bitter pill

“I may be an abomination, but I am still a Paladin of voltron.”

So occasionally my hand actually obeys and I get something like this. It looks a little different from my usual simpler style but I’m really happy with this.

I’m just sat here having Galra Keith feels .Like as much as I enjoy the angst surrounding Keith coming to terms with his Galra heritage apparent in many head cannons, I just like the idea of Keith actually being pretty practical in it. Sure it’s a bitter pill to swallow but I just see him as being one to think objectively.
New Fic: Bitter Pill.

Words for this chapter: 4,835
Genre(s): Angst/Family
Rating: Rated: T
Summary: Burt Hummel never thought his son’s boyfriend would be the person hewould reveal his darkest secret to, but sometimes life doesn’t really work out the way it’s supposed to.

It hit him like a freight train on the first day of school.

It wasn’t like Blaine hadn’t noticed the lack of Kurt in his life until then, it was just that it seemed to intensify as he entered the doors of McKinley High that morning.

Four days. It had only been four days since he had kissed Kurt for the last time at the airport. They had shared several Skype calls and Kurt had showed him his dorm through his webcam. He had sounded very excited and Blaine had forced himself to smile at everything Kurt said even though it was killing him inside because he just wanted to be with him.

How was he going to survive a whole year if he couldn’t make it through one damn video call without wanting to reach out through the internet and touch that pale, beautiful skin with his fingertips?

He walked to his new locker and opened it. He shoved his books and the extra change of clothes he knew he would need at some point when the slushies came, before hanging the picture of him and Kurt that summer in Blaine’s backyard on the inside of the door, next to a calendar with a picture of New York City. He needed a goal, an incentive. He needed to know what was going to be waiting for him once this (agonizing, painful, unnecessary long) senior year was done and he could reunite with Kurt.

The bell rang signaling homeroom and Blaine sighed. His hand closed reflexively, as if it was trying to grab another hand that wasn’t there to hold. He looked around at the students coming and going in a hurry to get to their first classes and realized he had never felt so alone in a place so full of people.

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Of course it’s her, was all Chat could think as his months-long search for his fated partner came to an end with a dizzying crash. Of fucking course it was her.

He was starting to suspect divine intervention. Or witchcraft.

Because every single time he thought he was moving on from his hopeless crush, every time he thought he’d finally be able to stop swallowing that bitter pill when she smiled like that at anyone else, finally be able to stop stumbling over his words when she smiled like that at him, every single time…

It ended up being her.

Girl that had him blushing all night at his first masquerade ball? Marinette.

Person he ended up exchanging notes with during his computer class through all of his last year of collége? Marinette.

Super awesome superhero who was protecting Paris actual real live supervillains like it was a piece of cake while he ran himself ragged trying to catch a few common muggers? It was Marinette.

Falling in love with your best friend was hard.

It was hard and nobody understood.

Especially not said best friend, who was now dangling them both from some conveniently-placed overhang in her yo-yo line, her adorably ferocious glare melting away into shock.

“Adrien?!” Ladybug whisper-hissed, shocked and horrified.

Yep. That was him.

“What are you doing here?” she half screeched, like a pet owner who’d come home to find her house ruined.

Chat could relate.

Not getting over you, obviously, he did not say.

(Fuck his life.)

“Well,” he sighed, letting go of his momentary betrayal and helplessness on the breath, “I was trying to catch a mugger.”

“A mugger,” she repeated flatly.

“I think he got away,” Chat confessed, craning his neck to look at the street below them.

“Adrien…” Ladybug started, and then stopped. “…You know, everyone in Paris thinks you’re some kind of… destructo cat-burglar.”

Chat twitched.

“I know.”

I thought you were some destructo cat-burglar.”



He gave her an arch look. “I don’t believe you.”

Ladybug breathed deep, a millimeter away from an exasperated sigh. Then, in a comically robotic voice: “You’re Chat Noir. I can’t believe it.”

He managed to hold onto the look for only a few seconds longer, and then burst into snickers. “Sailor Moon and a meme. Nice.”

“Only because I love you,” she said, easy as breathing, and it took everything in Chat not to catch his breath, to keep laughing like nothing of note had just happened.

Of course.

Of course it was her.


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The Dandelion ~
One of the most common plants that grows everywhere across the United States and in a lot of countries in Europe. The dandelion has been widely respected by people for its healing powers, used by herbalists in Europe, China and India for centuries! Sadly many people today think of the dandelion as an annoying weed.
The dandelion however has many healing powers and can be used for so many things.
It can be used for;
- Skin problems and eruptions such as measles, chicken pox, eczema
- Indigestion
- Constipation
- Anemia
- Blood purification
- Acne
- Hepatitis
The parts that are used from the dandelion are the leaves and roots.
Its latin name is; Taraxacum officinalis
It tastes a little bitter tho!
You can make it into a tea, capsule, potherb, sun tea, tincture, wash, bitters, powder, pill and even a dye!
Drinking its tea helps to cleanse the blood and clear up several skin problems!


@malfoyneegrangernet // February Challenge // Favorite Tropes: Death Eater x Mudblood Scars

[I never meant to start a fire
I never meant to make you bleed
I’ll be a better man today]

t r a c k l i s t

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