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must r e a d
  • On the Booze With Brahms -  the new neighbor next door is an asshole violinist !swearing; !swearing; smoking, drinking! | 46k 
  • Children of the Storm -  most of the people his age had already given up their mermaid dreams, but Chanyeol had always been different. !swearing, mentions of cannibalism, torture, slavery! | 106k
  • Breakfast with the Fuzz - Officer Park Chanyeol finds himself falling for a criminal. !brief mentions of abuse, death, anxiety! | 79k
  • Behind Blue Eyes - chanyeol is, among many things, an asshole and baekhyun is blind in love with him. !blindness! | 40k
s m u t
  • Bitter pillByun Baekhyun would do anything for his fiance, even if it meant sleeping with his boss, Park Chanyeol. !sidebaekyeon, violence, dubcon!; | 90k
  • Turn Up The Bright Lights chanyeol follows baek into an underworld where the lines between pain and pleasure are blurred. !bdsm! | 73k
  • unexpected, what you did to my heart -  baek loves his older brother, maybe a little too much.  !incest!, | oneshot
  • We be living in sin finally baekhyun receives the birthday present he waited for so long. !incest,age gap!  | oneshot
  • Just to Practice - Baek lied to his crush about his first kiss and asks his big brother to teach him how it works. !incest! | 68k
  • More than just booksChanyeol falls for his cute math tutor. !slutshaming! | 66k
  • Thigh Highs -  Baekhyun is really naughty. !all kinds of sexual disclaimers! | oneshot 
 f l u f f 
  • So sick of love songs chanyeol, who isn’t a isn’t a mad scientist, doesn’t want, or need, a new flatmate, especially not baekhyun. | 28k
  • Every single star - chanyeol dials the wrong number and connects with a stranger in an unconventional way. | oneshot
  • On flying - even tho they knew they couldn’t be together once they debuted, chanyeol knew he would always love him. | oneshot
  • After School Club - drunk Baek sees his ex at a party, makes out with the closest person that turns out to be the very hot professor park | oneshot
  • Spare the rod, and spoil the child! - Chanyeol begins his fifth year at Hogwarts on the wrong foot; Baekhyun is an elitist prefect who cannot stay out of trouble for better or for worse. | 60k
  • The Spaces Between My Fingers Are Right Where Yours Fit Perfectly - short height difference!au;
  • The Cool Dude Who Sang that Madonna Song in the Halls and Got Away With it - university student baek is too shy to approach his crush | oneshot
  • Borderline - 20 reasons why baek hates chanyeol | oneshot
  • (025) daily - baek wasn’t expecting to find a giant lying on the freezing bench in the middle of the park | oneshot
  • Charming Stalker - Baekhyun’s boyfriend doesn’t show up at the restaurant, a boy he had never seen before sits down and says, “Sorry, I’m late, babe. Traffic’s a bitch.” | 12k
  •  Love you for you - chanyeol and baekhyun find themselves in a 21st century arranged marriage, and slowly learn to live with each other. | 21k
  • The Particular Complexities of Friendship -“Just friends” becomes a rather unconvincing excuse after you’ve been living together for some time, doing who-knows-what. | oneshot
  • Lucky in love (with you)Baekhyun spies on his hot neighbor even tho he knows it’s wrong. !agedifference!; | oneshot
  • If the police askBaek was thirteen when he fell in love with his way older neighbor - through the lens of his telescope. But years after that, is it still considered a childish crush? !angst;agedifference!; |  42k
 r o m a n c e 

anonymous asked:

Harvey in the show will never know what a good kisser Mike is either and that's an even bitter-er pill ☹️


yup you’re right that is an even bitter-er pill to swallow oh my god but do you know what? do YOU KNOW WHAT? there’s headcanon, my friend. and in this headcanon, it plays out my favourite ever scenario where mike and harvey get high together, and there’s this weird little charged moment between them where they kinda look at each other, and it flashes through their minds at the same time. they look at each other’s mouths all the time so it’s hard to believe it never would. and they go for it. just make out, sloppily and in their high state of minds, they go for it on harvey’s couch.

and that, my friend, happened.

so fear not, do not swallow that bitter pill, because there’s simply no need. 

(((i’ll fight a bitch who says it didn’t happen fam i stg.)))

#teammarvey xo 


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