The Guildmarm:  HOT & COLD

(cinnamon or peppermint tea, orange bitters, sugar)

Off to a day and night in the Dunes, Doodle? Then you’ll need both Hot and Cold drinks! Crack open that Combine menu and commence with the crafting! I’ve got the recipes right here in my notebook, next to the Peco Sketchpage.

For the Cold Drink, make half a cup of strong peppermint tea. Add crushed bitterbug — what’s that, Doodle? You’re all out? I guess you can use 3 drops of orange bitters instead. Stir in a teaspoon of sugar and pour it over some ice crystals … or ice, if you’re out of those too.

For the Hot Drink, make a full cup of cinnamon tea. Add the bitterbug, (or the bitters if you have to) and the sugar. Drink that one hot outta the potion bottle!

Didja get all that, Doodle? … you don’t say.

Monster Hunter Survival Tips and Etiquette for Newbies

1) Welcome to Mushroom Hunter 4 Ultimate: 

Unlike the demo, the full game does not spoil you with all these great, useful items in your pouch for a quest. At the start of the game you’re expected to gather A LOT of materials and buy what you need. You should start with gathering herbs, blue mushrooms and honey.

  • Herb + Blue Mushroom = Potion
  • Potion + Honey = Mega Potion

A little more advanced, but useful nonetheless:

  • Godbug + Blue Mushroom = Nutrients
    Nutrients + Honey = Mega Nutrients
    Mega Nutrients + Dragon Toadstool = Max Potion
  • Honey + Bitterbug = Catalyst
    Catalyst + Dragon Toadstool = Immunizer
    Immunizer + Kelbi Horn = Ancient Potion

You can carry 10 potions, 10 mega potions, 2 max potions and 1 ancient potion at a time, don’t just stick to one or the other. The more, the merrier!

Whetstones, antidotes, cold/hot drinks, and ammo will be available for sale. These are the crucial items for your early hunts.

2) Everyone loves Lifepowders (well, most people do):

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An Open Challenge: Surpass 700 True Raw

So slowlocke and I did some serious crunching the other day. The idea was to try to break 3000 attack by stacking every attack buff that we could think of.

Our plan was this:

Step 1: Make a set with Honed Blade, Challenger 2, and Fortify, equip Majestic Scepter with 1560 raw.


Step 2: Eat for Felyne Heroics, grab a powercharm, powertalon, mega demondrug, might pill, and a bunch of bombs and bitterbugs.

Check - 1728 displayed raw before the quest begins.

Step 3: Prance.


Step 4: Die twice, bitterbug and bomb into Heroics range, drink a mega demondrug, have HH bro play that beautiful, beatiful AuL song, piss off a Rathian, swallow a might pill.

Checkmate, bitches. 3640 displayed raw, for a nice and even 700 true raw.

The dream has finally come true - for a few fleeting moments, I have far exceeded the attack power of two goddamned Grongigas hammers.

The bad news is, after hours of sniping for that damned Edgy 3 Spirit 3  talisman, the Attack Up Large from Honed Blade and Challenger 2 don’t even stack! So like, fuck… Should’ve seen that coming. And before you ask, no, you can’t stack an armor skill AuS or AuM with an AuL either (we tried).

If anyone can think of a way to get that attack stat even higher, teach me your secrets or post screenshots!