this embassy incident happened on Obama’s, perhaps we should dispense with the notion that Americans’ demeanor is what prevents violence against us, and maybe think more deeply about how to stem the hatred some feel for us and/or our government.

It took me a while, but I found the wall-of-text post I wrote a while back!

It’s from over a year ago, but spriest really hasn’t changed at all since then.

The only thing that is a little diff is if you have 4piece tier 13 (which you’re in disc gear on armory right now so idksorry) If you have that bonus you want to use shadowfiend very early in the fight so you don’t have to rely on RNG when it comes to getting shadow orbs and activating empowered shadow. I typically open with SW:P, pop shadowfiend, and mind flay for two ticks while shadowfiend is gettin in place, MB once the orbs proc, and then apply VT and DP, full MF channel, and then archangel.

also, idk again cause of disc gear, if you’re low on haste, that’s gonna make your DPS poopy too. spriest is really reliant on haste: getting extra ticks out of dots, making mind flay channels faster. if you have a warlock buddy to reliably give you Dark Intent, you wanna aim for around 2200 haste. if no pocket warlock is handy, you want around 2600.

i hope this was helpful :B

bitterivy asked:

Have you had the chance to see the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones yet? (I'll be seeing it this week with my daughter, for her bday present.)

I have seen it! I really enjoyed it. The first half of the movie felt rather rushed, and it really felt like they skimmed over some plot points. I went with my boyfriend and roommate and they had to have me kind of give some book insight to clarify some things. Character development also really suffered due to this too.  BUT, after the hotel dumort scene, it got really awesome. I wish the rest of the movie could have moved at the pace that the last 35% of it moved at. 

Overall it was pretty good. Could have been better, could have done a little more character/world development, but it was still pretty good. 

Also, not enough Magnus Bane. 


I was filling in the gaps in Bitterivy’s achievements yesterday.  I completed Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms before Cata released and I was just going back to get the achievements for the actual zones now.  I was in the Blasted Lands and ran across this funny questline.  Who knew boxes could be so scary?


So, Bitter has been working on all her fishing achievements this week.  Here is Bitter getting her The Fishing Diplomat achievement and her The Limnologist achievement.  Only 3 more left for my Salty title.  Master Angler of Azeroth, Mr. Pinchy’s Magical Crawdad Box and One That Didn’t Get Away.  I’m still trying for that retarded giant sewer rat as well.  Ugh.  I have to wait till the 23rd of September to get my winter squid for The Oceanographer achievement.