“I may be an abomination, but I am still a Paladin of voltron.”

So occasionally my hand actually obeys and I get something like this. It looks a little different from my usual simpler style but I’m really happy with this.

I’m just sat here having Galra Keith feels .Like as much as I enjoy the angst surrounding Keith coming to terms with his Galra heritage apparent in many head cannons, I just like the idea of Keith actually being pretty practical in it. Sure it’s a bitter pill to swallow but I just see him as being one to think objectively.
New Fic: Bitter Pill.

Words for this chapter: 4,835
Genre(s): Angst/Family
Rating: Rated: T
Summary: Burt Hummel never thought his son’s boyfriend would be the person hewould reveal his darkest secret to, but sometimes life doesn’t really work out the way it’s supposed to.

It hit him like a freight train on the first day of school.

It wasn’t like Blaine hadn’t noticed the lack of Kurt in his life until then, it was just that it seemed to intensify as he entered the doors of McKinley High that morning.

Four days. It had only been four days since he had kissed Kurt for the last time at the airport. They had shared several Skype calls and Kurt had showed him his dorm through his webcam. He had sounded very excited and Blaine had forced himself to smile at everything Kurt said even though it was killing him inside because he just wanted to be with him.

How was he going to survive a whole year if he couldn’t make it through one damn video call without wanting to reach out through the internet and touch that pale, beautiful skin with his fingertips?

He walked to his new locker and opened it. He shoved his books and the extra change of clothes he knew he would need at some point when the slushies came, before hanging the picture of him and Kurt that summer in Blaine’s backyard on the inside of the door, next to a calendar with a picture of New York City. He needed a goal, an incentive. He needed to know what was going to be waiting for him once this (agonizing, painful, unnecessary long) senior year was done and he could reunite with Kurt.

The bell rang signaling homeroom and Blaine sighed. His hand closed reflexively, as if it was trying to grab another hand that wasn’t there to hold. He looked around at the students coming and going in a hurry to get to their first classes and realized he had never felt so alone in a place so full of people.

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tell me more about jay halstead’s past [26/∞]

I was an island before you came along

MP100 Valentines Week 
Day 2; ice cream

pairing: terumob 

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I don’t have any homework today, the text says, as it covers the screen with an inappropriately cheerful notification chime. Teruki sits on the edge of his bed, phone cradled in both hands, and rereads the message too many times.

That’s okay!! he finally brings himself to reply. But disappointment is a bitter pill, and Teruki deflates with the force of a gusty sigh.

“That frees up my evening, then,” he says, lifting reluctant eyes to take in the rest of the small apartment. “What shall I do?”

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The Dandelion ~
One of the most common plants that grows everywhere across the United States and in a lot of countries in Europe. The dandelion has been widely respected by people for its healing powers, used by herbalists in Europe, China and India for centuries! Sadly many people today think of the dandelion as an annoying weed.
The dandelion however has many healing powers and can be used for so many things.
It can be used for;
- Skin problems and eruptions such as measles, chicken pox, eczema
- Indigestion
- Constipation
- Anemia
- Blood purification
- Acne
- Hepatitis
The parts that are used from the dandelion are the leaves and roots.
Its latin name is; Taraxacum officinalis
It tastes a little bitter tho!
You can make it into a tea, capsule, potherb, sun tea, tincture, wash, bitters, powder, pill and even a dye!
Drinking its tea helps to cleanse the blood and clear up several skin problems!


@malfoyneegrangernet // February Challenge // Favorite Tropes: Death Eater x Mudblood Scars

[I never meant to start a fire
I never meant to make you bleed
I’ll be a better man today]

t r a c k l i s t

i. don’t wanna be your girl wet // ii. take me to church hozier // iii. youth daughter // iv. hallelujah jeff buckley // v. 27 hours banks // vi. need the sun to break james bay // vii. stitches jaclyn davies // viii. bitter pill gavin james // ix. i’ll be good james young // x. true colors tom odell // xi. i know you care ellie goulding

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Essence of naught

There is nothing left but the thought of you
When the world is immitigably still,
There’s neither rhyme nor reason to pull through.

No shade of paint conquers this ghastly blue,
Nor does blue conquer the black of my quill;
There is nothing left but the thought of you.

Nothing to contemplate, nor misconstrue,
Nothing to fight for through power of will;
There’s neither rhyme nor reason to pull through.

Long have I pondered seeking a breakthrough,
Yet all that is left is a bitter pill;
There is nothing left but the thought of you.

I have sought all reasons to start anew,
And must conclude, though I have had my fill,
There’s neither rhyme nor reason to pull through.

My god – I love you, if only you knew
The endless stream of blood my heart does spill;
There is nothing left but the thought of you,
There’s neither rhyme nor reason to pull through.

- M.A. Tempels © 2016

Let’s begin with the obvious: 2016 sucked in many ways. One of those ways is the fact that so many people we looked up to were taken from us, and a lot of them before reaching their prime.

It’s a bitter pill to leave this year on… is there any way to help the medicine go down?

Well, maybe.

Aside from the practice of remembering every good thing that happened this year, it might help to honour the memory of these people by carrying the values they inspired into the years they themselves will not see.

The value of expressing yourself freely. The act of giving to others and expecting nothing in return. The bravery of acknowledging that your mental health is not ideal, but pushing forward to recovery and not caring who questions your credibility along the way.  The very real magic these celebrities, these human beings like US, shared by inspiring so many of us to be better versions of ourselves and not give up hope!

Take the very absolute BEST that these people gave you during their lives - and pay it forward.

Live their legacy for them.

Show the world that one person’s passing will NOT stop their messages of hope, love, and acceptance of others.

Keep moving forward, and together, we will see the days to come be brighter than the days we leave behind! And these wonderful people will be with us every day!

A Bitter Pill To Swallow [Super Smash Bros Comic Dub]
  • A Bitter Pill To Swallow [Super Smash Bros Comic Dub]
  • KujiraShonen

Thanks to @finalsmashcomic for drawing and letting me dub this funny little comic, ive been looking for an excuse to voice shulk again, i even got to try mario too xD

Shulk/Mario: @kujirashonen

Artist: @finalsmashcomic