bitter queers

anonymous asked:

hey but haven't queer people reclaimed the word, along w other previously-derogatory words? (not implying that they're not derogatory at this point in time.)

(To give context the the ask you are responding to, the OP was talking abt ze as a trans women is effectively barred from all sexual identities via violence and harassment)

Yeah I mean people can ID as queer (which has its value for some), but like I think it’s really a Bad Situation to offer a slur as an answer to being pushed out of all other identities. Saying that someone should just be happy identifying as something that has been used violently against them is a good example of what it means to be abject and dehumanized.

Like maybe instead of suggesting traumatizing language as the only/acceptable available form of identity… people could like be better at not expelling trans women and being violent to them?

I'm about to take the "Bi"out of BioWare since that's what they keep doing to their characters.


anyways if u think its okay to say “kweer”/“radikweer” or anything like that in any situation you owe my nb ass $50 dollars and a 5 page essay on why you purposely wanna use terminology that’s mostly used by truscum and terfs to mock nb/trans/queer ppl


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