Bitter Pill Could-Have-Beens

We threw around a lot of different ideas before we settled on the version we had today. Here’s a few of them!

  • Grif was supposed to be missing a hand.
  • Simmons was the one we originally were planning on killing, but we flipped it because Grif always lives and we wanted to change things up.
  • Donut was supposed to have serious issues with Carolina and Wash, blaming them for not saving his friends. 
  • You know how Donut mentioned Felix would have to narrate Tucker’s death to Wash? Well, we actually scripted it out. It got cut, but it still exists, and it’s great. 
  • Felix was going to monologue at Tucker with a knife at Wash’s throat at one point. 
  • Sarge was going to be a POW at first, but then we killed him off. Because Lopez killing him on live TV was just too painful to resist.
  • We weren’t sure how long Tucker would be in the future, so I pitched Charon luring Junior to Chorus to use against Tucker. We determined it wouldn’t work logistically, but it was a fun idea. 
  • Iz’s roommate suggested that Tucker fail at fixing the timeline, resulting in the terrible future still existing. We deemed it too mean.