bitter weeds

@kibbied said: weedstuck

Did you mean: my entire blog?

John is drawing cat whiskers on his own face as the ULTIMATE practical joke.

Dave is commenting about jsut how fuckin meta that is, john, john, im serious, bro, the prank master turning the tables on himself, so hard on himself the corner jabs into his thigh, chess pieces fly everywhere, there are chess pieces on the table, by the way, a flipped table is nothing without game pieces scattering in the wind at its inevitable abrupt turn, are you listening? i dont think youre listening,

Rose ate five brownies. She has seen the unknown and is never coming back.

Jade is a fucking professional. All y’all need to get on her level.

Jane had a twenty minute laughing fit and is chronically winded. She sits politely in the corner of the apartment trying to not open her mouth until it’s proper time to head to bed.

Roxy is on top of the excessive cat condo she has set up in her living room, hoarding the snack mix.

Jake has been propped up in front of the nature channel and told not to wander.

Dirk is just kind of sitting around, drinking a Fanta and waiting for his brownie to kick in. (It’s been four hours, friend. I’m afraid your drug susceptibility is a lost cause.)