bitter queers

I feel like it’s not a coincidence that when people are talking abt trans women at stonewall there is a tendency to frequently leave Miss Major out, because she’s the only one still alive and that gets in the way of people’s comfortable crystallized hagiography and people will always prefer a silent trans woman icon over a live, complex, speaking trans woman

I'm about to take the "Bi"out of BioWare since that's what they keep doing to their characters.

Vlogmas Day 10: A Christmas Miracle
For Vlogmas Day 10 I made a video about my day today, and boy what a day! I got surprised by my friend, Elijah, who came to Austin to give me a gift I defini...

Vlogmas Day 10:

Today I got the surprise of a lifetime. Thank you to @elijahao for helping me meet the end of my goal, i don’t know that i deserve it but i’m blessed to know you and call you a friend. 

thank you to my friends and family who made this all possible (especially to @myhandandmyheart and @anna-corinne and @ktorr19 and @awarew0lf for conspiring with Elijah on this surprise and donation). and thank you to everybody else who has donated, purchased from my brands ( @flavntstreetwear and @letliveapparel), and supported me throughout this fundraiser and in my transition since day one. i could not have done this without any of you. 

(we will be posting a more thorough post and an update about the end of my fundraising tomorrow!)

K Anderson - Bitter Wind

I will never be that boy

London-based singer-songwriter K Anderson channels Robert Smith on his new single, “Bitter Wind.” It’s a brooding track with a haunting melody and a touch of harmonic tension that’s darkly immersive. “I let you choose who you wanted me to be,” he muses as the song approaches its cathartic end.

In a press release, Anderson explained the story behind the lyrics: “I came out when I was 12, and my parents never seemed to have an issue with it. But, during this trip [to Blackpool], they wanted to introduce me to members of my family that I had never met, and they asked me to keep my sexuality a secret - to go back in the closet. A seemingly small request, but it threw up a lot of questions about their acceptance of who I am and who they may want me to be.”

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i see so many people lamenting that korra’s character “got lost” by the end of book 4. besides the fact that you can totally still see fierce, loyal, and strong korra in all four books, it’s almost like traumatic events…and ptsd…and the passage of 3 years…and the transition from childhood to adulthood…changes a person

Petition for a “We’re here, We’re Queer, and there’d be approximately a fuckton more of us if you weren’t all colossal asshats and killed our forebears in a direct or indirect manner” fund to exist, paid into by straight and cis taxpayers that goes to housing teens that have families who are generally shit, and counseling/medication for those that need it because society is shit. 

Also known as the “Queer as in Fuck You Fund”

Also I’m not trying to be difficult here but like all the non trans women queers who are hand wringing abt a trans woman posting a knife on the Internet like… Do you know any trans women?

Like beyond the fact that it’s reheated “Male Violence” bullshit from people who talk abt ‘girl gangs’ as if they’re some sort of Spice Girls shit, like its also just like… Do you not understand what it’s like being outside for many of us?

So you should hold my hand
While everything blows away,
And we’ll run
To a brand new sun…